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AC-Aussie Aurathon

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What happens when two Aussies get in a room with a verbose Canuck? Endless hours of talk.

Who? John Le Bon and Frank / Anounceofsalt

Great hangs mates!

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AC-Ab, Bing, Rollo, Jericanman

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Just another lively day in the audiochat.


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Another new voice comes by the audiochat.

Who? Withoutatrace of South Carolina

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AC-Ab, Abyz, Tom Dalpra, Typo, Rollo

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We jump into discord and yap. Don’t miss this one.


AC-Ohalahan, Mitch, Unreal, Ab

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Another good audiochat day.

We talk Korea with Ohalahan and Mitch, and Chris’ famous flat earth debate with Jeranism and his followup show.

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For Ohalahan:

HB509:Chris says flat earth is a psyop

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Chris is convinced flat earth is a psyop, and gets passionate about it. Brian Stavely appears for a brief bad audio moment, fresh out of jail (acorroding to his skype).   Chris then ends the call depressed and defeated.  Hopefully he will return recharged. 

Frank (come to discord Frank), for all his hubris, brings up a rock solid point that you cannot prove a theory; you can only disprove one. My P900 disproves curve to me. I also don’t see a sphere when I point it at the moon. I see a 2d surface with amazing artifacts. 

I think my video disproves the geometric curve of 8inches/mile squared.  Where’s the other Toronto video that disproves there’s no flat? 

I plan on getting right on the beach soon to take another soon. 

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Update: this new link has an extra hour or so. In it, Chris questions my intentions and role in this psyop. Hopefully Chris will realise I am not part of any psyop to deceive him or other “ballers”. 

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