5 thoughts on “Deep moon thoughts 

  1. John le BonJohn le Bon

    Nothing against the Deep thoughts dude, he seems like a nice guy, but if he has done 300 episodes of ‘deep thinking’ and still believes all of the shit he was parroting in the first 30 minutes of this podcast, then he is a typical example of how hopeless the ACT realm really is.

    For example, Deep Thoughts dude either directly or indirectly claimed the following are/were real:

    Cold War
    Q Anon
    Disclosure Project
    V2 rockets

    And that was just the first thirty minutes.

    Good grief.

    The absolute state of the ACT realm. Listen to an old call of Ab’s or Markus Allen’s from five years ago and you will see that this scene has gone backwards at an amazing rate of knots over the past half-decade.

    Today, in the ACT realm, unless you are willing to part way with a coffee per week to get the best content in town, you are going to find yourself listening to people who have less to offer than other people did five years ago.

  2. JohnnyCluesJohnnyClues

    I recently came across his youtube channel – but after 3 minutes of the following – the fat cigar turned me off quite quickly – www.youtube.com…

    but that could be my own doing – as I recently watched a doc about another cigar holder but this one is magical 🙂

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