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AC0348-SMJ Live! in Austin

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With Chris Kendall, KHam, Farcevalue, and Rochello.

Wish I was there! A peaceful rally of Fakeologists.

NB:the audio was boosted as much as possible. Quality is poor.

No statues were harmed in this event.

Topics:EGI, Markus Allen, Unreal

Charlottesville set up

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A real march meets the Union Army and a psyop division. Fetzer interviews one of the organizers.

2nd half of the show devolves into Jew bashing trolls (organized).

AC0347-JLB, Silverbeam

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Charlottesville to natural selection.

Legending a star and politician pseudonyms 

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Plug your ears when Ed goes into this actor plays this politician (you too Frank). Other than that Goldbug makes a lot of sense. 

I like his term “legending” used for the DCP. I also like his discussion on how the music corps own the music persona and can do with it as they please. 

I like his information on the use of pseudonyms absolving politicians for their actions. Not sure if this applies to the Commonwealth. 

AC0346-John le Bon makes up with Kham

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The audiochats get bigger and better. Thanks to all the participants.

So many topics, one day I’ll write them down. If anyone wants to make a list of keywords, that would help.

We did mention this old podcast:

Who? John Le Bon, Kham, Ab, Napoleon



FAK177-Paul Sandhu

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I interview a fellow Canadian (Toronto/GTA) truther.

When? Sunday, August 13, 2017 11:30am EDT…

Listen live at…

Join in at… and put yourself in the #Queue4Main_livestream

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UFoolology: Bill Cooper 

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He may have many things wrong but he was a great speaker. Wonder where he is now.…

Wow, the link is already dead: click here and find the file to download.