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FAC525-Napoleon,Phil, Originalsimulant, Ab,Matti,Delcroix

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FAC524-Ab, Noiz Level,Velocet

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New Year’s Eve edition coming off a big….

FAC523-Napoleon, Matti, Originalsimulant, TomD

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Napoleon and Matti review the year’s…

FAC521-TomD, Napoleon Wilson, Originalsimulant

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FAC520-Matti, JLB, TomD, Napoleon Wilson, Originalsimulant

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@Matti thanks for the generous donation (recurring), and thanks @John le Bon for reminding everyone in the last podcast. I appreciate both of your efforts here.

@1:05:00 Tom will always be a top fakeologist.

FAC518-Ab, Delcroix, LSD33

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We talk about the Fredricton shooting #HRDPAR…

FAC517-Matti, Tasteoffreedom, Originalsimulant

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Adam’s youtube 

FAC515-Ab, Matti, Faye, Tom, Rollo

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The vicsim report is discussed, Psyopticon affair…

FAC513-Napoleon, Faye, Tom, Matti, Originalsimulant 

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Napoleon says nice things about…, and questions paywalls.