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Markus Allen on the breakup of the family

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Excerpted from a great audio posted from 1-23-2010.

It’s been 10 years – I think Markus is still right.

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Great vaccine clips from Aajonus Vonderplanitz

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Such a great call, I had to grab 3 clips that you can pass around if and when the famous Covid vax ever comes. I tend to think it will never come – we haven’t seen an AIDS vaccine from Dr. Faulty in 30 years.

Would you drink this mix? If not, why would you put it directly into your bloodstream?


Never let anyone stick anything into your body


Testing for viri is a biohazard, and the handling costs for the tests cost thousands of dollars


All from this great call from Markus.


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Markus Allen on the Swine Flu of 2008

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Coronavirushoax is nothing new – in fact, everything Mark talks about with Aajonus Vonderplanitz seems relevant and topical and probably true today.

John Langley also calls in later to add some fascinating prospective to the call.

One of the best parts of listening to old audio is seeing how things turned out.

Where did the doctor go to live? What happened to him?

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9/11 power call

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John “Langely” calls in from the UK busting Alan Watt on this Markus Allen classic call, featuring some great 9/11 summaries.

With Lord Tsukasa, Sparkoflife.

Miracle on the Hudson hoax

Buffalo flight 3407 hoax

The joke’s on you if you think these laughing pilots are even pilots.

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9/11 was a Jesuit job

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Georgetown, Royal Institute of International Affairs, CFR, Club of Rome.

If you’ve never heard of any of the above, and think the Jews did it, then you’re not doing your research.

Listen to Markus and SJCP’s fantastic audio laying out who runs this world.

The military intelligence, with their Society of Jesus (SJ) trained leaders, are the top of the world management pecking order.

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