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Rollo plugs Fakeologist

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Rollo deserves much respect for his contributions here and around the audio-lands.

Let’s start a Howard Stern like Baba-booey campaign where we audio bomb shows (if anyone is left listening) and simply say….



FAK209-Interviewed by Brian Staveley

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I go to youtube without a camera and talk to Brian.

When? 2030 EDT Aug 6, 2018

Listen live at…

Check to watch on Brian’s youtube

FAC482-Ab,John Le Bon, DaveJ, Rollo, Velocet, CodyfromMemphis, Brian Staveley

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The audiochat is back with a vengeance.

We start with general banter, and then JLB gets right to fakeology and discusses the war hoax, and jet fuel skepticism.

FAC481-CodyfromMemphis, KHam, Ab

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New voice alert! Cody from Memphis

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FAC480-Rollo,Anounceofsalt,Rachel, DaveJ

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New voice alert!!! Rachel from Liverpool. Also featuring Originalsimulent.

JFK talk, 911, moon landings.

Dave gets droned.

Show notes:

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It’s all made for tv

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Go to 51:50 of this audio to take away the nugget: the 9/11 show, like Copperfield’s disappearing statue of Liberty trick, was made for TV, not those on the ground.

Also on paid shills, actors, staging magic tricks,and those that likely helped the 9/11 trick happen.

FAC479-Rollo, Spiro, Unrestrained

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New voices alert!

This episode was brought to you by new monthly donor @Spiro and new donor/member @Rachel!

Thank you for your support and fakeologist audiochat herder @Rollo!

FAC478-Ed O

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After show FAC208 Ed O called in. We found a fakeologist in Toronto!

NB: Ed gave permission to post this call after I learned it was recording after all.

NB: If you call me the call may be recorded and broadcast.

FAK208-Fakeologist Radio

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When? July 29, 2018 @ 1911h EDT

Where? Skype Fakeologist or 518-639-6233



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Introducing L, cooler, and their introduction to September Clues.

I thought for sure that K and L were the same voice, but apparently I was wrong.