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OBF on Fetzer

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Good researcher OBF still plugging away at 9/11 and Fetzer.

At Jim Fetzers blogsite I recently came across a “9/11 truth” article by former pilot John Lear [ now involved with the 9/11 truth group called “Pilots for 9/11 Truth” ] , that he [Fetzer] had re-posted from another site, entitled :…

Why America supports Israel: expediting end times

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I don’t particularly like the biblical aspect of America, Israel, the middle east, as it’s the single most powerful belief system in the world.

Psyops and propaganda are a mere cudgel compared to the super weapon of beliefs known as organized religion.

This audio goes a long way to explain why America wants/needs/supports Israel and why its controllers exploit this devotion.

Did they get their red heifer yet?redheifer

Right. It’s not just fundamentalists. I know a lot of people who would not consider themselves to be fundamentalist who are mainstream Christians who read the Bible and see these events that are happening in the Middle East and think that it’s resonating with the prophecies of the Old Testament. It’s an overwhelming feature of American support for Israel. The Jewish population of the United States is not that significant. But the fundamentalist Christian and evangelical Christian population is substantia

Source: 125: Apocalypse – This American Life

Bonus: A rapture prediction that came and went on our favorite day.

Bonnie Gaunt also points to scripture that indicates that the millennium will come on the sixth biblical day. Each biblical day, she says, is 1,000 years. And you start counting from the creation of Adam. Counting all the events in the Bible and since, she believes that she has discovered the exact day that good Christians will be raptured directly to Heaven and that the end time will begin.

I spoke with her back in April of 1999. And at that time, her calculations indicated that the exact date of the Rapture would be–

Bonnie Gaunt

September 11, 1999.

Only in an upside down world

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In what world, other than a fakeologist world, would this story even begin to make sense?

If you’re a non-fakeologist and need an explanation, then realize that in a psyOp/hoax world, there are certain (real) laws required to explain the unexplainable.

If there were real victims on 9/11 or Vegas, the lawsuits would be flying. Since there are no real victims, there are no real lawsuits. This story is fabricated to account for that fact.

I’m not sure what federal law was passed in wake of 9/11 regarding suits and vicsims, but once more, the grand-daddy of all psyOps is invoked.

MGM Resorts International has sued hundreds of victims of the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history in a bid to avoid liability for the gunfire that rained down from its Mandalay Bay casino-resort in Las Vegas. The company argues in lawsuits filed Friday in Nevada and California that it has “no liability of any kind” to survivors or families of slain victims under a federal law enacted after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Source: Victims of Las Vegas mass shooting sued by MGM | CTV News

An Open Letter to Richard D. Hall (Richplanet TV) – Allan C. Weisbecker

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Interesting, cluttered interaction with Hall, who pushes holograms and 9/11 plane angles.

A note to my subscribers: Before I launch into my communication with Richard D. Hall (of…), I need to apologize for the delay in posting this. Although most of my correspondence with Hall was back in March, it wasn’t until around July 1st — after I viewed his recent lecture on space frauds — that I knew I had to blow the whistle on him. Until his lecture I was giving him the benefit of the doubt. But it’s been a couple weeks since July 1st…

Source: An Open Letter to Richard D. Hall (Richplanet TV) – Allan C. Weisbecker

Introducing “clean” nukes

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Fake nuclear weapons come in so many flavors, depending on what you want them to do. Now we have clean nukes destroying the towers?

Nuclear science and its progeny are all fantasy. Therefore nothing nuclear (unclear) exists. It’s all a hoax, including magical weapons that destroyed the towers.

The towers were all brought down by conventional demolition. What you saw on the tell-a-lie-vision was a Hollywood depiction of the event, #NOT# the actual video, if it exists at all.

“Clean Nukes.” The Twin Towers and most of the World Trade Center (apart from WTC-7, which came down seven hours later in a classic controlled demolition) appear to have been demolished – much of it vaporized – using “clean nukes.”

Source: Joe Olson: Memorandum for the President: 9/11 Twin Towers were destroyed using “clean nukes”, WTC 7 with conventional demolitions – Public Intelligence Blog


Psyop couple f/Ariana Grande

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Psyop hoax management is efficient. They use the same players/lifetime actors and their spawn for their stories.

Manchester bombing and 9/11 are linked in many ways, and now we can add celebutard “marriage”.

Ariana Grande has had a tattoo in tribute to Pete Davidson’s firefighter father who died on 9/11.

Grande, 25, and Davidson, 24, began dating in May and earlier this month it emerged the couple were engaged.…

Fetzer comments

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Compass wanted me to archive this comment thread, so I did here.…

Source: The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer podcast: Pablo Novi Schanes

Of all the controlled/misguided 9/11 opposition, Fetzer talked the most and with the biggest guest list over the years.

Also saved here.

Annapolis Shooting Hoax

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The #HRDPAR break is over, it appears, even though World Cup is still on.

The perp: a half-freckled face.

A media outlet attacked – remember, the central thesis of September Clues is that the media played the central role in disseminating – and participating – in the 9/11 media hoax.

Begin deconstruction if you wish – but my thesis is that all major media stories are #HRDPAR #NDNGH. It’s the media’s job, if they were on our side, to prove that they are real, not vice-versa.

Source: View topic – THE “CHATBOX” •…

Maryland man charged with murder denied bail in newspaper mass shooting | CBC News

The gunman accused of killing five people in a vendetta against a Maryland newspaper barricaded the rear exit to prevent anyone from escaping and methodically blasted his way through the newsroom with a pump-action shotgun, killing one victim who was trying to slip out the back, authorities said Friday.

“The fellow was there to kill as many people as he could,” Anne Arundel County police Chief Timothy Altomare said as Jarrod W. Ramos, 38, was charged with five counts of murder in one of the deadliest attacks on journalists in U.S. history.

This is the deadliest day for the American media since 9/11 – The Washington Post………

CSPAN caller mashup on 9/11

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Yes, they are all from the controlled opposition group A&E group protesting World Trade 7 building controlled demolition, but it’s fun to watch the pols squirm.

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I’m not Simon but…

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We get letters.

It proves not everyone is up to speed even in 2018.

Simon and Hoi are touring America this summer.

Name: Petra Liverani

Email: xx

Comment: Hi Simon,

Thank you for your great work on the planes and the vicsims.

I’d seen your stuff about there being no dead awhile ago and thought well perhaps not all the people died but I couldn’t reconcile no dead at all with the seeming fact that people were targeted in the buildings. Then the other day a video of William Rodriguez started playing randomly on YouTube while I was getting ready for work and even though I was only half-paying attention it hit me. He was a fake semi-whistleblower! And then over the next couple of days I realised there were quite a few: April Gallop, Richard Grove, Bob McIlvaine, the Jersey Widows and possibly more. I also realised that these fake whistleblowers were specifically aimed at those of us who recognised 9/11 as an inside job and who would thus be susceptible to thinking no one died so they had them all planned in advance for that inevitable scenario. They really don’t want people thinking no one died. How clever.

I haven’t read all your stuff so I don’t know if you’re aware that the power elite mash their hoaxery in our faces. They believe that if they tell us what they’re up to through clues, things that don’t add up, ridiculousness, contradictions, the actual truth and so on they won’t suffer karmic repercussions. I’d only applied this idea to recent hoaxes because I thought 9/11 was too “serious” and was not a complete hoax in that people died then I realised that it applied equally to 9/11 which probably helped push me into recognising that no one died (or, if any did, only very few because they were wanted rid of). So, if you didn’t know that and were wondering why they would pop the plane out the other side of the building – I mean, really, it’s too good, isn’t it? – now you know.

Ok to publish (user)name (if not an introduction?): Yes

Up from the ashes

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Flight 175 Greenwich Ave. and other familiar numbers.

Lucky Larry must be getting on. Wonder if he’ll get to see the whole place finished.

3 World Trade Center, reported by The New York Times to cost $2.7 billion, stands at 175 Greenwich St. It is the second tallest building in the 16-acre World Trade Center site that also includes the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, the Oculus transportation hub, 7 World Trade Center, One World Trade Center, and 4 World Trade Center. The Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center and 2 World Trade Center are still under construction.…

Old 9/11 Terror fiction stories

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It’s fun when my favorite mainstream podcast intersects with my favorite hoax.

Lynn Simpson worked on the 89th floor of the World Trade Center. She escaped, along with the rest of her office, and now is trying to figure out what it means that’s she’s alive, and how her life is different now.…

Is Miles Mathis a 9/11 gatekeeper?

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Miles Mathis does NOT admit that the 9/11 “footage” was faked.

Miles Mathis does NOT admit that the 9/11 “victims” were faked.

Over 16 years of Miles Mathis pretending 9/11 “footage” was real.

Over 16 years of Miles Mathis pretending 9/11 “victims” were real.

The Question of Fakery • Case Closed on the Miles Mathis “Genius” Clown.…