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They could probably top the Dow

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The elite control the intelligence agencies. These agencies control ALL levers of power. The intelligence agencies could be the nation’s biggest business. 

Clip at 26:00

No agenda ignores London 322

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Sad that noagenda at 2:44:00 essentially ignores the day before drill and subsequent #HRDPAR and accepts it as real. They then go into the lack of integration of immigrants and passively whack the Muslims. 

Same old treatment from what appears to be gatekeeping from my favorite “media deconstructionists”.
* Duration: 3:18h, Played: 2:44h

Intelligence writes the news 

psyopticonlikes this

2:45:50 CIA writes the news.

Trump spills some 9/11 truth? 

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Trump knows. Go to 2:41:41 and listen to him say the buildings were “ripped down. ” What Donny, no planes? 
* Duration: 3:17h, Played: 2:41h

Fake news hits noagenda 

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Will fakeologist finally hit the big time now that even the president is talking about fake news? 

Now that Facebook’s Mark Suckerberg is going to save its users from fakery? 

Are we in the swamp of crazy? 

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Of course not, but when Obama addresses it (mainly towards controlled opposition Alex Jones), you know we’re on the radar.…


This is not a drill, this is not a joke

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I am convinced that people really died, that really did happen.

–Adam Curry

My thesis is the cops shot most of them.

John C. Dvorák

OK,  which ones Adam? Show us the proof.

I suggest everyone try and listen to this influential media deconstruction podcast leader and reconvene here soon after for a fakeologist media deconstruction of the deconstruction show.

This is the first time a major psyop has occurred while I’ve been listening regularly to the show.

We are on a level playing field,  technologically speaking for the first time. They have the “wattage” but we can still get traction with common sense and clarity. Let’s do it.