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FAC357-9/11 Clips with Ab

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On this holiest of holy days to the ghouls who run the world, I surf for some clips and play them for you.

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You’d think there’d be even more people showing up for such a solemn event, knowing the nature of how families grow exponentially. Knowing how they fudge crowd numbers, I’d be surprised if 300 actors showed up 

Nearly 3,000 people died when hijacked planes slammed into the trade centre, the Pentagon and a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, on Sept. 11, 2001, hurling America into a new consciousness of the threat of global terrorism.…

When 9/11 Was Only a Coptic Holiday 

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Peace to all my fakeologist readers, contributors, and donators.

Let’s all have a wonderfool 2018 knowing what we know about media, psyOps, and staged events!


Before the U.S. mourned the tragic events of September 11, 2001, the Copts had been commemorating that day as the start of their New Year for hundreds of years, as it happens to coincide with the Coptic New Year according to the Coptic calendar (except that it falls on September 12th when there is a leap year, as it does this year).* Interestingly, the Copts have been associating that day with remembering fallen heroes well before it was necessitated by the recent attacks on the U.S.

Source: When 9/11 Was Only a Coptic Holiday | ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN MEETS WORLD

FAK178-Something Fishy with Simon Shack 

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I can’t think of a better way to bring in the new year (9/11) then with the man that inspired it all, Simon Shack.

Instead of getting all worked up about who why what when how, we are going to kick back and relax and play his entire new album, Something Fishy.

I will also interject some of my favorite songs from his seminal soundtrack from the movie September Clues.

When? Sunday, Sept 10 @ 1911 EDT.

Who? Ab, Simon Shack and friends

Where to listen?…

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Rich Hall gets it wrong

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Not too many people dare challenge September Clues and Simon’s research. This group (including Jooody Wood shill Andrew Johnson) don’t do a very convincing job arguing against Simon’s seminal work, September Clues.

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Every 9/11 Joke | Norm Macdonald Live | 

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Everyone (especially many comedians) allegedly loves Canadian comedian Norm Macdonald. I personally don’t get his dry humor but post this as a 9/11 joke tribute, which of course it was – an inside joke.