Fresh 911 fake footage

antipodeanlikes this

Update 9/27/20; is this phony? Anyone see any edits or jump cuts? What’s your take?

I added another file from Markus Allen for review as well.

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Since no one is flying, there aren’t any fake planes falling from the sky this year.

Therefore it makes sense to release some new phony liewitness footage for 9/11 19th anniversary coming up.


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5 thoughts on “Fresh 911 fake footage

  1. antipodeanantipodean

    More simcity software assembled shit.
    People can’t wake up to the fact that the reason why the quality of uploaded post 9/11 videos of the Manhattan landscape is so bad, is because the buildings are no longer there to be filmed for 9/11, so it has to be done using a computor.…

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