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I absolutely think this is dangerous to the civil discourse

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A silly hit piece on 9/11 truth, blaming “the algos” of YT (which are most likely human editors), for promoting a 9/11 originating youtube channel on Canada politics instead of our state run broadcaster, CBC.

I absolutely think this is dangerous to the civil discourse

Source: How a 9/11 Truther may be influencing which Ontario election videos you see | CBC News

CBC’s take on 9/11 via a show I used to watch religiously in my past, The Fifth Estate:


Another candidate pilloried for 9/11 view

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Nothing like an election full of mudraking to bring out 9/11 trutherism attacks. I wonder if he held to his view that he’d get more votes?

“Now if they could do something about Bush’s role in 9/11, people could finally get closure,” he tweeted on May 2, 2011.…

Only those that confirm the LIE can be confirmed as professional liars

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More proof that no fakeologist could ever hold an elected office ever. Even if 90% of the world’s population believed in fakeology the small percentage who are in control would make sure they could never go anywhere publicly funded institutions.

This is why you never hear the truth from those who rule over you or would like to rule over you.

On the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack in 2012, an Ontario Liberal candidate suggested the attack that killed thousands was an inside job.…

The name of the candidate has an interesting compound ethnic name.

The missile was sitting on the couch

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The War on Terror should be relabeled the War on Bad Terror Script writing.

The tale sounds more like one intelligence agency (CIA) feeding another law enforcement agency (the FBI) some bad actors in order to create a terror case.

It’s all quite laughable, but these are the kind of stories that 9/11 spawned on the “homeland” front.

Notice how you don’t hear about these silly stories anymore. We’re too far away from the 9/11 official script, and they’re simply out of script writing vogue. If there were real terrorists, they’d be plotting all the time, and presumably, we’d be busting them.

Terror fiction writing doesn’t work like that. They pick a theme, and launch it around the world to make a lasting, searing impression in the world’s mind.

Once thoroughly imprinted, they switch to a new theme. Rinse, repeat.

The audio below is a fantastic story that defies all common sense.

One gem that emerged is the fact that (then) attorney general Chris Christie was appointed by Shrub on Sept 10, 2001. How he believes that the players in this terror skit are real is farcical.

The U.S. government spent two years on a sting operation trapping an Indian man named Hemant Lakhani, whom they suspected of being an illegal arms dealer. It’s one of the few cases that has gone to trial in the War on Terror, and one the Justice Department has pointed to as one of their big successes. In the end, they got Lakhani, red-handed, delivering a missile to a terrorist in New Jersey. The only problem was, nothing in the sting was what it appeared to be. Including the missile.

Source: The Arms Trader

Toronto van attack hoax: psychological casualties

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There’s hardly any story to report , at least one that’s true, so the media resorts to reporting on itself . Wonderful how all of this is neatly tied into the main reason for this blog 9/11.

My Holocaust trumps your Holocaust

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A blockbuster TAM featuring the two biggest propaganda beat sticks of the past 100 years, the Holocaust and 9/11. The first story is quite fascinating, illustrating how blacks are cryptonite to the Holocaust narrative.

The second story is a narrative about the grotesque Memorial that is the 911 museum. Even the families of the victims are scripted to be disgusted by it, albeit for different reasons than fakeologists might believe.

9/11 casualty story

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With the usual caveat that this story may be fiction, a very possible real tale of how 9/11 helped divide and rule America, with Muslims as enemy #1.

Serry and her husband’s love story began in a place not usually associated with romance: The West Bank.…

The family described is very similar to Kham. I asked her to comment.

Never, ever question

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Bullying isn’t ok, unless you have a different 9/11 view – a fakeologist type view (minus the vicsims).…

A Charlotte city councilmember is under fire after posting an article on Facebook that questions the validity of the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center. On her personal Facebook page, Councilmember LaWana Mayfield publicly shared a fake news article claiming a scientific journal determined the collapse of the Twin Towers was a controlled demolition.

Source: City councilwoman won’t resign after Facebook post questioning 9/11 | WSOC-TV

I wonder if similar peer pressure bullying was present in the 60s-70s for those that questioned the JFK hoax publicly.