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Laugh that could make the world smile

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Is this a good news or bad news hoax? Sometimes they give a contradicting theme. Either way it’s unlikely there’s any grain of truth to this one. This time they didn’t even name or bother with EMS fakery – what about the hero divers? Do they really have divers that will go to the bottom of the mighty Niagara River?

I was just there and I sincerely doubt it. Its flow rate is rather legendary.

The people who loved Amanda Martin are searching for answers after she, her fiance and their five-year-old son ended up in the Niagara River on Friday.

But the man who pulled the mother and child from the water in Fort Erie, Ont., says he knows one thing — the 29-year-old mother of two died saving the life of her son.

Source: ‘She’s a hero’: Rescuer says mom died saving her son from Niagara River | CBC News

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Shaving the Schaefers

antipodeanlike this

From Gaia, fakeopedia master.

@everyone Later today, depending on who’s joining, I’d like to have a recorded chat under the name Shaving the Schaefers, about an internet phenomenon; Monika and Alfred Schaefer, she German-Canadian, he German.

She is hot and I think needs to be disected. I smell a planted project here and I hope other Fakeology Eyes can shine their light on this phenomenon.

Don’t be afraid, I won’t put anyone in impossible-to-function gas chambers or turn your bright brains into Peruvian Paracas indigenous shrunken heads……

Miles Mathis has talked about Irving being jewish, but on IHR he is exposed for being a sell out (claiming the holocaust story is true). That is 1 example.

This Schaefer lady comes across as VERY sympathetic. So that works. That may be genuine. BUT; if someone is genuine, then the actions don’t fit, the propaganda doesn’t fit, allegedly her brother made the Hitler salute 3x in court (which is forbidden in Germany), I mean, why would we believe a lady putting a video for her mother on YT. At her/your age????? “OOPS” or “Plant!”. I tend to go for the second, this is too big for an oopsie

@Fakeologist More points on the Monika Schaefer meme:
– it is YouTube; clickbait, subscribers, mirrors, excuses for “antisemitism” strikes, things going on
– it is a way to keep the Holocaust Story alive, I mean what else is there?
– she is SO innocent; A) woman, B) elderly, C) green, D) truthful sounding, E) foreign blood/migrant background, that is the perfect cover. Cf. Einstein (“you are not smarter than him, are you?”), Hawking (“how can you question a disabled man in a wheelchair, you brute!”) and other examples of myth creation psyops (see Fakeopedia)
– but most importantly: what is the NEW thing she said? I must admit I haven’t watched all her stuff, but what is so shocking? Real Alternative Academic research is done by Inconvenient History, not by this Schaefer character

  • why would SOMEONE over 15 years old record a YouTube video as message to their mother?
  • and if that why would you do that about the most controversial topic of the present?
  • and if that why would you do that if you are an active member of a political party?
  • and if that why would you let your brother in Germany edit the video to your mom??
  • and even if that, why would SHE be indicted for a “crime” that doesn’t exist in Canada? Legally that makes no sense whatsoever!?
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FART#042 18 year old Josh in 9/11

Fakeopedia entry

#042 20th Sep 2019 – forty-two

2019-09-20 by

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Josh joins us to talk about gay hate crime, 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything according to Douglas Adams, Lawsie tells Rollo to piss off, Gaia and Geris join the conversation, Rick has a 55th birthday and Donald Trump congratulates him, Noiz delivers the news and Non-esoteric/Reasoning-rationalist69 writes in to mailbag to congratulate Rick on his birthday. Guests: Josh, Gaia, Geris, Ab. Panel: exoteric64, noiz_level. Host: Rollo. Producer: Velocet.

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Best daily psyop analysis

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JUSTIN IN DARK MAKEUP SHOCKS CANADA #offended #blackface #autohoaxers

2019-09-19 by Tim Ozman

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JUSTIN IN DARK MAKEUP SHOCKS CANADA #offended #blackface #autohoaxers

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FAC613-FRAC Digest

Another big session today. ** New voice alert Romans 120 **

Thank you all @Fakeologist @Romans_120 @Geris-(Benoit) See the Fakeopedia page for shownotes for FAC 613 – “I am a Fakeologist!” and links to other pages, like Plan Patagonia, I can understand it is a bit overwhelming Romans… :wink:…


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Does anyone really win the big prize?

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Rarely do we get good news follow ups to the so called big lottery winners. Case in point.

A Canadian man whose fortunes changed overnight two years ago when he went from being laid off to becoming a multi-millionaire has died in Ethiopia, Global Affairs Canada has confirmed.

Source: Toronto man who won over $10M in lottery money dies under mysterious circumstances in Ethiopia | CBC News

His thumb in the original story looks a bit long. Is this story a case of wrapping up a sim in a sim story?

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MM doesn’t believe star salaries

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..and neither do I. Link

Star Salaries are Fake by Miles Mathis First written September 10, 2019

What got me writing here was watching Rory McIlroy allegedly winning $15 million in the final golftournament of the year. That’s for playing golf for four rounds. You may believe that, but I don’t. Notonly do I believe these sports outcomes are managed, I believe the dollar amounts are manufactured aswell.* Why? Because by compiling all my evidence of the past decade, I can see the bigger picture.

He also has a few things to say on golf clues – and says he’s a scratch golfer even though he plays only a few times a year (I call BS on that – is this the turd in the punchbowl for his piece?)

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