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September Clues, Iran 2017?

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Looking for the September Clues deconstruction of this “live collapse footage”.

Lots of wiggly, jerky, “amateur” footage.

Did anyone see American planes or hijackers fly into the building?


Zach on 9/11 and Flat earth 

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Zach apparently started out his truth journey with 9/11. He’s convinced flat earth is a dba psyop. He says Russianvids is a gatekeeper. I still enjoy both their work. Just the sheer volume of it is impressive, or deceptive? 

Over 350 Passengers Canceled Their Reservations or Didn’t Show Up for the Hijacked 9/11 Flights

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I thought I linked to this post, but couldn’t find it.

911 blogger is acting up.

I grabbed it from the google cache and will upload it here for posterity.…


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9/11 A-line shills-selling the illusion 

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Celebrity is today’s priesthood – everyone believes them regardless of how illogical their beliefs are.

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Pay for mention on noagendashow

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Made a donation/advertising buy on… and got a mention for the site. I also got a few other mentions in for… and September Clues, not to mention….

Curry claims he’s never heard of September Clues. He also doesn’t remember the interview below from January 2013 with Markus.  John agrees that 9/11 being a media hoax is just as good an explanation as any. John also got indignant at the nuke hoax lie.

Two points regarding this donation. One, I think it is the way of the future for funding media. I prefer it to subscriptions for paying for what I consider good entertainment. Second, I think it’s quite possible these two are happy gatekeepers. I do think they do more good than harm, and I have benefitted from their discussions, including those on technology that I like using. Like everyone else out there, I don’t agree with everything they say – but don’t have to and don’t expect to.

English: Adam Curry portrait

English: Adam Curry portrait (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Computer columnist John C. Dvorak.

Computer columnist John C. Dvorak. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No Agenda Show 891

Markus Allen interviews Adam Curry




The Loose Change myth

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Loose Change is the 9/11 movie that will catch most questioners of the official story. Only the very few will get by this castle wall and move further towards the castle truth. 

Controlled opposition is an important part of any psyop. There is little doubt this trio defines it. 


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With $6,000 and a laptop computer, three kids from upstate New York made a documentary about 9/11 that spread across the Internet and threw millions for a loop.…

H/t John Adams 

9/11 Inside Job Gatekeeper Joe Rogan on Alex Jones (Gatekeeper Program) On 9/11

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You’d hardly know it was 9/11 based on the conversation. Still worth the whole length hearing from these professional talkers.