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FAK185-Fakeologist 55

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When? Wed, March 14, 2018 @2016h EDT

Who? Ab, Faye

Listen live at Fakeologist Radio 2

Bonus at end of audio.



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When? Wed March 7 @ 8:16pm

Faye and Ab do a rapid weekly… wrap up of the week before.

Listen live at…

FAK183-Faye with Mark Tokarski on Waco

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Apologies to Faye for not providing a greater promotion of this show. I’ve elevated this audio to Fakeologist show from Audiochat.

Welcome Mark Tokarski from….

With Napoleon Wilson and Rollo.

FAK161n-Habs fixed and flat earth

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There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.
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Been a while since Fakeologist has been talked about – sad (but predictable that) Howard mixes flat earth mockery with a legitimate idea of sports fixing.
Here’s the past post.


Noagenda 999 mention

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Welcome noagenda listeners! This is where we discuss fake events, drills, and hoaxes far more deeply than John and Adam dare.

The timing for my mailed donation couldn’t have been worse (due to this special episode number), but I did get a few good mentions stating at 1:42:39.


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I grabbed another audiochat and made it into an episode.

Velocet is from Sydney, Australia, and has a great audio setup. Enjoy listening to a younger fakeologist!

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