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A few stats

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I promised @JLB I’d post a few stats.

Here’s July’s numbers – not as many hits and partial plays as I’ve seen in the past. We need more people uploading clips to Youtube with links. Feel free.

Again, I don’t know you’re a listener until you email me or for a subscription – as low as $1.19/month!

Time for thanks

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I think all donors should be acknowledged in a big way.

As a donor myself, I always listen for my name on podcasts and do get a bit annoyed when I don’t at least get an email.

That said, I want to thank Curious/Marin for his long, continued support of the site.

I also am grateful for Bing, Unknown (for now) from the UK, and Adam for the donation AND subscription.

If you don’t want your name published, please add a note in the paypal info box when donating or send me an email at….

Remember, as little as $1.19 is great encouragement for content producers.

Buttons are on the right for all donations – thanks again!


Life is precious

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I don’t normally interject with personal notes, but a friend and co-worker (and non-fakeologist) of over 30 years  died yesterday. Normally, I don’t tear up and have a little cry, but unlike crisis actors, it is difficult NOT to when a situation is real.

I sympathise with Ro11o for losing his close friend of an even longer time.

While my friend had health issues and this was somewhat expected, it is still stunning knowing the finality of life. I will never see him, talk to him, or cajole with him again. It takes a few days of mourning I suppose to get over, even though I’ll be reminded of him frequently over the next while.

As a fakeologist, I have less stress from outside information. That gives more time to concentrate on being stress free and friendly with those close to me. Concentrate on being kind to each other, especially those that disagree with you. It will go a long way in making them live a better life.

Live better today, because life is finite – a truth no one will dispute.

Godspeed Arun!


We’re safe for consumption

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Googlebot brought this to my attention.

How did… get a Trust Score of 91% ?When checking… we looked at many factors, such as the ownership details, location, popularity and other sites relating to reviews, threats, phishing etc. Although a site like may have a high trust rating, it’s worth just checking the countries involved as these could indicate that goods would be shipped from abroad rather than your home country.

Source: is… a scam or legit |… reviews |check… for fraud and risk | is egi safe or fake

Spreadsheets |

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The links were broken for these spreadsheets, now they’re fixed. Edit away and help bring them up-to-date!

I’ve also been inspired by the recent audio and paypal participation, so I cleaned up some rancid links on the right of the page.

I have a few collaborative spreadsheets that all can edit: Shill Spreadsheet:  PsyOp List Histogram:   9/11 double helix:

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