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Uncle Odd’s Mask Resource Center

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Uncle Odd wants to free us from the mask.
Here’s a word doc you can edit with your own name, and then laminate and present to the new mask guards found everywhere.

Masks will be with us for a few years I figure, until the CovidPass system is fully implemented.

Vernon Coleman’s 44 reasons why wearing a mask is dangerous

Masks can cause lung cancer

Mask Exemption Awareness Accessory

Canadian mask exemption post

Notice of Complicity


Are You Aware

Mask_Risks_Part1 Mask_Risks_Part2

Print them out with this link.

Bad Legal Advice Notice (download PDF) to be sent to your local law enforcement authorities regarding Costco (it applies to any business, actually). To edit the PDF, you can download this free software: www.libreoffice.org/download/d…
Final Notice Costco (download Word document) to be sent to the General Counsel and CEO/President of COSTCO along with your states Attorney General.

Please make sure you take the fill in the bracketed areas with the appropriate information and THEN eliminate the brackets (except from around your zip code).

Are you a store? Here’s one for you.

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10 snitch entries per month

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I knew gossip was evil, but it’ll probably cost you fifty points in your new civilization credit score. Remember, the masks are just the entry point to your new world.

Who needs cops when you’ve got neighbors who need more points?

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I’m gonna buy me a cow

Be the 1st to vote.

Coronavirushoax is new, but fake lottery winners are old.

Coded with the usual 11.

James Wickman and his wife Eerikka drove almost 10 hours to Toronto in a rented coach bus with around two dozen family members to pick up their $65 million Lotto Max jackpot Wednesday afternoon.

The grandparents of 11, with one new baby on the way, plan to share the winnings with their family.
For herself, Eerikka said she would like to have a little hobby farm and a cow.


Go buy your tickets suckers.

A regular lottery player, James buys one or two tickets a week, but doesn’t rely on special numbers.

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Welcome to the state of dependence

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The #GCR brings a whole new world – where hard work is punished, not rewarded.

Covid has done a number on politicians’ heads. The first global pandemic in a century spawned states of emergency across the country, shuttered legislatures, hobbled the federal Parliament, caused a suspension of many civil liberties, hardened borders, afforded new powers to premiers and mayors as well as the prime minister, caused hundreds of billions in public money to be spent without debate – all while millions of people were forced out of their jobs by decree and businesses told to change, diminish or close.


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