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New hybrid 911 minivan

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Ontario’s home built and home paid for new hybrid minivan is at the top of my list.

I’ve been watching it closely, as so much of my tax money helped make it and will help me possibly buy it (up to $15,000 subsidy – how can one not consider it?)

The American and Canadian (Imperial and Metric) numbers promoting it are hilarious.

It can reportedly go 911km on a full charge and tank.

It can go 33 miles on a charge only.

I think the masons in charge left metric-imperial dialectics to choose from more occult numbers.

The men who fabricated 9 11 3d Specialists, CGI Movie Makers

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Paulstal service does a good job. Wonder why he thinks there were victims if the planes were faked.  

H/t Who Fabricated 9/11? 3D Specialists And CGI Movie Makers…

Sept.11 security fee

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I haven’t traveled by air in a while, but when I did recently, I noticed this little fee under taxes and others.

I know this is old news, but it’s yet another tribute to the day.

The costs of your airline travel will rise a little today, thanks to the federal government.Airline passenger security fees charged by the Transportation Security Administration are increasing because of the congressional budget deal passed in December.The September 11 passenger security fee has traditionally been collected to fund the TSA’s airport security measures, but not this time. Most of the new revenue will go to pay down the federal deficit.

Source: TSA passenger security fee rises –…

Paula Gloria Talks No Planes On 9/11 And Questions The Holocaust On The Howard Stern Show

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Howard and Co. makes mince meat out of Paula – Paula doesn’t help the truther cause. She’s so loopy it’s hard to tell if she’s controlled opposition by design.

JFKTV | Piece of Mindful

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Blue Moon, who used to post here, has placed his book at POM in easier to scrape/index html format.

If you think JFK really died that day, then you need to read the book or read the posts as he installs them.

If you believe that the media was used to portray the assassination of the world’s most followed human being in broad daylight, then everything, including 9/11, is, and will be forever, possible.

This is the first installment of my book, JFKTV, to be posted at POM. I’ll break the whole thing up into hopefully easily digestible portions, perhaps 10-ish segments over the next few weeks so as not to hog the road.  Big ups to Mark for transferring the original PDF to this format for posting purposes.

Source: JFKTV | Piece of Mindful