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Lac-Mégantic hoax footage shared by TV show 

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This story of outrage only makes sense when one is a fakeologist. 

Footage created in Hollywood for a #hrdpar being reused for an acknowledged work of (bad) fiction. 

Too drole for words. 

A day after learning that a science-fiction show on Netflix used footage of the Lac-Mégantic rail disaster, the mayor of the Quebec town said she believes images of the tragedy were used in a second Netflix production, Bird Box.…

No copy of September Clues for Danforth Simvillain

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Toronto’s 2nd major #HRDPAR of 2018 will be promoted for years. Now we have “leaked details” of the simvillain and his simbackstory.

Why don’t these “mentally retarded” simvillains ever get to see the real truth about 9/11? Guess they’re all bad researchers.

Also found in the bedroom were DVDs mainly involving 9/11 conspiracy theories, including three by Jones, the founder of the far-right conspiratorial website Infowars. Those were The Road to Tyranny, Terror Storm and American Dictators. Other titles included Painful Deceptions, Iraq for Sale, Weapons of Mass Deception and one bearing the handwritten title What is Islama.

Source: Cache of ammunition, 9/11-conspiracy films seized from Danforth shooter’s home, documents reveal | CBC News

Out of proportion Sims of 9/11

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Simon uses a clip from a comment here to further expose the 9/11 imagery deception.

I’m afraid it’s game over for all the aspiring debunkers of my King Kong Man: we now have definitive proof that these images (purportedly depicting people standing in the WTC windows in 1993 AND 2001) were completely computer-generated and thus, do not represent reality. 

VICSIMS: the simulated victims of 9/11 • Re: “FALLING MAN” – the phony jumpers…

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The Elizabeth Smart movie

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The book came out years ago, now it’s movie time. (my previous post)

There’s nothing in the above interview that convinces me this was real. Does this sound like a woman/girl that was raped every day for nine months? Not a tear in sight, not a blip in her make up. Don’t dare ask her why she didn’t run when she could have multiple times. “You don’t know, you weren’t there”.

I content that Ms. Smart is a LARPer – a lifetime (note the network the movie was released on) actor playing the kidnapped girl victim where anyone – including someone in a rich, intact family home -can be abducted, raped, and maybe murdered. In fact, her whole family are LARPers, getting paid to continue to sell fear all these years later.

h/t Jr. Fakeologist who dared mentioned this story as possibly fake to friends



Crown Temple Bankers and media sorcerers 

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I haven’t read the whole site, but it appears he gets the 9/11 myth as I do. 

Though there are those who will offer nothing in response to the following other than scornful rebuke and righteous indignation, so be it!

One would do well to remember, the wounds of verbal scorn are most temporary, while the quest for objective truth remains eternal.

It has been written that defeat or victory does not occur on battlefields, rather the determination of conflicts’ outcome is determined in the minds of the combatants, before the actual war is even planned and undertaken. And so it is with the media sorcerers, meting out perpetual psychological warfare on the masses, and they seem to prevail as the victors every time. That decisive outcome however, with the ease of access to important and vital information due to digital technology, is just now beginning to be altered. With increasing and incremental awareness concerning media sorcerers diabolical methods of operation, the pendulum of history, perhaps for the first time during the long epoch of mankind, is starting to swing towards the favor of the masses. The machinations of our so-called ruling classes, are becoming more predictable and clearly observable.…

Trope city for this T11 shattered vicsim

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Another completely over the top work of fiction, chock a block with depression, heroism, inspiration, and oddly, Newfies and snowmobiles. 

Only thing missing is a lucky hockey stick.

Last year was busy for Canadian and Toronto hoaxes. Wonder what 2019 will bring (besides what appears to be more fake murders in Toronto). 

But Kane is actually plenty tough, as her boyfriend of two years and many others have seen first-hand over the past few months. The ability to travel for a Christmas vacation in rural Newfoundland is one sign — of many — of how much the Toronto woman has recovered since she was injured in the July 22 shooting in the city’s Danforth neighbourhood.…

H3 almost done

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Why does anyone need a lawyer(s) to plead guilty and not have a trial?

The fakery Factory is soon-to-close for this ridiculous story.

The media has already spun enough personal grief stories to obscure any conflicts with the official story. 

Methinks this story worked so well, future hoaxes will need to involve hockey. After all, the hoax is reinforced every Saturday night with some tribute, perhaps infinitum. 

Outside the court, Sidhu’s lawyer read a prepared statement, saying his client feels terrible and is very sorry.

“His position to me was, ‘I just want to plead guilty,'” said lawyer Mark Brayford. 

“Mr. Sidhu advised me, ‘I don’t want to make things any worse.'”

The lawyer went on, stating that Sidhu is devastated by the grief he’s caused the families.

“He’s overwhelmed by the expressions of sympathy and kindness that some of the families and players have expressed to him, in spite of the fact that their grief is entirely his fault.”…

Iconic Photoshop of the day 

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Iconic photos are hard to get. They’re easier to fake. 

Iconic photos move mountains – of money. 

This is an oldie but a goodie.

Mr. Photographer was so upset he offed himself. Couldn’t bring himself to feed the little boy I guess. 


The picture won the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography award in 1994. Carter committed suicide four months after winning the prize. 

Vulture and little girl
On a side note, I am helping feed Africa, one cow at a time. 

When donation bins attack 

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When we see pattern deaths at fakeologist, we smell hoax.

Personally, I dislike these eyesores, and bring my old wares to thrift shops directly.

Nothing like death to expedite the process of passing laws.

Apparently selling old clothes by the ton is big business, with lots of fraud and theft surrounding these bins.

(Phony) death should bring their demise.…

Update: amusing tribute poster board with the variants of the same picture throughout

Unavoidably unsafe

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Vaccines definitely fall under the fakeology banner. There is so much deception around one of the most widespread worldwide health hoaxes that you could spend an entire lifetime going through the history to see when and where it began.

Even though Steve trashes fakeologist I still enjoy his material.

After reading through the source material, how can anyone not think that vaccines are nothing more than a witch’s brew of potion that at best does nothing and at worst is harmful? 

This is more proof that we no more about dis-ease than we did 100 years ago and that the source of most illness is malnutrition and bacteria being in the wrong parts of our body. 


The “Spanish Flu” killed an estimated 50-100 million people during a pandemic 1918-19. What if the story  we have been told about this pandemic isn’t true? What if, instead, the killer infection was neither the flu nor Spanish in origin? Newly analyzed documents reveal that the “Spanish Flu” may have been a military vaccine experiment gone awry. In looking back on the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, we need to delve deeper to solve this mystery.

Experimenting on soldiers and infants and the ignorant.…