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It’s good to be a dead celebrity

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If you’re done producing music, best to die quickly to keep raking in the dough. If you can’t die naturally, and why would they, it’s best to simulate the death for the same future riches.

You can’t stop the music, even when its creator has shuffled off this mortal coil. That’s evident in the makeup of our Halloween-spooky ranking of highest-paid dead celebrities, where nine musicians grace the list of 13, up from just six a year ago.

Source: The Top-Earning Dead Celebrities Of 2019

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Problem, reaction, ready-to-go solution

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The Hegelian dialectic in plain site for those with eyes to see.

A highly unlikely (I submit dismissible offence for the police officer it it were true) event.

A 38-year-old Mississauga man is facing a slew of charges after a gun was found at the feet of a handcuffed suspect in the back seat of a police vehicle. Police said that on Sunday officers were called to The Esplanade, in downtown Toronto, for reports of an impaired driver. They located a man sitting in the driver’s seat of a vehicle. He was taken into police custody and officers patted him down before handcuffing him and putting him in the back of the police car. According to police, while they…Ali Shobeg, 38, of Mississauga faces nine charges, including eight firearm-related charges.

Source: Man charged after gun found in back of Toronto police car

Story is odd, unless you wait a few days and read something like this.

Toronto police are hoping to start using body scanners, a potential replacement for strip searches, by early 2020 — but critics say the technology still amounts to an invasion of privacy.

The force has launched a request for proposals for a three-year contract to provide at least one full-body scanner, and potentially up to 10 of the devices, according to public tender documents.

The Toronto Police Service “is committed to increasing the level of dignity and respect provided during our search process,” the documents read.

We’re all grown ups here -why can’t the public just be asked to buy them and tell the truth? How much are these things anyway?

When asked for comment by CBC Toronto, Toronto police spokesperson Connie Osborne said the force can’t share details on the project or its budget because the procurement process is in motion, only noting the service will be “moving forward.”

Nevermind. I forgot some public institutions are actually private, including the police.

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With Geris, Rollo, Exoterick, Gaia, Anounceofsalt.

After listening, I will add a relevant show title.

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Toronto drill time

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Doubt they will make anything out of this here in Toronto, but you never know.

If you happen to be in or around Union Station late Saturday night, you might see many emergency vehicles, people pretending to be seriously injured, and “first responders” dealing with the mayhem.…

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Big Grizzly thread

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Found this big thread on the Fakeologist Discord. I should save more of these before they are lost in the Discord ether. Sorry images don’t paste well.

UnrealYesterday at 7:07 AM
Football match kicks off with special GRIZZLY guest
Ruptly – 16 Apr 2018 – 43K views…

Russian bears are traditionally very smart and well behaving and Tim (the bear) here shows off some of his daunting skills – particularly Tim the bear’s timely clapping looks quite man-in-suite like.

The bear performance made animal activists very upset (Four Paws UK, PETA)…

Performing bear at Russian match is ‘inhumane’…
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Really special effects

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LARPer specials.

ForKnisely, seeing people freak out because of their effects on camera is his favourite part. He’s hoping the police don’t end up coming by for any more false alarms, but is happy to know the neighbourhood is looking out for their community.”People believe these are actually bodies even though they’re just dummies,” he said.”Thanks for the compliment.”…

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Even in the darkest moments

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… It’s good to be on the side of truth.

Fast forward to 29:33 for the Lance Armstrong story.

For the record, I think the testicular cancer story is fake, but required for the Phoenix story.

The Moth Radio Hour: Family, Neighbors and Extraordinary Proof

2019-10-29 by The Moth

Web player:

In this episode we travel to Chicago, the Navajo Nation in Arizona, and then end the hour on the sidelines of the Tour de France. A man struggles with his unruly neighbors, an artists shares memories of growing up on the Navajo Nation and a journalist exposes one of the greatest sports scandals of our time. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media. Hosted by: Meg Bowles Storytellers: Shannon Cason, Melanie Yazzie, and David Walsh.

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There’s no gold in them thar hills

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The final chapter in one of the biggest financial hoaxes in Canadian history.

Bre-X was the darling of the Toronto Stock Exchange after reporting finding a major gold deposit in Indonesia. But the Busang mine find was later revealed to be a fake, resulting in the company’s shares nose-diving and wiping out about $3 billion in investors’ money.…

Even @anounceofsaltperday wouldn’t like the salting of this mine in this hoax.

I believe real people lost real money in this one.

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FART #045 Fractious

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I appear for a bit today.

#045 26th Oct 2019 – Fractious

2019-10-26 by


Rollo has more stories from Thailand and sees ‘Joker’ three times, Rick’s cars are damaged by hail but it’s a godsend, Ab Irato updates us on the latest fakeology, Noiz tries discussing a new topic on the news but finds it hard to break old habits, Lawsie gets another phone call, there is an odd request in the mailbag and John Le Bon makes a special appearance to fill us in on his travels and ask about submarines. Guests: Fakeologist, John Le Bon. Panel: exoteric64, noiz_level. Host: Rollo. Producer: Velocet.

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