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Audiochat-Narrator, Ab

likes this

Ab and Narrator discuss trans of the……

Audiochat-Chris from hoaxbusters

likes this

The only thing better than listening to Chris’ show is talking to him.

Wall of calls


Audiochat-Ab, Unreal

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UNreal and I talk about…

<09:35:04> “UNreal”: MrE3000…
Jon Humanity…
hristos mandylor…
Mushroom Gods…
<09:37:26> “UNreal”: UNreal youtube channel:…
<10:30:39> “UNreal”: >the UNreal YT channel consist of only “playlists” with references to other researchers work
<10:48:04> “UNreal”:…

Audiochat-Rollo, Nikon, Ab, Typo

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We talk about Paulstal Service’s problem with Simon’s….

Just for your information, Ab :

that “Paulstalservice” entity (aka “NorwayResearch” – aka “SanLuisSkywatch”, aka ex-Cluesforum member “Kentrailer”, etc…) is the ‘Ace Baker’ of our ISS research – and more generally, a full-time stalker/troll employed to co-opt and (at the same time) throw mud at our Cluesforum research.

Some examples of his ‘work’:………


Ab’s New Year Levee

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Drop by the audiochat and express your best wishes to Fakeologist for 2017 and get double back.…

Xmas Audiochat

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Join in to the audiochat for a Christmas drop in audio buffet. Rollo started the ball rolling, and hosts most of the call on and off.

Many other terrific fakeologist voices wished each other a merry Xmas.

12x42Nikon, Narrator, Typoerror, Kham, Unreal, FoliusHattius, Tom Dalpra, Ohalahan, Patrix


FCC-John Adams

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We’re doing a call at 1830h EST – join in at… if interested.

John and I discuss transgenderism, the hoaxbusters disinfo network, Adam Curry on Alex Jones, and fake news.