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FAC430-Faye and Gaia on Florida #HRDPAR

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We need a name for a future regular show from you two!

Ab says,

I love the chemistry that you two have. You guys should have your own regular radio show. You two are without a doubt the best fakeologist finds of 2017. Keep it up. BRAVO!

FAC430N-Show notes

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GaiaYesterday at 8:49 PM

@Fakeologist we just had a great chat live, @Faye and me. Topics we talked about: – the Florida “school shooting” psyop of today in Parkland – Beverly Eckert, one of the co-founders of the 9/11 Family Committee who allegedly died in the Colgan Air Flight 3407 plane crash – black marketing of psyops; product placement done in a negative way but with an intended positive outcome – the ridiculousness of “antisemitism” and how we can criticize things not turning into “racist” or something – Richard Gutjahr, married to a Knesset member, allegedly the guy who shot the Bastille Day Nice attack footage of the truck on July 14, 2016 and who was also present just 10 days later with the Olympia Mall, Munich attack on 07/23 – thug scares of the late 1800s and early 1900s and the relation with the North Hollywood shootout on 02/28, 1997, ridiculous story featured as a mission in GTA V, where allegedly the police couldn’t handle 2 (!!) bank robbers and went to buy (!) more bullets at a local gun store (!) – we talked about the relation and psyop placement of different events between Boston Bombings, Sandy Hook, Peshawar School shooting, Ariana Grande Manchester bombing and more – we promoted to join…, not only by money, also to just discuss these topics – at the end we shortly talked about the DCP of Whitney Houston and the Disappearance of SS Ironic and the prescriptive programming for the Sinking of the Titanic – earlier we talked about the No Agenda Show and Adam Curry, who lived and was known for years in Holland(edited)



February 15, 2018

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FAC428-History of Psyop Techniques with Faye

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