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AC0346-John le Bon makes up with Kham

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The audiochats get bigger and better. Thanks to all the participants.

So many topics, one day I’ll write them down. If anyone wants to make a list of keywords, that would help.

We did mention this old podcast:

Who? John Le Bon, Kham, Ab, Napoleon




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Frank (Astana) should take a look at this architecture.

Yesterday, I visited Vigilantcitizen and discovered the new IRS headquarters in Maryland. I don’t know how much more in our face these people can be – and to put this symbolism outside the IRS building speaks volumes!… … -maryland/

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Charlottesville, Virginia False Flag August 12, 2017 +Car Ramming, KKK and Police Involvement 

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Zach says it’s clear the police run these protests. I’m sure real people tag along and (get in the way) but the counter protesters wearing police riot helmets, carrying shields and batons makes it too obvious.

Paul’s take:

FAK177-Paul Sandhu

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I interview a fellow Canadian (Toronto/GTA) truther.

When? Sunday, August 13, 2017 11:30am EDT…

Listen live at…

Join in at… and put yourself in the #Queue4Main_livestream

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UFoolology: Bill Cooper 

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He may have many things wrong but he was a great speaker. Wonder where he is now.…

Wow, the link is already dead: click here and find the file to download.

AC0345-Napoleon, Anounceofsalt, Delcroix, Kham, SMJ

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Big talk on the nature of earth, finishing with KHam sparring with SMJ about gravity, little g, and the ball.

Show notes:

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