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How the 911 WTC magic trick was pulled off

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If there’s a better explanation on what happened, I have yet to see it.

This post was originally published Dec 2013. New member @legends found it on and it is as relevant today as it was in the past.

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We’re gootube streaming

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Inspired by IPS, I thought I’d give gootube another try.

Subscribe below and help test.

I have two channels, and the links never change, even if youtube cancels them.



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Be the 1st to vote.

Like @Trypt, @Velocet of Fart fame has helped me with my audio endeavors. He’s created great bumpers, pointed me to great software, and of course created the wonderful podchild FART Podcast. This helps me as much as comments and donations -thanks so much!

Like the audiochats, I’m uploading the latest FARTs to my youtube channel to help spread the word. Please share the channel far and wide. Gootube won’t promote it.

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Fakeologist on Youtube

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Thanks to @Trypt, the first 15 mins of the latest audiochats will be on my #2 youtube channel. The address of the channel is and always will be, no matter if youtube deletes it – I will attempt to always recreate it.

The main channel is, and the audios are on




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Fakeologist V1

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I’ll be trying to rebirth my youtube presence, ever so slightly.

Here’s version1, with many more expected I’m sure.…

I’ll post links to the right as this will surely be a cat and mouse game as I upload.

Download all my video and audio archives here. (96 gigs – selective download available)

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Dear Suspendtube

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I tried.


Thank you for your account suspension appeal. We have decided to keep your account suspended based on our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. Please visit… for more information.

The YouTube Team

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Fakeologist is NOT on YouTube

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As I wrote earlier this month, the Fakeologist YouTube channel has been deleted by Google.

It has been brought to my attention that there are a few imposter channels out there, but rest assured they are not my channels.

I am now hosting my own videos on Faketube, and it is unlikely I will waste my time uploading anything to YouTube.

I still maintain a fakeologist Google identity, so you may see the odd YouTube comment by me. That is the limit of my presence on YouTube.

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