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FAK177-Paul Sandhu

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I interview a fellow Canadian (Toronto/GTA) truther.

When? Sunday, August 13, 2017 11:30am EDT…

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FAK176-Malcontent and Maria Laquita

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A really good audiochat that I’ve promoted to a full episode, with new voices Malcontent of Oakland CA and Maria Laquita of Abu Dhabi/South Carolina.

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FAK175-Frank Albo

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When? Sunday, July 23, 2017 1911h EDT

I chat with Frank Albo about his latest book, Astana.

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FAK161m-Humble mention #13

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Mention #13 – this time Humble dismisses flat earth talk with nonsensical arguments from this site.

Source: Humble and Fred Condoms / July 20 – RECENT SHOWS

FAK174-Rebooting Christianity 2

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Rebooting Christianity joins me live for a second appearance.

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FAK173-Ice Water Roof

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RSS feed now working – show notes now in an .odt file to keep everything working!

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Ice Water Roof’s Youtube


FAK172-Napoleon Wilson 

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New voice from Manchester Napoleon Wilson joins me for a chat.

The audiochat is on fire! Join in!