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Brian Staveley with Markus and Chris

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Brian has so many youtube channels and reposts so much stuff I can’t keep track of duplicates.

Here’s one I found that I enjoyed from 9/11/13 that I don’t think I featured here yet.

Remember, you can play this into the audiochat audiostream using TryptT’s = Fakeologist audio bot.

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Itunes stats

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For all those IOS Apple people that haven’t been getting their near daily dose of Audiochats, I found the problem.

Google’s feedburner is unreliable.

I exorcised it from Apple, now Apple comes to fakeologist directly for its feeding. Standby for 24 hours for update to propogate.

Remember you can look to the right, and down to find an RSS for every aspect of this site, including audio and all its subcomponents.

Here are some stats that I’ve never looked at before.

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FART#27 FORGOT, Fakeologist

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A dull show, and my appearance didn’t help either. Marked here for record only.

Hosts: Rollo, Velocet. Panel: exoteric64, noiz_level. Guests: Fakeologist.

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Places of worship shootings episode 3

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This spring’s theme of #hrdpar is of course places of worship shootings:churches, synagogues, mosques- no one is safe while praying.

The gun violence at the Congregation Chabad synagogue in the town of Poway, Calif., about 37 kilometres north of downtown San Diego, unfolded six months to the day after 11 worshippers were killed and six others were wounded by a gunman who stormed a synagogue in Pittsburgh yelling, “All Jews must die.” The assailant in that incident was arrested.…

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Another phony amber alert

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The follow up story to yesterday’s phony amber alert adds more fuel to the fire that this is a totally fabricated #hrdpar.

Less than two hours after Amber Alert was issued for a five-year-old boy last seen in Mississauga, he was spotted in a KFC in Tilbury, a location almost 300 kilometres away.
An Amber Alert was issued at around 5:09 p.m. The boy was located safe at around 6:55 p.m.…

The advertising possibilities of reaching everyone’s slave tracking device are epic if they added an advertiser footer to these irritating text messages. Of course, KFC could be sponsoring this to be included in the story.

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FAC563-Ab plays crank calls

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I’m got into 9/11 and radio because of Howard Stern. Nobody does radio better, or has done more of it. My story.

Here are three samples of great phony phone calls of one of his best finds, Richard (and Sal).

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Staging hate crimes

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Always amusing when we get an admission of staging hate crimes.

Winnipeg police Chief Danny Smyth said Wednesday the incident was staged.

“The anti-Semitic graffiti and vandalism were also falsely reported as being done by outside suspects,” Smyth said.…

Bnai Brith says this never happens.

Ran Ukashi of B’Nai Brith Canada said he’s never heard of an alleged fabrication of a racist incident on this scale in Canada.

Just before I read this story, I talked to another driver about how his church burned down and how they were rebuilding. How’s that for sync/coincidence?

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