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Youtube solution

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Another round of purges, thanks to their own popular Qanon psyop, has YouTubers like Polly crying.

It makes we wonder if they are given to us. There are many alternatives that can easily be used, without central msm control.

Below is my latest page outlining this.

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Get ready

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Ice Age farmer says his Discord server was shut down due to this possibly disinfo post.

This could easily happen to our server I suppose. Make sure you subscribe to our telegram channel and register on for email updates.

Download TeamSpeak as I have a server that I will make sure is working in the future.

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My mastodon server is now canceled.

The twitter knock off is a great idea that isn’t working.

If the masses don’t care, then it can’t be successful.

I tried a year, but no-one came.

Can’t argue with what people want or don’t want.

Telegram is far easier to use, and is already bigger at


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611 Bing

rickylikes this

This isn’t the – where big donations are routine and daily.

Today we had our biggest donation ever – from user Bing – for $611. Amazing.

He will be the sponsor of from November 2020 to April 2021. Rollo’s generous donation will take us to the end of October 2020.

The main reason I actively solicit donations is because – the companion site to hold videos that I think are worthwhile and are actively censored – costs me $100 USD/month. That will cover storage for up to 1TB. Right now I’m only using 1.7% of that – but I only hold the lowest resolution file – which is good enough for most devices.

Within a couple of years, I will need up to 20TB – which I’ve got a quote for $200/month.

This massive donation is greatly appreciated, and tells me I’m on the right track.

Thanks to all the donors, listed here.

Once more, thank you Bing!

Donate page


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