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I chat with new voice Jericanman.



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Another new voice comes by the audiochat.

Who? Withoutatrace of South Carolina

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If you’d like to call in and join me for a brief chat, come join the discord. If you want to talk, please jump into the QueueForMainLivestream and I’ll come bring you in.

When? Sunday, May 7, 2017 1911h

Who? New voice Bing, John Adams in hifi

Listen Live:…

I only have about an hour tonight – call in if you want to help me review the week’s posts. It’s been busy!

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FAK161l-9/11 can and does repeat every day

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@humblefredradio were musing that 9/11 couldn’t happen again today, since everyone has a cell phone and can stream real-time.

Sorry guys, it does still happen every day. As long as people trust “the media”, no new technology is going to make people less gullible.

Clip starts around 2:07:00 of this show.

FAK167-David Crowe

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When? Sunday, April 30, 2017 at 1911h EDT

Who? David Crowe of The Infectious Myth and How Positive Are You? and

The Infectious Myth
On “The Infectious Myth” host David Crowe will examine the questionable or outright false paradigms that infect our society

Where?… LIVE

We will talk about his podcast and views.

Science Fictions: A Scientific Mystery, a Massive Cover-Up, and the Dark Legacy of Robert Gallo
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FAK166-Meet Conkers

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I thought this audio was worthy of being promoted to a full show episode, despite the mobile audio. Discord is making audio more available to normally non-audio fakeologists. Join now!

We talk 9/11, EGI, Crane Hoax

From Conkers:

Haha well third times a charm I suppose! I was saying that it is rare to find a site where you can browse content without having to wade through the site creators opinions/motives, and… is definitely my go-to site for all things to do with fakery! I’m also comfortable recommending the site to people not in-the-know so to speak as I think it’s about the most accessible out there (As opposed to the usual ‘conspiracy’ sites that tend to put people off before they even begin with their in your face tabloid-esque formats) I can’t actually remember what I wrote in the rest of the message but I’ll add that I enjoy your own perspective on fakery very much, I am a regular listener to your audio and think you’re a great host, the recent interview with MrE was fantastic by the way. Even with the mainstream ‘fake news’ meme (check out the new Wiki-tribune – the CIAs attempt to bring honest, trustworthy news to the public!) I think your site will continue to grow in popularity. I can appreciate that it must take a lot of effort to keep the site updated and continually put out audio so I intend to make regular donations to do my small bit in helping you keep up the good work!


FAK161i-H&F mention

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Another small mention regarding the Trump Syria “attack” distraction last week.