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The Great Prostate Hoax 

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If you’re a man and you have a prostate, you’ll want to listen to the man that discovered PSA.

Dick Ablin, a cancer researcher specializing in cryoimmunotherapy, discovered PSA, the Prostate Specific Antigen, in the 1970s. So he must love Movember, when men are encouraged to line up for PSA and other prostate screening, right? Wrong, in 2010 he wrote a New York Times Op-Ed decrying not only the use of PSA, but all prostate cancer screening. In 2014 he published a book, “The Great Prostate Hoax” and, in 2018, he was interviewed, at the end of Movember (let’s hope it’s the end), by David. The publisher’s web page for “The Great Prostate Hoax” is:…

The Infectious Myth – Dick Ablin on The Great Prostate Hoax by The Infectious Myth… 

FAC518-Ab, Delcroix, LSD33

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We talk about the Fredricton shooting #HRDPAR…

MFT012-Sophia Smallstorm on ICE

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The legal mechanics behind the #HRDPARs in the United States.

Original post:…

FAK214-Sam from NYC

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I got a call on my toll free line – 1-877-450-6447 – and met a very nice ball earth skeptic named Sam.

You too can call me – and if I have time – we can have a fakeology chat.

Note that any calls will be recorded and may be used for a podcast like this.


FAC517-Matti, Tasteoffreedom, Originalsimulant

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Adam’s youtube 

MFT011-Hoaxbusters Call w/Markus Allen

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A great show with much 9/11 discussion – which Markus calls the Greatest Magician’s trick of our time.

Show airtime September 12, 2011.

#010 1st Dec 2018 – anounceofsaltperday 

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 The Ferocious farting fakeologists are back talking about Australian pop culture with a bent of fakeology. 

#010 1st Dec 2018 – anounceofsaltperday by The F.A.R.T. Podcast… 


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When? Nov 27, 2018 @ 1930 EST

Who? Matti, fakeologist from Germany

Listen live @…
Phone in at 877-450-6447.

If you want to participate, login to the fakeologist discord server , remain in the green room, and I will bring you in when we take calls.

FAC515-Ab, Matti, Faye, Tom, Rollo

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The vicsim report is discussed, Psyopticon affair…

FAC513-Napoleon, Faye, Tom, Matti, Originalsimulant 

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Napoleon says nice things about…, and questions paywalls.