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MFT007-Hoaxbusterscall 120

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I guested on a show from June 3, 2013 with Chris Kendall of….

We discussed the Hindenburg and we’re also joined by Jan Erik of Norway.

Here’s the podcast link.



MFT006-John le Bon’s epic 9/11 show

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Not all Masterfaketheater’s are old – this one is new, as in this week.

A great show that went on for hours – here’s a one hour mashup of the best parts.

Original link

MFT004-Clues Chronicles on the Utoya hoax and 9/11

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One of the best audios on psyOps, and one of the best Clues Chronicles.


MFT005-Fetzer with David Arnold on deception

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One of my favorite shows, with descriptions of magic tricks, 9/11, deception. Nothing ground breaking, just a good overall chat. There are even chemtrail mentions!

NB: I removed all the Beatles music.

Original (dead) link

MFT003-Real News f Markus Allen

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Another edition of Masterfake theater, with new intro and outro.

This audio is from March 11, 2012.

If you have a suggestion for MFT, please email me or message me on discord.

MFT002-Phil Jayhan on Last American Radio Show

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Masterfake theater presents another oldie but goodie featuring Phil Jayhan of….

We discuss all the major events of 2011 whether real or staged. Everything from Japan and the nuclear meltdown, Our attacks on more sovereign nations including Libya and soon to be Iran. The Penn State Scandal, The staged death of Bin Laden, the Giffords “shooting”, The TSA’s Policies, Actions of Monsanto, etc…



MFT001-Brian S Staveley’s First Time Exposing The 9 11 Media Hoax & Psy Op On Air In 2011

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Welcome to Master Fake Theater, where I post some of my favorite audios into the Fakeologist feed. While I can’t vouch for all the content, I post some of my favorite audios for you to consider.

Here is episode #1.

I posted this in the Fakeologist Audio feed so those that catch the podcast automatically can easily listen. This is a fixed up version of what Brian posted on youtube.

I’ll be posting more of Brian, Justin (RIP), and James’ work in the days to come. With the lack of 9/11 audios anywhere these days, it’s instructional to go into the archives. Little if any of the research has been superseded by anything new today.

It’s really essential listening for any new 9/11 researcher. As 9/11 approaches again, listen in and learn not to celebrate the Nutwork’s annual death worship day.