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I don’t normally make twitter recommendations, but this guy is one of the few fakeologists on twitter and no where else who meets all the fakeologist criteria. Plus he created a twitterstorm here, doubling our daily hits.

Let’s hope he comes on to the discord to chat.


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Welcome UK to…! Take a while to spend time listening and reading to this multi media site!…

The above tweet is causing an avalanche of traffic here – pointing to an old TomD thread. Sometimes it takes a while – what’s going on with interest in this from England today?

The Marchioness Disaster – 20th August 1989 – London, England

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Tagging #hrdpar

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If you’re commenting or posting or forum-ING, add two tags. For this latest psyop add #hrdpar and #NZmosque. This will (temporarily?) help with the Giggle(tm) searches.

It’s very hard to find this site via any means now, so this is one possible way to help. Of course, the best way is to send a direct link via email, whatsapp, or whatever platform we still have control over.

I’ve added tags to all new posts. Add #fakeologist if posting to other platforms. Links are usually filtered out or blocked.

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Community Guardian attacks

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No hosting site is safe, including faketube, from being censored.

We’ve recently discovered the following content published to your site (…) with a Jetpack Premium plan:

Please note that publishing incitements to violence in this manner is prohibited in accordance with the Jetpack Service Guidelines.

As such, we’ve hidden this content from public view.

Continued publication of this type of content may result in the permanent suspension of Jetpack plan and/or… account.

Thank you,

I’ll link the files directly via peer to peer, but personally I don’t like even sim snuff videos. Apparently others do, as the first vid here had over 10,000 hits. Sad.

Trying for Spotify

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I’ve submitted my podcasts to Spotify, a service I actually pay for and enjoy. I don’t use it for podcasts, but it’s a big service, so coming up in their search may prove useful.

Let’s see if we can get on and stay on.

Source: Spotify for Podcasters (beta)

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Fakeopedia is back 

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What’s old is new again. Founding member Gaia is back at Fakeopedia. All who want access email me at… and I will create an account. 

Fakeopedia is a collection of resources about media fakery, science fakery, psyOps and other deceptive strategies and productions that aim to control, manage, regulate and influence the perception of reality on a local, regional or worldwide level. Our work is inspired by Fakeologist, September Clues, CluesForum and others.…

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Paying for plugs

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I try and put my money where my mouth is. I enjoy supporting original content and have done so on this local podcast. If you like this website click the PayPal button on the right and support it too. Thank you.

Ziggy Kicks Out the Jams: Toronto Mike’d #409 by Toronto Mike’d Podcast… 

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Site bytes 

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I will be moving the forums to…

You will need yet another user/password combo. 

Please use the same name as here. 

When done, you will be able to easily post/read via Tapatalk or a similar ios/Android reader for your phobe/tablet/phablet.

Comments should be working as I suspended wordpress’ akismet spam terrorist software. 

Any issues please email me at… or use the discord text forum.

Please try and use the forums for interesting threads instead of discord. Discord posts scroll into the memory hole and google doesn’t search them. 

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Call me and we will do a show

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Want to talk fakery and go live around the world?

Call me at 518-639-6233 or skype me at fakeologist and I will do an instashow with you.

Always innovating to get you heard.

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