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Velocet produces a broadcast with host Lord Rollo, with some familiar fakeologists: Rick and Nick, Rachel, Johnny Clues, Gaia

The boys discuss AA Morris’ latest slandercast found here.

There are only two official fakeologist YouTube channels, as listed on the right sidebar. 

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4 thoughts on “AFR-03-09-18

    1. JohnnyCluesJohnnyClues

      Thank you xileffilex, I am happy to be back, I do apologies for including you in a few old dustban videos Xileffilex, as for Dustban (Banazir and Dusty), sadly we lost touch over a year ago, but we left our last chat in good spirits, I’d talk to those guys anytime.

  1. antipodeanantipodean

    I enjoyed listening to the boys playing back the John Laws call. Having fun is probably a better panacea than the satisfaction of waking people up.

  2. UnrealUnreal

    Made it up to the fat cop running after Rick or Nick in a circle escaping from his car through the yacht club* and onto the lawn…

    One really could ask oneself what research, opinions or pearls of wisdom these accentuated accent, brawling Aussie truthers hope to enlighten us with in their first ever episode of an apparently new Fakeologist franchise* if the name/show should remain.

    Spending their first 35 minutes on mockery, audio-effects and no content surely does not convey any pronounced ambition for bringing interesting discussion to the table. As mentioned in the Fakeologist TCC forum thread, roundtables are the contemporary sibling of conventions, conferences, expo’s and fairs when it comes to TCC get-togethers.

    It is all so much fun to spend time on air saying nothing it seems, hopefully the remaining 3h19m (that i’ll pass on for now) will reveal itself worthwhile for some – but the real question for genuine researchers might be to answer what motivates these social creatures to get on air “for fun” in the first place, and what part of the conspiracy culture they really belong to.

    *not sure it was a yacht club that Rick/Nick ran through, but then again this story was close to being as tedious and artificial as the lost ring found by Chad628 in a previous audiochat.

    *the announced Australian “Fake” roundtable has now apparently traded “fake” in favor of “Fakeologist” – which still makes it a roundtable which is not a good sign for either originality or bringing forth anything genuine.

    [ Hereunder the 2014 Secret Space Program “Roundtable” with Richard Dolan, Joseph P Farrell, Catherine Austin Fitts, John Rappoport, Carol Rosin and Henrik Palmgren – see anyone genuine and not merely paid professionals? ]

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