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FAC402-Much Masonry

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With Napoleon, Gaia, Ab, Notsofreemason, Red Lion, Misom, John Adams, Farcevalue, Wayfaring Stranger, Justsayindude, Soundwave41, Overly Salted, Phil Blanks, Typoerror

FAC402 Show Notes

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Ab, Gaia, and Misom discuss FAKEOPEDIA.

FAC400-Show notes

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FakeologistYesterday at 8:22 PM

FAC400-Smelly psyops

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Another long one, starting in the evening and going to the next day.

With Rollo, Ab, Gaia, Wayfaring Stranger, Anounceofsalt, Silverbeam, Napoleon, Yossarian, Anounceofsalt, Typo, Soundwave40, Sophia


misomlike this

Velocet ponders the sun and the moon on a flat earth.