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Runaway limo

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I thought it had been a while since the US had an event. We’ve had plane, train, and bus crashes, perhaps time for unregulated custom made stretch limos?

Lots of fakery to sink your teeth into here. Some crystal clear photos, which is different from past phony stories.

Remember, local news media outlets, especially in small towns, are cut back to the advertiserless bone. How does the UK based Daily Fail get such a complete report from so far away?

Four sisters and their husbands are among 20 people dead after a limousine taking them to a surprise 30th birthday careened through a junction, hit two pedestrians and then plunged into a steep ditch. Abigail Jackson, Mary Dyson, Allison King and Amy Steenburg – whose birthday they were en route to celebrating – all died alongside husbands Adam Jackson, Robert Dyson and Axel Steenburg in the crash, which happened around 2pm on Saturday in upstate New York. In total 18 people inside the limo – a grou

Source: 20 people killed in New York limo crash ‘on the way to a wedding’  | Daily Mail Online

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NASA Shadowy lies

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Bart Sibrel is one of the only anti-NASA researchers who doesn’t mention flat earth. I think he believes in an advanced space program, which doesn’t make logical sense. Maybe watching his own videos will help him change his mind that we can barely get a rocket off the ground, let alone set up advanced far away colonies.

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