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Are the vax deaths part of the psyop?

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The media is controlled. We all get that here.

If the info is controlled, why release the bad news vax stories?

They could easily blame deaths on the real causes, like heart disease, cancer, and accidents. (I know we can’t trust the CDC, but their website may tell the truth.)

My guess is still that the stick and carrot threat of the variant/vaccine will allow them to keep this going indefinitely. Pulling a “dangerous” vax and then having to wait another period of time is the formula that they’ve chosen.

This will keep working until the masses learn that The chances of this happening are slim.

53 Dead in Gibraltar in 10 Days After Experimental Pfizer mRNA COVID Injections Started – Back to the HOAX Drawing Board say PerpZ greencrowasthecrowflies.blogsp…

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Vileologists the cause of Corona

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I’d add the phony science of epidemiologists as well.

The causers of the corona crisis are clearly identified
who claim disease-causing viruses are science fraudsters and must be prosecuted
from Dr. Stefan Lanka


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The Fog of COVID War – Locking Down the Healthy

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The “fog of war” is a term used to describe the uncertainty, chaos and confusion that can occur during battle. What you thought was true entering into the battle may be turned upside down, clouding your judgment as you try to make decisions in a sort of suspended reality.

Source: The Fog of COVID War – Locking Down the Healthy

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KevinJJohnston – Twitch

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My new buddy Kevin fighting the system and covid lockdown in Ontario. He puts on quite a show. Head on over and check him out. He’s live now.

Source: KevinJJohnston – Twitch

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Another new word I saw was vileology-and Fauci and his public health army are vileologists.

We live with theories.

Such as:
Germs, Viruses, Bacteria
Worm Holes
Black Holes
Big Bang

What can’t be seen/observed
a scientist (story teller)
designs a theory.

Yes, COVID is a Theory growing out
of the Germ Theory.


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Great Reset and the Useless Class

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Two smart people see the plan.

Justin Honse: Digital Currency, Propaganda and the Useless Class (Ep. 6)



In this episode, I talk to Justin Honse who is a writer and citizen researcher of banking trends and microeconomics. In the past, he has worked in IT and at financial institutions doing business analysis and risk management. Justin caught my attention when he wrote a very clever article titled, “Merry Christmas, Peasants” about (Santa) Klaus Schwab. In the interview, I pick Justin’s brain about negative rates, digital currency, digital ID, etc. We walk about propaganda, “financial inclusion,” and the “useless class.” You can learn more about Justin and read his work on
See for privacy and opt-out information.

H/t Xilefelix

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POP101: A primer on the future of planet Earth – Overpopulation is a myth

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Great website.

Perhaps the eugenicists should review it before they prick the population into a precipitous decline.

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