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FAC408-Stern on 911

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Velocet-Today at 12:30 PM

05:24 GMT Velocet, Howard Stern 9/11 replay intro. Floyd, movie clips

FAC407-Xmas greetings

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With John Adams, Napoleon, Notsofreemason

FAC406-Merry Xmas!

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With Tom Dalpra, Napoleon Wilson, Tryptomine, John Adams, Delcroix, John le Bon, Kham, Rochello, Misom

FAC405-Phil Blanks, SMJ

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Also Napoleon, Misom, Overlysalted, John Adams, Rochello, SMJ, Gaia


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Jlb tries talking to Yossarian, Farcevalue

Perhaps the footage quality of hoaxes and #hrdpar is created deliberately inferior so as not to arouse suspicion that Hollywood itself is creating the video. An example of this is the movie with Mister Sandra Bullock called Gravity, which was created with very high quality video as an example to compare and contrast against lesser quality video from NASA.