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Legending a star and politician pseudonyms 

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Plug your ears when Ed goes into this actor plays this politician (you too Frank). Other than that Goldbug makes a lot of sense. 

I like his term “legending” used for the DCP. I also like his discussion on how the music corps own the music persona and can do with it as they please. 

I like his information on the use of pseudonyms absolving politicians for their actions. Not sure if this applies to the Commonwealth. 

UFoolology: Bill Cooper 

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He may have many things wrong but he was a great speaker. Wonder where he is now.…

Wow, the link is already dead: click here and find the file to download.

Nobody Died at Sandy Hoax

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Nobody yaks it up like Jim. Despite his insistence on magic nukes, this is the most thorough audio on the Sandy Hoax I’ve heard in a while. Caller Jim is very good as well.


Source: Mami’s Shit: The Raw Deal With Jim Fetzer 2017.06.13

h/t Chubbs

Fakeologist blowback 

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I get some (negative) reaction from yesterday’s appearance discussed at the beginning of the H&F show.

Mention at 38:30

Mention at 1:06:00

Recent studies suggest vagina juice can cure cancer / Fakeologist reaction / Authour Jennifer Weigle calls in from Chicago / JFK was a Hitler enthusiast / Prostate problems / Intern Anthony actually laughs / Podcast extra on London attacks and optics in politics.

Looked like a vax psyop, seems real

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It can be difficult to sort out what’s real and what’s not with our media. This case has many occult numbers, but the interview posted below makes the father seem very sincere and real. It’s easy to side with him and see how agenda based the Crown was to turn this into an anti-constitutional intimidation based, precident setting mandatory vaccination case.  

Naming all his sons biblically and beginning with the letter E also makes me suspicious, but the sincerity in the interview swings me towards real.

David Stephan, 33, and his wife Collet, 36, were convicted by a Lethbridge jury in April after their trial was told they used naturopathic remedies rather than seeking medical treatment for the boy, Ezekiel.

If you like this interview, consider supporting David Crowe. He does excellent pro holistic type health interviews, exposing the big pharma agenda one small case at a time. 

David Crowe interviews David Stephan, whose second child Ezekiel died in 2012. David, and his wife Collet, were charged with the death, and were eventually convicted of “failing to provide the necessities of life”. David Stephan explains why they are appealing this conviction, through describing the last few weeks of his son’s life, up to the point at which the ambulance and hospitals took charge of the boy. Part 2 of this discussion will describe Ezekiel’s death in hospital, the subsequent cour

Part 2

In the second and concluding part of the discussion regarding the death of David Stephan’s son Ezekiel, he discusses the trial, and particularly the reasons why health authorities might want to go after him, a parent who doesn’t vaccinate, and the son of a man whose health supplement company won a war with Health Canada once it was shown to have benefits in people with psychiatric conditions often treated with pharmaceutical drugs.
* Duration: 58:52, Played: 47:06
* Published: 2017-01-10 4:43:09 PM
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* Episode Feed: The Infectious Myth –…

Useful idiots 

John le Bonlike this

John and “Neg”discuss this and other 9/11 fakeologist topics. Mentions start around 1:07:00. Jlb thinks I’m a UI since I don’t toe the WN line, and Neggie because I’m not Joo wise.…

CCR38 – Crrow on satellites 

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Satellites are in everyone’s mind these days. 

Space, Earth, Satellites, Planets, Sun and Moon – all Misdescribed You have been denied the basic knowledge of where it is you exist in the scheme of things. This is intentional and was implemented using false information about the sun, moon, planets, space and our world. Space agencies exist to ensure you know nothing about what is above the blue sky you can see. Nothing goes above what we call low earth orbit to include machines. The moon has never been walked on and likely cannot be walked on

Crowe34 – De-Evolution In This Brave New World, Age Of The Hoax/Hex

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Retarding the World Mind We can show that books like, Brave New World, 1984 & Animal Farm are prefacing ideas that we now see in real time in the modern age. Brave New World is simply a blueprint for the coming attempt at total world domination through social engineering. False news is a big part of the current effort designed to lower a world consciousness in a time when many are awakening from a long slumber. Are we not men? We are DEVO (DE-Evolution) – by design. Long live the Queen… and she

Dunblane massacre a template for Sandy Hoax

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The massacre template may have started with Dunblane, although the Montreal massacre happened before.…
It’s not clear whether this group (great radio voice) thinks Dunblane was real, but they show how these psyops are recycled for different parts of the world. 

In the original three part series photoviapops takes a look at the various similarities of the Newtown Sandy Hook School shooting to the Dunblane Massacre.

Your view of space is given to you 

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Nasa steals imaginations. 

Have you ever dreamed about living in space? Have you ever marathon Star Trek? Battlestar Galactica? Star Wars? Doctor Who? Then why havent you ever dreamt of being in space with your favorite crew? In this episode we jump off from Destination Dream, and study the possibility that perhaps weve been duped about what space really is. Enjoy.

Humble revisits 9/11

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Humble should have called me or our… instead of gatekeeper Syrett (who thinks we went to the moon even before 1969). Start at 1:05. Humble even mentions September  Clues

Richard Syrett returns to deal with Humble’s angst over 911 / Fred has backed off facebook / Humble’s new facebook pic / Broadcasting deaths / Rich Murray of Richtoons brings more colouring books / Drunk vs. stoned.

Secker sneer

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Another truth critic who loves to sneer at us: now he disputes the drill hypothesis. 

9/11. The 7/7 London Bombings. The Boston Marathon. The Paris Massacre. This episode we take a look at the false flag exercise theory, which has become the default alternative media interpretation of these events. We examine the theory’s history in military deception techniques, its origins as a popular conspiracy theory and how it has been encouraged in state sponsored popular culture. (Read more…) The post ClandesTime 092 – Conspiracy Theories: The False Flag Exercise Hypothesis

Questioning nukes

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Good podcaster (who is The Dude anyway?) questioning nuclear bombs. His acceptance of the psience and nuclear power doesn’t follow logic, but I do enjoy some of his other podcasts. 

Some question the existence of atomic bombs. They say its nothing more than TNT silos being detonated and claimed to be fueled by fission reactions due to volatile elements being crushed. In this episode, we examine the evidence of these claims. Enjoy.

Awake cop

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Enjoyable talk with an alleged awake cop and Sophia.

An awake police officer talks about our many staged shootings and typicalities to look for in recognizing them.  We also discuss lots more that he is not only aware of but informs us about from a trained perspective.  Here’s a patient person, an intelligent mind with a deep sense of what’s really happening in the world — all in a blue uniform!

Source: Podcasts

Wake up to the Jesuit control grid 

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Great conversation with two of my last guests. 

The author of, ‘Illuminati Unmasked’, Johnny Cirruci might not take offense if you call him single minded, as long as the topic is the Society of Jesuits. Throughout history, secrecy and evil has been woven into the fabric of our lives. We discuss how it is possible for such an old organization has been able to affect so many, most of the time, usually without our knowledge of the staged events. Johnny often updates his findings