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Michigan free – for now

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The NWO is using every dirty trick in the book to get around this law.

Note this demonic 3:33 video.

It’s amazing how the NWO and its agencies control the conversation using the latest sock puppet account technology. Drilling down into the comments you’ll see many of the profiles are clearly simulated. This is a full spectrum dominance military operation.

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Welcome to simworld

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It’s not just a computer game… It’s your life!

Final Evidence Covid-19 Is A ‘SimEx’ – Planned Simulation Exercise by WHO and World Bank –


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Would this NLP work on you?

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I’ve seen many of these type of videos and I’m almost positive they wouldn’t work on me. I think NLP is real but its effects are far more subtle and long-term.

I don’t agree that Bill Gates has any of these powers but he may have been trained in its use. I think he’s lousy at it, similar to his buggy software.

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Bill Gates is given to us

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He may be long hanging conspiracy fruit, he may be a eugenicist, he may believe everything he says, but he is still an enemy of humanity and still worthy of being pilloried.

He needs to be tried as a co conspirator in a “new normal” Nuremberg (n3).

H/t Bing

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FAC762-Odd and Kenny

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More recorded phone calls.

This time Odd and Kenny from bigvirushoax.com fame.
I’ll talk to you too.
fakeologist.com/contact for numbers.

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FAK249-Uncle Odd with callers and Markus Allen

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He is a patient. He is not admitted.

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He is a patient. He was not admitted. He is an actor playing a role.

You heard the most worshipful master speak.

They are compelled to tell the truth. At least they are playing by the rules.

Don’t let yourself be deceived. Listen to their words. The truth is spoken.

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