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Thank you for your work. I am typing on a phone and will keep it short. I am a lurker from Norway, a pretty late comer to the understanding of the immensity of our times’ “culture bearing myths” (as I have coined and like to call them), and I have been listening to a lot of your audio. I think we are pretty much om the same page on most subjects (except for your openness to even entertain earth shape “discussions”; I’m with kham on this -any such talk is shilling/trolling bs). The reason for this initiative to contact you is just listening to the garbage in your latest 669 audio chat (this and the following are, needless to say, simply my opinions). “ThetruthIam” is so obviously a troll/agent its not even challenging, and “Rollie Quaid” is obviously his infiltration partner (for some reason using voice morphing; his pitch and syllable speed is randomly varying, even children can hear this); their incoherent and ridiculous ramblings is like horrible torture, even worse than Ashika’s “laughter” (and ramblings), and their task is to discredit your work. I am sad to say that jlb is also sweet poison/agent whose task is to “divide and conquer”/”manufacture acceptance” (how dare he even compare himself to Simon and denegrade him (in an earlier audio)), and listening to his disgusting smugness at length is literally sickening. I am sorry for being so blunt and negative, but I really do appreciate what you have done and made, and I feel that the ptb are trying to break it. Best regards

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  1. anounceofsaltperday

    Everyone, including Kham, assumes that the earth is both flat and unmoving for every practical aspect of their lives and this assumption never fails them.
    There are no flights over the “south pole” and there is no commercial shipping between the major cities of the southern most countries.
    The “FE Psyop” is a psyop.
    Why, when one disbelieves every other single element of modern science, does one maintain support for the “spinning ball” that was promulgated by Jesuits?

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