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Long time listener from Toronto. I  think you were a little harsh with Rollo on that Johnny clues episode. While I don’t enjoy drunk casts, velocet has been producing some good content that I look forward to listening to, hope they don’t take there show somewhere that’s not podcast downloadable. Work with em, keep em in the fold.

One thought on “Keep Rollo

  1. RolloRollo

    Rollo and his mates are a complete and TOTAL waste of TIME!!! Yes Velocet is a Great producer but he doesn’t need Rollo Sandra Sullying his great work or Exoteric64 Rick Springfielding his great music or Noiz_Level Radio Gagaring… Ab’s great website….Who is this Imbecile that says “Keep Rollo”……Fuck Rollo and everything he and his mates stand for……Die Rollo Die…

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