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FAC455-Rollo, Velocet, Fria, Tasteoffreedom

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New voices Fria, Tasteoffreedom, Originalsimulant

FAC453-Rollo,Red Lion, Original Simulant

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Rollo finds a new voice talking about masonry.

Thanks to Rollo for all his great work here at the audiochat.

Join in at…

FAC452-DaveJ, Rollo, John le Bon

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Dave J chats with Rollo about media fakery, transAsia, jon bennet ramsay (sp?) JLB joins, chat turns to the moon (which is just a light)
Anounceofsalt, Exoteric64 also join in.

FAC451-Fakeologist under pressure

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With Ab, Faye, Gaia, Chris, Tom

Show notes

FAC450-Faye, Gaia, Dave J, Contrarious

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Faye and Gaia discuss… and its comments. An extensive conversation about the Simon Shack… model of the cosmos.

Faye also has a fantastic conversation with Dave J.

Later Contrarious discusses Idiocracy and the curved Earth with Gaia and Exoteric64. Anounceofsalt also chimes in.

The social credit system in China is discussed.

War is controlled demolition with strategic relocation.

FAC449-Slugfest, Youshooter

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Note: explicit insulting in this marathon.

With Ab, Napoleon, Rollo, Farcevalue, Notsofreemason, Exoteric64, Dave J, Gaia, Mahatma Coat, Kelly Brigante, John Adams, the Nova Scotian, English James, Tasteoffreedom

Show notes

FAC447-JLB, Faye, John Adams, Rollo

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Radio Rollo and JLB roll around about 1984, War is a hoax, Tesla myth

FAC445-Kelito Brigante

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Radio Rollo presents Kelly from Scotland, with a drop in from Ab.

Talking 9/11.

FAC444-Radio Rollo, Napoleon, Jesse Waugh, John le Bon, John Adams

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You never know who’s going to end up chatting in the audiochat. The combinations are always interesting and often unexpected.

Radio Rollo does a great job grilling Jesse about what he saw on 9/11 in lower Manhattan. John Laws eat your heart out we’ve got the best!

With interruptions from Typoerror and his friend Phil.