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GerisYesterday at 10:01 PM
Aztec sun stone
The Aztec sun stone (Spanish: Piedra del Sol) is a late post-classic Mexica sculpture housed in the National Anthropology Museum in Mexico City, and is perhaps the most famous work of Aztec sculpture. The stone is 358 centimetres (141 in) in diameter and 98 centimetres (39 in…

GaiaYesterday at 10:02 PM
I think it is not real
GerisYesterday at 10:02 PM
Atlas Obscura
The Great Wall of India
The second-longest continuous wall on the planet protects a hidden secret in the deserts of India.

Real Sunken Cities

Hakai Magazine
Real Sunken Cities | Hakai Magazine
These five sunken cities testify to the risks of coastal life.

Sheiken, not stirred: France versus Kuwait, 1982

Switzerland Tourism
Castles & palaces | Switzerland Tourism
In Switzerland there are numerous castles, noble houses and domains once built and inhabited by the upper classes. These buildings are often architectural jewels; some of them are copies of residencies of the European aristocracy.

History of Switzerland: Old Swiss Confederacy 1291 – 1515
History of Switzerland: the old Swiss Confederacy 1291-1515
GaiaYesterday at 10:10 PM

Ancient Architects
The Great Tutankhamen Hoax – Was the Tomb of King Tut Faked? | Anc…

GerisYesterday at 10:14 PM
Piri Reis
Ahmed Muhiddin Piri (1465/70 – 1553), better known as Piri Reis (Turkish: Pîrî Reis or Hac? Ahmet Muhittin Pîrî Bey), was an Ottoman admiral, navigator, geographer and cartographer.
He is primarily known today for his maps and charts collected in his Kitab-? Bahriye (…

Piri Reis map
The Piri Reis map is a world map compiled in 1513 from military intelligence by the Ottoman admiral and cartographer Piri Reis (pronounced [pi?i ?eis]). Approximately one third of the map survives; it shows the western coasts of Europe and North Africa and the coast of Braz…

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15 thoughts on “FAC577-Gaia,Ab,Lauramars,The Phoenecian,Geris,Dante,Originalsimulant

  1. rickyricky

    So, we have a highly publicized media event, generating polarizing hostile feelings towards “spoiled silicon valley pricks” versus (check “zero hedge” comments ) for the “other.” What a great storyline for the masses, lots of hate to go around.

    1. dante

      no hate or hostility. i don’t know the guy. could’ve just been drunk and manifesting his ‘fanaticism’

      i almost got thrown out of a basketball arena – sixers vs lakers – before the game even started.

      but if you’ve ever watched closely the mannerisms and subtext in interviews – or even interacted with a certain type of high net worth / venture capital / tech scene executive…some have a deity complex.

      it could be that it was orchestrated and Kyle Lowry is playing out a role within the game for these storylines.

      but it could also just have been a singular event that happened organically. random shit happens in sports arenas. people act stupid. players sometimes go into the stands for balls. collisions and chaos ensue.

  2. rickyricky

    If that NBA fiasco was a scripted event, (looks like it,) then we don’t have access to the script. If a superior shooter can drain an uncanny number of shots is something you’ve seen, why would hitting the front/left side seem unlikely? Since we don’t know any script or the players real lives, why assume “that guy” has a lot to lose? Maybe behind the facades, he’ll go and drink fine wine tonight with Donald Trump and JFK junior and laugh at the fools that believe these stories.

    1. dante

      this particular ball did not bounce out of bounds from a missed shot. it was from a block and did not look like the guy en route to basket was trying to miss / leave the ball in air for ibaka to swipe it away.

      essentially the level of orchestration being suggested involves several players on the team including a bit player on the other team.

      but even assuming it was a purposely missed shot, in a live action game… to assume with precision a shooter can get the clanks so perfect to fall in that direction is to not really know the game of basketball.

      on a larger scale, most who’ve come around to No Planes know they wouldn’t risk fake planes crashing into buildings. refs drive me crazy, and you can much more easily influence the outcome by way of them then having a pact with all the players to rehearse plays within a game like a WWE event, which is overtly staged.

      i also don’t know what the purpose behind inserting this story line into the game would serve – when it’s being talked about anyways,

      but im not defending the NBA either. just doesn’t look as obvious to me compared to other suspect calls / events / drafts etc.. (1985 ewing?) 🙂

  3. davieb

    Kyle Lowery

    huge story today about fan pushing Kyle Lowery in last nights game.
    Whenever there is a huge news story the fakeologist in me perks up and i start investigating.


    if you play video in slow motion and study it

    1) why is the girl in blue shirt standing up? nobody else is standing up.
    2) the spot where Kyle Lowery falls into the stands has an empty seat??
    no where else on courtside row is there an empty seat, just an empty seat where Kyle Lowery falls into the stands. This is the smoking gun as far as I’m concerned.
    3) why would the guy push him? makes no sense, it is a very non explainable act
    Kyle Lowery doesn’t even touch the perpetrator. so there is no need to for this man to push Kyle Lowery.

    The woman is standing up so she and Kyle don’t get hurt in the stunt and the seat is empty so no one (a fan and Kyle Lowery) do not get hurt in the stunt.

    absolutely brilliant psyop,

    note: I was thinking in game 2 the warriors went on an 18-0 run to start the 3rd quarter.
    the raptors kept missing each shot
    these guys are highly skilled professionals, if the deliberately want to miss the shot, say hit the front rim on purpose they are skilled enough to do this.
    not saying they did this the other night but they could have done this if told to

    1. dante

      1) why is the girl in blue shirt standing up? nobody else is standing up.

      the ball was coming toward her direction. not an unnatural inclination to stand if there’s a oncoming trajectory (akin to a foul ball in baseball) …not too unsurprising imo.

      2) the spot where Kyle Lowery falls into the stands has an empty seat??

      idk. good observation. was beginning of 4th quarter. couldve been at a concession stand. someone to the right looked like there was a shirt held there.

      but with this you’re talking high level orchestration. not only does the shooter have to deliberately clank a shot in the finals but it has to bounce hard in that specific direction. this is a stretch.

      plus that guy has a LOT to lose. minority stakeholder, banned from games.

      idk. i think you’re making a leap here – pun intended – like the Hubbard folk who think shots are now magnetized to go in or miss.

      ive seen lights out shooters before. even played with a retired nba player a couple of times (light pickup) and saw him in a shootaround draining from deep. was crazy how accurate he was in a local hs gym.

      3) why would the guy push him? makes no sense, it is a very non explainable act

      entitled wealthy silicon valley prick who thought he could sneak a little shove in. like those cowards who’ll kick or punch a man after he’s down in a fight or in a group. many hometown fans are a.holes. heat of moment.

      but i have to keep an open mind. i do think they want to maintain legitimacy – as the revenue from ads, ticket sales, merchandizing vigorish on betting now, etc.. seems to not make much a difference do orchestrate something like this.

      but after that Kings Lakers WCF in 2002, i’ve remained suspcious of NBA. but then again they have bum cities going to the finals all the time. San Antonio? that’s not making money like NYC, Chicago, LA. can make the case for ‘parity’ with small markets, but it’s not a smoking gun like wtc7 imo.

      you think the Ron Artest malace in palace was staged?

  4. smj

    I reckon i’m the some people that don’t believe in isotopes, little buddy. We can make this quick of course. Tell me your best argument fer isotopes, por favor.

    Feck it, let’s chat about Rutherford’s alpha particles that are immune to the wizard’s g and onestone’s fictitious force, little dummy.

  5. UnrealUnreal

    In the post below (here) i refer to ten quick examples of voice changer software publicly available that any sound engineer can use to successfully alter a person’s voice to effectively disguise natural voice. As referred to in the article Voice Vices, the entertainment industry has since a very long time back enhanced voices with analog hardware that makes it easy and reliable to alter pitch and tone to achieve professional sounding radio voices – day in day out.

    The fact the participants of the above audiochat all appear to be clueless about the very reliable technology required to produce altered, unnatural voices is quite peculiar as the information is readily available for anyone curious about sound or the particular topic of voice disguise. And many seems to be interested in professional sound in this alternative realm, so the mystery of being able to find a “reliable, ideally inexpensive commercial application” for voice morphing is misleading to real issue in the Truth community which is if whether Voice Disguise is possible (euhh – yes) and who would have the opportunity to use this proven technology – and to what avail*.

    ”    Duping Delight is the near irresistible thrill some people feel in taking a risk and getting away with it. Sometimes it includes contempt for the target who is being so ruthlessly and successfully exploited. It is hard to contain duping delight; those who feel it want to share their accomplishments with others, seeking admiration for their exploits.    “

    Paul Ekman, Telling Lies, 1992

    It is regrettable that so much effort apparently needs to be spent on air to raise doubts around readily available sound technology that is at the hands of any audio engineer working on a radio-show or podcast. And it is particularly unfair to let amateur use of often free audio software be the judge to howcome Voice Disguise is possible or not. Any amateur broadcaster will have ample knowledge of how easy voice alteration is made, and also know how often radio voices are created and enhanced. If we top it off by having a forum thread on Fakeologist that explain as much, there really isn’t a lot of questions left unanswered to linger on air about (well, except why there is no intelligible FAK coverage of the Voice Disguise Deception forum thread).

    *it is quite rare to have just as big a fan of Marcus Allen on this site as vainglorious Marcus Allen himself. Of course, Marcus Allen already used several aliases on this site, so hard to know when Marcus is here or not with multiple identities at play. Clearly, if Marcus Allen would pop up here in any shape or form, he certainly would not miss putting in a good word for himself.

    Nevertheless, Dante from NY could not possibly be another Marcus Allen impersonation on Fakeologist as he’s now repeatedly proven by unmistakeable audio to have quite a different digital voice pattern from Marcus Allen. As established in his post hereunder, Dante additionally has no clue about where to find the software needed to alter anyone’s voice proficiently, least of all his own.

    The apparent cluelessness about audio engineering is clearly to blame for how Dante and his Truther paywall pals all just can’t stop laughing when confronted with the possibility of electronic Voice Disguise pertaining to veteran 911 Truther and long time podcaster and video producer Marcus Allen – with JLB’s soundwizard present to mindlessly laugh along (46 seconds audio clip).

    Duping Delight is a common form of self-delusion that occurs when successful liars get away with a lie and feel delighted by their own accomplishment. These types of psychotic individuals just can’t stop lying, and take sickly pride in misleading others. And the secret to lying successfully is to never admit to lying in the first place of course – no hope for any form of sincerity or truth from duping delighted dudes.

  6. dante

    ”The fact the participants in this audio chat all comment on a subject where they ignore both factual information and research conducted on the Fakeologist website makes the debate quite stale”

    that very short section of the call was hardly a ‘debate’…nor was anyone denying the existence of voice morphing software. what i was – and still am- interested in, is a reliable, ideally inexpensive commercial application where person a (e.g. mortgage professional) can record their voice on their phone and say anything for a minute. and then me as a ‘producer’ – write a X minute Q&A interview or monologue – using that ‘anything’ minute of recorded audio to answer all the questions in the interview. essential that person’s targeted audience / sphere of influence wouldn’t be able to tell it’s a ‘bot’ or ‘voice morphing software’ or awkward sounding – like most text to voice software i’ve heard are.

    that’s all. and was only brought up as a tongue in cheek jab.

    nothing nefarious, unreal. there are a lot of insecure, technical luddites in certain industries who need to expand their content distribution / branding onto social channels. and if i can deliver them a solution, it would be a good service to offer. and i could do it remotely without having to be in a physical location (with them). i know it could augment / amplify things i do already.

    there are no monsters under your bed …or in your closet. though the ladder i’m no longer sure about.

    in many ways the call could’ve been better. i certainly need to clean up on the ‘umms’ and ‘you knows’.
    and for sure could bring more original ideas and information to the discussion(s).

    i’ve much to improve on – off and online. a work in progress.

    but the only thing ‘stale’ is your baseless accusation of me being Markus Allen or whoever else..as well whomever else being whomever else, despite not offering a shred of evidence beyond wild conjecture.

    1. dante

      >i’m not a sound engineer and the number of seconds spent on the call were less than the length of your unlettered comments below. so frustrating to say something once …and have to say it thrice more.

      nobody is denying the existence – nor ignorant of – a panoply of voice altering software products and the ability of professional audio technicians to achieve the outcomes you mention.

      but none of the options you’ve listed below serve the commercial application i would find useful. and my interest in such software has nothing to do with any ‘disguise’ or nonsensical nefarious agenda you so liberally accuse others of having in the ‘truth’ scene. curious you never took up my offer of meeting in person so you can hear my voice in the flesh.

      but of course, in your paranoid delusional mindset, i’d have a tracheotomy prior to said meeting, proper hardware + software surgically installed so that my voice accorded with what was heard by all on the fak chat.

      so ludicrously silly, i suspect you’re either taking the piss or seriously need professional help.

  7. UnrealUnreal

    In the first part of this audio, there were questions and comments about voice-changer software and their performance. This subject has been brought up here before, and the non-exhaustive list of publicly available applications from the Fakeologist Voice Disguise Deception forum thread are here below:

    VoiceLive (Vocal hardware Processor), by TC-Helicon
    Sound Forge Pro 11, by Sony
    Auto-Tune Pro (w/ Virtual audio cable), by Antares
    Adobe Audition, by Adobe
    Voice Changer Software Diamond, by Audio 4 fun
    Throat EVO, by Antares
    MorphVOX, by Screaming Bee
    Skype Voice Changer Pro, by Sound Code
    Voxal Voice Changer, by NCH software
    Voicemod Voice Changer, by Voicemod
    Audacity, by Audacity
    Celebrity Voice Changer, Hats Off Apps

    The fact the participants in this audiochat all comment on a subject where they ignore both factual information and research conducted on the Fakeologist website makes the debate quite stale.

    In summary, there is performant software that allows for very performant electronic voice disguise. The ridicule that is portrayed from the mere thought of such software being used in the Truth movement is misleading and illogical.

    Firstly, as the software list above can testifies and suggests – the necessary technology and research on human voice exists, both with digital and analogical hardware and software.

    Secondly, what suspect use of voice disguise software implies in Alternative Media is professional use of performant software and hardware – there are no arguments to factually deny the effectiveness of professionally performed voice disguise.

    Regarding use of voice disguise in the Truth community there seems to be some confusion about what the motivation and circumstances around possible use of electronic voice disguise might be*. One has to accept some serious dumbing down here in order to accept that electronic voice disguise in alternative media would consist of an isolated amateur without a proper mic altering his voice as he comes home after work trying out Softonic’s Darth Vader Voice Changer.

    Just like film and images are all the more convincingly falsified, so are sound and voice. Ignoring the fact professional software and hardware can modify voice effectively in real time is misleading, and ignoring such obvious facts repeatedly is purposefully misleading.

    Voice Disguise Deception (FAK forum topic)

    Voice Vices (article on Voice Disguise)

    *regarding who performs professional voice disguise and under what circumstances will be subject of controversy but should not be confused with the existence and efficiency of the technology itself which is very real, and frankly quite old. What digital tools today are capable of is what voice actors have been able to do for quite some time already.

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