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HBC 588- Trans Pacific Flight Companion Podcast

Huuuge call.

Call 588-H.B.C. Trans Pacific Flight Companion Podcast

2020-01-14 by darwinsdead

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Identity Politics, See I Told You So, Raw Milk, Mayo Clinic, Semiotics and 9/11, War, Human Sacrifice,
Fermented Meat, CBD Oil, Jon Le Bon Calls in, Uninstall Media Calls In, Adam Miller Calls in,Manuka Honey, Dumpster Diving, Japan Small Factories, Decentralized Economy, Nicola Tesla, Elon Musk, Self Driving Cars, Artificial Intelligence, The Musk Family, Tempe Bacon, Soysuage, Quorn, Biotech Foods, Sentient World Simulation, Mirror World, Google Glass, Apple Glass, Micro Dosing, Joe Rogan, DMT, Ex Machina, Cyber Dust, COPPA, China Social Credit, Online Bullies, Video Games, The Expanse, Science Fiction Films, Avatar, Bundy Ranch, Alex Jones, Waco Standoff, Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, Party Crashing,Covington Incident, Black Block Anarchist, Agent Provocateurs, Virginia Gun Laws, Drug Trafficking, September 11

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HBC586—Chris wants to see the list of 97% scientists

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Call 586-Mother Gaia Euthanasia Society

2019-12-24 by darwinsdead

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Saturated fat, cholesterol and Climate Change, Mother Gia Euthanasia Theory, Greta Thunberg, A.O.C., The Green New Deal, Plant Based Diet, Evolution, Food Production, Food Waste, 3D Printed Goop, Fake Meat, Impossible Burger, Global Food Shortages, The Royal Family, Celebrity Culture, Brexit, European Union, Vaccines, Star Wars, Identity Politics in Film, The Fandom Menace, George Lucas, Avatar, Music-Outta Space Canoe Race by 5ive Style

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MFT014-Simon Shack on Hoaxbusterscall

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Chris did a big call with Simon Shack a few years ago in Jan 2012.

Enjoy this great call!

Here it is now hosted for posterity.

In this call, Markus Allen (Goldstein) calls Simon a big fraud.


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ACI March 23 2019 : The Afternoon Commute Institute

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Podcousins/children discuss NZ.

Deep Cuts Uninstall Media, Matti, Originalsimulant The 23 Enigma

Source: ACI March 23 2019 : The Afternoon Commute Institute : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

ACI Feb 11 2019 : The Afternoon Commute Institute 

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Hoaxbusters call lives on. 

Podchaos with Gaia, Matti, and Uninstall Media.

Seth McFarlane 9/11 story, Germany, Antarctica, Trans-speculation, Synchronicity, Kraftwerk, Cats.…

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MFT007-Hoaxbusterscall 120

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I guested on a show from June 3, 2013 with Chris Kendall of

We discussed the Hindenburg and we’re also joined by Jan Erik of Norway.

Here’s the podcast link.



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HBC572-Hoax Busters-Censored and Deleted

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Google pulls the plug on and HBC YouTube channel for “harrassment”.

The call starts around 41:00.

I’ve setup a link to download all Hoaxbuster’s youtube videos. Upload them to wherever you wish.

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HAC-john and Chris

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Another interesting.

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