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DZ35 The Muslim Ban

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Clip Meister Max is back. 

1:16:06 excellent clip: can anyone find the source of this? 

3-14-2017- In this episode Max analyzes President Trump’s ban of people from “State Sponsored Terrorist Countries” or you can call it “The Muslim Ban”.  Max will outline how the American Public is being misled once again by a heinously corrupted political system and media.  The Ruling Class of America seeks to keep the peasants fighting […]

Max-imum Global warming cliporium

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Mr. Ratt doing what he does best. I’m pleased to hear Max believes Osama was a sim. Maybe one day he’ll examine the game changing vicsim report and change his stance on 9/11.

May 23 2o15- Max is Back! In this episode Max breaks down the enormous Global Warming/Climate Change SCAM! This is part 1 of a 2 part series on this topic. Max exposes the plethora of Liars and Fraudsters assembled to push this Totalitarian Global Agenda. You may also download The Max Ratt Deconstruction Zone from iTunes […]

Max on the big picture

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You’ve heard many clips before from Max,  but still a good listen.

May 13 2013- In this episode Max answers the frequently asked question “Max, now that you’ve shown me ‘WHAT’ has happened and ‘HOW’ its happened, please tell me ‘WHY’ anyone would want to perpetrate these Hoaxes, and Deceptions?” Well, here is your answer, and thanks for your interest in The Max Ratt Deconstruction Zone.   […]

* Duration: 1:57h, Played: 2:11

* Published: 2013-05-13 9:55:11 AM

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Where are the 9/11 Victims?

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Update 4/23/15:Max will no longer deal with me and my questioning. Assume no interview.

I am having an email back and forth with Max Ratt about two firefighters he says he knew on 9/11 that were listed as deaths on 9/11, namely Keith Glascoe and Frank Esposito.

That brings up a critical problem I have with his statement – it conflicts directly with my confidence in Hoi’s Vicsim report. While I believe it’s possible he met someone who’s name is listed in the official death list on…, the official victim site, I challenged him on the veracity of his friend’s official demise story.

A quick search on the SSDI comes up empty for his friend.

keith glascoe……

This illustrates a delineation between my research and most of the the other 9/11 researchers. Many accept almost all the components of psyOps, but they can’t get past the two most sacred tenets of the 9/11 deception: fabricated victims and magic weaponry to destroy the twin towers.

Without victims and magical weapons, we have a simple demolition with a very big fat fairy tale of a story, courtesy of the most powerful media on this earth.

As long as people accept the two most crucial parts, they’ll be forever fooled by this and all future psyOps.

Let’s use this thread to start going through the SSDI and the… website. Check the guestbooks of the vicsims. There is a paucity of grieving friends and family, almost 14 years later. Post your findings in the comments.

If we do a few a day/week, we can do more to expose the heart of this still beating 9/11 beast.


Max on Eugenics

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Eugenics was alive and well long before Hitler, In the good old USA.

It’s still alive and well now, under different names.

June 16th 2013-  In this episode Max investigates President Obama’s announcement of the “Brain Mapping Initiative”.  Max breaks down the Brain Mapping Initiative’s Evil and Overt connections to Eugenics and the Very Ugly Associations encompassing this entire issue. Follow Max on Twitter      

* Duration: 2:31h

* Published: 2013-06-16 1:06:43 PM

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Max on JFK

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November 28th 2013-  In this Thanksgiving Episode Max deconstructs thoroughly the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22nd 1963.  In his usual style, Max analyzes the evidence and nails down the culprits.     Link to this show on Youtube Follow Max on Twitter…

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Max’s 4hr 9/11 clipfest

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Long show, worth listening to. Max grabbed many… clips, without referencing the epic movie. Still, Max does a great job of collating the scripting, lining up the different players of the psyOp side-by-side to make it obvious.

In this Episode Max delivers his Greatest Show. “I’m Max and I believe THIS IS THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE ALL-INCLUSIVE INFO-PACKED INCISIVE AND MOST ACCURATE SHOW AVAILABLE ON THE TOPIC OF 9/11?! Its Audio, so you will NOT be distracted by FAKE Video Fakeryship 🙂 Listen and Learn. This is an Audio Documentary absolutely packed with irrefutable evidence and outright convincing testimonials and analysis. Its a long show… about 4 hours… All No Nonsense… No Magic… Just Intelligent Analysis .. Check it out!

via The Max Ratt News Hour September 11th 2012 Episode 26: THE DEFINITIVE 9/11 | The Max Ratt Deconstruction Zone.


Max no planes clip fest

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Max mixes clips,  including some (unattributed) from…, with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon discussion of no planes used on 9/11.…

Max on 9/11

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Sorry if I’ve been too Maxcentric, but my obsessive nature is why I’m boring through his audios.

Here’s an old, vicsimless, 9/11 Podcast. Other than that, Max is close to fakeologist tyoe audio.…