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CC20-‘SacredCowSlayer’ and ‘The Cold War Hoax’

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Fantastic new voice from Texas, together with Hoi and Farcevalue. 

Learn about the injustice system and psyops in Texas, where many of our worldwide deceptions may emanate from. 

By far their best edition so far. 
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CC19: Disruption is good – satellite hoax, part 3 

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Hoi and Head floss (his father!) talk about the great satellite hoax, and all the goes with disrupting one’s ingrained beliefs.


Source: Issue 19: Satellite Musings, Part 3 – The Clues Chronicle

CC18: the cluesforum culture

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Hoi and Kham explain the Clues culture and discuss the satellite hoax.

Show notes

CC 17 : Waking up to 

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Hoi, KHam, Rochello, Farcevalue, and El Sushi talk about the satellite hoax (it’s really just one big near shore big cable network). 

CC16 :Columbine Shooting Hoax

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Hoi and K review the 1999 shooting hoax that changed trench coats and school security. 

Introducing the concept of “safe cities” – safe for military and intelligence families. 

CC15 : Chris Kendall and the WW1 or 2 Holocaust

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An audiochst style/length epic chat. 

Do not open before 7/11

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John Howard said his lines a few days early by announcing the death toll of 52 (5+2=7) of the 7/7 hoax on 7/7. Listen to this and other insights in the latest from Hoi Polloi and KHam. 

The Clues Chronicle issue 14 : Hi, ‘London 7/7: Fake Terror’

Goto 2:21:11 for Hoi’s keenest insight. 

… People accept the lies up they think they are there to protect them. . .