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AC0346-John le Bon makes up with Kham

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The audiochats get bigger and better. Thanks to all the participants.

So many topics, one day I’ll write them down. If anyone wants to make a list of keywords, that would help.

We did mention this old podcast:

Who? John Le Bon, Kham, Ab, Napoleon



AC0345-Napoleon, Anounceofsalt, Delcroix, Kham, SMJ

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Big talk on the nature of earth, finishing with KHam sparring with SMJ about gravity, little g, and the ball.

Show notes:

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AC0344-Xile, Ab, Napoleon

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Xile discusses Grenfell, and Napoleon thinks Xile is Psyopticon.

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AC0342-Kham and Unreal spar over EGI

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Another blockbuster episode starring Kham, Unreal, Malcontent, Notsofreemason, Notsofreemason, Wantruth4Now, and a bit of Ab.

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