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AC-Ab, Typo, Rollo, Delcroix, Napoleon Wilson

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New voice alert – Napoleon Wilson!

Starts off with some drunkcasting. 

Can someone put timestamps for this long audio? 



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JLB questions Delcroix and Ab. Why do we listen to Fetzer anyway?

AC-Ab, Chubbs

el sushi de la manchalike this

Chubbs is like leftovers – often better the second time ’round.

Nobody Died at Sandy Hoax

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Nobody yaks it up like Jim. Despite his insistence on magic nukes, this is the most thorough audio on the Sandy Hoax I’ve heard in a while. Caller Jim is very good as well.


Source: Mami’s Shit: The Raw Deal With Jim Fetzer 2017.06.13

h/t Chubbs


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