Psychological eugenics

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A major theme in the coronavirus hoax is of course eugenics and depopulation – you don’t need guns or poison to make it happen.

You just need one generation to stop reproducing and the results will be catastrophic.

Here’s a beautiful face and lips – an argument against masks.

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4 thoughts on “Psychological eugenics

  1. xileffilex

    There is no way back from the mask now. The genie isn’t back into the bottle any day soon. Fucking hell. This is a lunatic asylum.

    Foreseeable future [because] there’s no vaccine” [masks are] “routine in the far east” because of SARS etc. which is long past.
    Seat belts in cars my arse, that’s a poor argument, ditto motorcycle helmets. …which became permanent in law. incidentally. I’d say speed limits would be a better example.
    “Part and parcel of life”
    “awful virus” my arse And this mayor of London is an arse too.
    He cites the WHO British Medical Association, The Royal Society as sources for the mask enforement, [yet there’s no good peer-reviewed research] including other countries’ policies e.g. Scotland [only two weeks earlier]

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