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No blood here, no rubble there 

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This guy may have been a plant, but clearly we have a staged scene in Shanksville. 

Wallace Miller is the coroner of Somerset County, Pennsylvania. He was among the first people to arrive at the alleged Flight 93 crash site on the morning of 9/11.

I stopped being coroner after about 20 minutes, because there were no bodies there. It became like a giant funeral service.…

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9/11 was a drill too, but with the media 

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More phony news to confuse searchers looking for information on #hrdpar, drills, hoax, etc. 

An active shooter drill gone awry sparked panic and prompted a lockdown at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, Tuesday afternoon, multiple sources told ABC News.…

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Red liar 

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The only thing that died around 9/11 for Fergie was her Royal reputation. 

Sweet, silly, syrupy bullocks. 

Yes, all stories around 9/11 are fiction and are insulting. Her book would have been perfect. 

The then-42-year-old, was in New York because she was given an office on the 101st floor of the North Tower for her Chances for Children charity.

However, a source at the time said: “The Duchess got her people to contact at least three publishers but none showed any interest because the Americans regard works of fiction about 9/11 as insulting.”

During the attacks a pear tree near the towers had its branches stripped, but was brought back to life by workers as a symbol of hope.…

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Tasteless 9/11 photo and caption of the day 

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Here comes the judge! 

Nearly three decades later, Judge is best known as the fire department chaplain who died on Sept. 11, 2001, after rushing into the north tower of the World Trade Center to help. His life quickly took on an almost mythic stature. A documentary crew’s camera found him praying in the lobby of the north tower, wearing a white helmet reading “F.D.N.Y. Chaplain.”…

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Mike and Mark 

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Further to Xilefelix’s theory that not all victims are sims, we have this (identical) twin story recirculating.

Identical twins are always useful in intelligence operations. 

Hockey players had quite a few 9/11 stories. Must be to keep the Canadians interested. 

Like most people in America, Jason Fitzsimmons watched  the horrifying images of the terrorist attacks on television throughout the day. Fitzsimmons, an assistant coach for the Stingrays in 2001, learned that night from Concannon that Mark Bavis had been killed.…

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Bad terror comedy 

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The latest bomb hoax story includes all the usual pathetic terrorist memes, including 9/11.

The 56-year-old, who is accused of sending pipe bombs to critics of President Donald Trump, warned the power company it would be “worse than September 11th”, according to a 2002 police report.

His extensive rap sheet also includes arrests for domestic violence, theft and fraud.

Sayoc, a former stripper, showed flashes of violent anger and posted vitriolic screeds online.…

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How not to act as a LARPER/crisis actor 

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I’m sure was pulled off the stage after this horrible job. 

9/11 Flight 93 Mom Alice Hoglan Is Delighted On The Sept 12

Larry King Lizard on 9/11…

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9/11 Memorials are everywhere

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There’s no escaping the myth. 

There are, in fact, dozens of tributes, most of them located far from the attack sites in New York, Washington, D.C. and Shanksville, PA.…

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Release THE twin towers video CDI! 

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You saw the Hollywood version. 

What about the real version? 

I’m sure CDI videoed it. 

How many got to see the real thing? 

Imagine the payout for the most important demo ever. 

Who owns this company? Do they have any peers? Are they the best in the world? 

Does the army have a comparable division? 

This video has great sound. 

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Nobody knows how it got there 

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Amusing piece about 9/11 landing gear being “wedged” between two buildings. 

I know how they can get it out. Use the same method they put it in: Photoshop. 

Little Jimmy looks like a photo morph of Big Jim. Found his dust on his big brother’s birthday. How morbid. 

9/11 Plane’s landing gear found

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Top 10 Liberties Lost Since 9/11

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“Those who would give up Essential Liberty, to purchase a little Temporary safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” This thought by Ben Franklin has never held more truth. After the tragic events of 9/11, we lost more than lives. We lost our essential liberties, in more ways than one. Here are some of the biggest ways that the government infringed on our freedom since 9/11.

Source: Top 10 Liberties Lost Since 9/11 – The Libertarian Republic

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