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Who? Ab, Typo, Justsayindude, Tom Dalpra, Ohalahan, Armchairquarterback, Uninstallmedia

Great to get a new voice, Armchairquarterback, from Germany, USA.

Remember to join in to the discord audiochat by clicking here. No software necessary (although it can help) to start talking.


AC-Introducing Abyz

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Another great discord session, with new member/donor Abyz joining in to the ever-growing Audiochat.

Featuring Tom D, Typo, Ab, Justsayindude, the AC bot and Abyz

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RR31-Rollo, Typo

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So many discorders, we need some more audio contributors!

The audio even sounds a bit better on this new platform.


CC19: Disruption is good – satellite hoax, part 3 

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Hoi and Head floss (his father!) talk about the great satellite hoax, and all the goes with disrupting one’s ingrained beliefs.


Source: Issue 19: Satellite Musings, Part 3 – The Clues Chronicle


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More discord audiochat.

When? Tue, Apr 11, 2017

Warning: Much rambling


Audiochat-Ab, Farcevalue

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We take on spin on the new Discord Audiochat.

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