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Fetzer on Florida

likes this

It’s Fetzer but worth a listen.…

Fetzer on bad sound files

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Despite his nonsense about mini nukes and JFK, some good summaries of the Vegas hoax. Caller Paul from California near the end has some good thoughts on divide and conquer of truthers (he also sounds like he’s in the studio).……

Fetzer on Vegas vicsims 

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Wonder why he thinks Paddock the perp is real. Must be to fit his Lee Harvey Oswald beliefs. 

Conspiracy Show #46: Major breakthrough with regard to the Las Vegas event with the publication of a letter to Paul Craig Roberts from a military surgeon, explaining that, on the basis of extensive experience, the “victims” in the videos at hospitals are actors and the wounds are fake. Many other medical experts have written in support his medical findings on…. Changes in the time line have caused public a lot of concern: how could he have fired 200 rounds in the hallway of l

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Charlottesville set up

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A real march meets the Union Army and a psyop division. Fetzer interviews one of the organizers.

2nd half of the show devolves into Jew bashing trolls (organized).