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FART#014 new year’s edition

Goto the one hour mark for 9/11 discussion.

Rick brought up a great point that if anyone asks who’s responsible for the 9/11 project bring up the PNAC group led by  Kristol and Kagan and the neocons that explicitly laid out the need for a new Pearl Harbor for the 21st century. This was no secret and widely disseminated years before the 9/11 event.

    Hosts: Rollo, Velocet. Panel: exoteric64, noiz_level. Guests: typoerror, Fakeologist.

    FAC524-Ab, Noiz Level,Velocet

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    New Year’s Eve edition coming off a big….

    FAC523-Napoleon, Matti, Originalsimulant, TomD

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    Napoleon and Matti review the year’s…

    Welcome No Agenda listeners! 

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    It appears a few people listen to the Noagenda show. 

    Please click here and debrief on why I say September Clues is the most important 9/11 expose around. 

    Click on the right discord CONNECT button and come chat with us. 

    1098: “Climate Grief” by No Agenda IPFS

    Link to… plug @1:24:20

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    #013 festive FART castfest

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    Another great episode by Fakeologist leaning Australians. 

    #013 22nd Dec 2018 – kelito, typoerror, Uninstall, Matti & Gaia by The F.A.R.T. Podcast… 

    FAC520-Matti, JLB, TomD, Napoleon Wilson, Originalsimulant

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    @Matti thanks for the generous donation (recurring), and thanks @John le Bon for reminding everyone in the last podcast. I appreciate both of your efforts here.

    @1:05:00 Tom will always be a top fakeologist.

    There’s no virus island

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    The germ theory is exploded before your eyes.

    David discusses the possibility with James McCumiskey of Ireland, the possibility that there are no viruses, and that this is a decades or centuries old fraud or error. James has endeavored to get proof of the existence of viruses from the virus experts in Ireland, including the NVRL (National Virus Reference Laboratory), so far to no avail. Begorra!

    Source: The Infectious Myth – There are no Viruses, with James McCumiskey – 06.05.18