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FAC408-Stern on 911

Velocet-Today at 12:30 PM

05:24 GMT Velocet, Howard Stern 9/11 replay intro. Floyd, movie clips

September Clues – Top Documentary Films

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As I was watching some random docs on this channel, I was surprised to stumble upon the epic video we all were transformed by.

Needless to say, the comments have trolled the video into the ground.

Source: September Clues – Top Documentary Films

HBC562-PsyGrrrrl attacks Kham

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The action starts at 2:15 for some great 9/11 banter. Congrats to Kham for keeping her cool in the wake of the negativity.

Lyn is 5′ 4″ and 107 lb? I guess she is a female.

Dose 9/11 audio update

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I still don’t know why Hoi I doesn’t like Brian but here’s his latest audio update.…