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FAC489-Ab, OBF, Rollo, Rachel, Velocet

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The return of OBF to the Fakeologist airwaves!


FAC488-Rollo, Rick, and Rachel

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Quite a few others joined in, including Ab, Originalsimulent, Phil B,

After working with Craigbot recording, I must say that Streamerbot is much easier to work with and far faster. Please only use Craig as a backup.

MFT003-Real News f Markus Allen

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Another edition of Masterfake theater, with new intro and outro.

This audio is from March 11, 2012.

If you have a suggestion for MFT, please email me or message me on discord.


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John Le Bon sets up a discord server, and has an impromptu chat.

I meet Craig bot.

Craig records audios on discord to whoever starts the recording.

If you want to use Craig, let me know and I can add the privilege.

If you do use Craig, send me the audio file if you want it posted.

MFT002-Phil Jayhan on Last American Radio Show

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Masterfake theater presents another oldie but goodie featuring Phil Jayhan of….

We discuss all the major events of 2011 whether real or staged. Everything from Japan and the nuclear meltdown, Our attacks on more sovereign nations including Libya and soon to be Iran. The Penn State Scandal, The staged death of Bin Laden, the Giffords “shooting”, The TSA’s Policies, Actions of Monsanto, etc…



MFT001-Brian S Staveley’s First Time Exposing The 9 11 Media Hoax & Psy Op On Air In 2011

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Welcome to Master Fake Theater, where I post some of my favorite audios into the Fakeologist feed. While I can’t vouch for all the content, I post some of my favorite audios for you to consider.

Here is episode #1.

I posted this in the Fakeologist Audio feed so those that catch the podcast automatically can easily listen. This is a fixed up version of what Brian posted on youtube.

I’ll be posting more of Brian, Justin (RIP), and James’ work in the days to come. With the lack of 9/11 audios anywhere these days, it’s instructional to go into the archives. Little if any of the research has been superseded by anything new today.

It’s really essential listening for any new 9/11 researcher. As 9/11 approaches again, listen in and learn not to celebrate the Nutwork’s annual death worship day.

Brian stave(ley)s off a sim attack by Hoi Polloi

Another classic from the archives featuring yours truly.

Hoi and Simon are both in the US now. Perhaps they could do a Sim meet up with Brian in his Boston hometown. It’s been long enough that they can clear this up now.

Here’s the clues thread Brian was talking about.

FAK210-Fakeologist 55

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Live now!

Attention! This audio is only 55 minutes – that’s 27.5 minutes for your morning commute and 27.5 for your afternoon commute! You won’t miss a thing – so download it today and listen in!

Call 518-639-6233

Who? Faye and Ab go over the week’s events on…

Listen live @…

Simon Shack on Dose

This blog is all about 9/11, since every single #HRDPAR/#NDNGH makes reference to the biggest hoax of all time.

Listen back to this fantastic interview with the September Clues creator.

Sometimes the old audios are the best.


FAC485- Radio Rollo drunkcast

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A monster chat, with the return of Typo. How long will Rollo remain coherent? Will you listen to the whole thing?

Velocet drops in and produces.

Typo, Rollo, Yossarian, Corey from Memphis, Tom Dalpra, Kham, Rachel, DaveJ, Napoleon, Silverbeam

9/11 Analyzing The Calls From Inside The Towers & Planes & The Dramatic Jumper Footage w James Sloan

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James does a good show playing lots of fabricated audio. James’ audio isn’t great but I will attempt to fix it when I repost it to my FAK audio.

Brian Staveley’s second amazing 911 show

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Brian is reposting all his old shows and I’ll admit I’ve missed most of them. This second 911 show that he did is absolutely outstanding and is as clear an audio on the subject as I’ve ever heard. Listen to all of it and enjoy.

I wonder if I heard this show before I started broadcasting if I would have bothered to broadcast myself. Brian pretty much has the whole thing figured out.