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Christmas open house

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I’d like to have an open house on the audiochat Dec 25-26.

Make an effort to drop in and wish your fellow fakeologists a Merry Xmas.

You don’t have to stay long, just either stop into the lobby or directly into the livestream to leave your message.

Ping @everyone when you go in if you wish to speak to others.

Merry Xmas!

Also note I have opened another forum at It’s phpbb which may be the best forum software out. You’ll need another login for it. Apply today with your same username if interested.

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Crowd psychology is powerful

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I’m not a big fan of middlemen, but many creators are on this platform. I’ve opened up this avenue to see if it’s something people are interested in. I am aware that they actively censor different creators they disagree with. Since I’m actively using this platform to donate to other creators I simply opened up my incoming box. Let’s see if it works!

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Let’s try social logins again

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In an effort to see more comments, all social media logins will work for leaving comments.

I may regret this, if so, I’ll revert.

You’ll still need a site login for Fakeologist Forums – which are quiet too. These are gained by emailing me – see right side of page for email handshake.

I’ll try and find a way to leave comments with a discord login.

As usual, all first time commenters will be forced to moderation.

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Fake footage that changed the world

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This is a repost, deleting those fleeting youtube links for Faketube.

The major events of our time are defined by what we saw on TV – the greatest hypnotic propaganda device ever invented.

Fakeologist contends that ALL the iconic video of our time is FABRICATED – created in a Hollywool studio to deceive the public and sear into the memory of the collective subconscious so deeply that it is unchangeable and unforgettable.…

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Self registration now closed

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The bots have won, and I wasn’t getting introductions, therefore to comment/post here you need to email me first.

To comment on, you need a separate id from discord or Mastodon at forms.

Please email Fakeologist here and you will be sent a login. Please make sure to include your fakeologist history and 9/11 story, fit for publishing.

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Greetings far reaches!

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Of the world… if you are the one (assuming not a VPN)

checking in from Argentina or American Samoa, please make yourself known and welcome to the site!

As usual, Americans dominate the visits.

Can someone tell me where European Union is?

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How some got here

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Gaia puts much effort into fakeopedia, including such small entries.

Without knowing (about) the words “Fakeology“, “Fakeologist“, “” or “Fakeopedia” it is not so easy to get to the blog. However, two independent Fakeologists have reached the blog via two ways on Pirate Bay:…

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Busy day

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This website’s Christmas (New Year’s) Day is over. Let’s see how next year pans out. Thanks to all who came by, mostly from research (googling 9/11). I hope you learned something.

On another system note, Instagram (facespook) won’t let me link to Now that’s censorship.

Also, livestreams of this site can be found at

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Fakeologist’s Anchor’s away!

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A new site that I’m having fun with.

If you want your own (fakeologist) podcast, this may be a good solution.

Just make sure you download your shows to your own server for safety.

It doesn’t stream live like the audiochat, but it has many fun features. It even has an app!

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