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9/11 The Complete Media Hoax Exposed

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Source: 9/11 The Complete Media Hoax Exposed – THE REAL NEWS ONLINE.COM…

Brian does a good video that’s since removed. Below is the audio portion.

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Brian Staveley on 100 + Explosions Rock Massachusetts

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Is this a real Boston bombing? We’ve talked about exploding houses all around the world but this looks like an epic land clear. 

Once more I ask is natural gas safe? Is this just a staged event to get the public to pay for gas infrastructure?

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Brian Staveley’s 2018 9/11 anniversary special

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Brian asks the great question, if 50, or even 10,000 people were in the twins at 9am, subtract 3000, and you’re left with at least 7,000 people clamoring for the exits.
Where are the photos of this rush of people?
Did they not make them, so they didn’t have 7000 potential interviewees for the “media”?


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Brian stave(ley)s off a sim attack by Hoi Polloi

Another classic from the archives featuring yours truly.

Hoi and Simon are both in the US now. Perhaps they could do a Sim meet up with Brian in his Boston hometown. It’s been long enough that they can clear this up now.

Here’s the clues thread Brian was talking about.

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9/11 Analyzing The Calls From Inside The Towers & Planes & The Dramatic Jumper Footage w James Sloan

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James does a good show playing lots of fabricated audio. James’ audio isn’t great but I will attempt to fix it when I repost it to my FAK audio.

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Brian Staveley’s second amazing 911 show

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Brian is reposting all his old shows and I’ll admit I’ve missed most of them. This second 911 show that he did is absolutely outstanding and is as clear an audio on the subject as I’ve ever heard. Listen to all of it and enjoy.

I wonder if I heard this show before I started broadcasting if I would have bothered to broadcast myself. Brian pretty much has the whole thing figured out.

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The greatest illusion ever sold

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Brian’s been ahead of the curve for a long time.

Brian S Staveley’s First Time Exposing The 9/11 Media Hoax & Psy Op On His Own Show In 2011!

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