Fetzer smacks Max Igan down hard #NZShooting

likes this

9/11 vicsim denier Fetzer sees no victims now.

Igan comes across as bad cointelpro with useless points and is no match for filibuster Fetzer who wipes Max’s face in the phony blood.

1 thought on “Fetzer smacks Max Igan down hard #NZShooting

  1. dante

    watched a few minutes. then skipped to Fetz’ rebuttal. it’s been a while since hearing Fetz rant. used to listen to the real deal regularly circa 2010, but can only take him in snippets now, even when i agree.

    does he still rabidly defend space and darwinian evolution?

    *check the comments… dozens of igan sycophants + apologists.

    **australia seems to have a number of intelligent fakeologists / ‘aware’ of deception folk. would be great if some were able to get into the ring and exchanged blows with him.


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