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Masks acceptance leads to vaccine acceptance

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A major part of this psyop is to win over hearts and minds into vaccination acceptance.

Phase 1 is masks. That’s visible and forces social proof.

Phase 2 is vaccinations. That’s not visible. Social proof will be in the form of the immunity passport, which will open doors, literally. Work, play, travel.

Lost will be the terrain theory, which makes it clear that

Without contagion, the psyop collapses. The business model fails. We resume being free.

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Meet the new Pope Francis of vaccines

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Coronavirushoax is mainly a psyop to create the biggest business in the world: worldwide annual or more vaccinations.

Think of the market. 7 billion x $100 (?) x 1-2 times a year.

What other business today has this kind of future?

Listen to this pathetic stage play advertising this new market and preconditioning the population.

This warm and fuzzy Francis Collins, who wants to merge Christianity with science, may be the real anti-Christ.

Great analysis found here:

1258: “Dummy Placebo”

2020-07-09 by Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

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Why the Covid hoaxsters should be hung

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Children and adults alike may be terrorized to death.

Start at 1:36:25

[No Agenda] 1247: “Masks are Love” #noAgenda… via @PodcastAddict

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Talking is toxic

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Fauci and Trump have moved the goalposts again.

Now President Fauci is saying talking is enough force to send Covid flying through the air to infect all around you.

Mask up.

Mask shaming is the new social proof.

Discussion starts at 13:00.

[No Agenda] 1242: “Smokin’ Hot” #noAgenda via @PodcastAddict

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Why does public enemy #1 Bill Gates always laugh when he’s interviewed?

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Why does he chortle like a mad man carrying out his ID2020vax economic collapse when he speaks about the future?

Does he realise how in danger he is when the public catches on to this lunatic?

Podcast: No Agenda
Episode: 1236: “WhoTube”
Position: 01:31:23

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NA1233 corona again

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The graveyard in New York City’s Hart Island area was designated as such last year, long before the plandemic #hrdpar.

[No Agenda] 1233: “W.H.O. CARES” #noAgenda via @PodcastAddict

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Noagenda Corona coverage

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Bill Gates wants proof of vaccination on your barcode to allow you to move in the new Society he wants to forge.

[No Agenda] 1231: “Mask QR Raid” #noAgenda via @PodcastAddict

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The hospitals are empty, including no staff

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Doctors and nurses are laid off during the Coronavirushoax 2020, since there are patients in for elective work. There are also, of course, very few people with respiratory issues, including the phony corona virus.

Here are some emails read out from front line workers sitting at home.

Start at 22:00

[No Agenda] 1229: “Orange Tongue” #noAgenda… via @PodcastAddict

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