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9 11 minutes with Ab

Caryslikes this

I dislike YouTube immensely, but it’s the only fishing hole in town. Please subscribe to all my channels including both my YouTube channels which are always linked below.

And of course my own video curation site

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Thank you Rick

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Thanks to long time donor Ricky for being the first into the box.

Excellent postal service – it made it in a week!

This may be the best and only way to avoid financial censorship and fees in the future. Hang on to your cash!

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Thank you donors!

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With up and running, my costs have gone way up.

I also have hired a tiktok/instagram promoter to help spread the good fake word to the young ones. was created to save some of the videos I post here. It’s also just a separate site for those that don’t like to read blogs.

At $100US/month, video hosting is expensive. I’m not trying to duplicate youtube, but it still requires its own server.

Therefore all the below donors are most wonderful for kicking in a monthly amount for keeping these sites up and running. Thank you.

You can donate by clicking on links in the right column, scrolling down.

$1.19/month (and up) is more than appreciated!

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JLB advises Fakeologist

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… to throw out the trash and out up a fence.

What do the patrons and trash alike on this site say?

Do I need to comply with the New Normal and take the temperature of everyone crossing the threshold of truth?

Masks optional.

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