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FAC498-Radio Rollo

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New voice Lovecraft, who is from Sweden and can also speak fluent Russian

FAC497-Radio Rollo

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Rollo fires up another one.

Napoleon,Original Simulent, Silverbeam, Anounceofsalt, Tom Dalpra, DaveJ, Rachel

Dave J says the Freedom Tower is built for Destruction so as to give the controllers a new head of steam for the next 20 years section of time.

FAC496-Rachel, Napoleon Wilson, Exoteric64, DaveJ

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FAC494-Spiro, Exoteric64, DaveJ, Velocet

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War is a hoax cagematch.

Rick and Dave Clash, and then make up.

With SMJ and Codyfrommemphis, Ab, Rachel

FAC493b-9/11 Special part 2

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Part 2 of an epic broadcast.

With Rachel, Ab, Rollo, DaveJ, Phil Blanks, Originalsimulent, Dante, John le Bon, Godsscalpel, Onebornfree (OBF), thefifthbudda, Faye, Brian Staveley, Chad628, Tasteoffreedom, Napoleon Wilson, Typoerror,

877-450-6447 toll free in North America.…


Listen in at…

FAC493a-911 Special part 1.mp3

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Led by Rollo and joined by Napoleon Wilson, Velocet, Yossarian, Spiro, Noiz_level, Rachel, DaveJ, Ab, Delcroix, Exoteric64, Phil Blanks, Codyfrommemphis, TomD, Originalsimulent, Silverbeam, Chad628, SMJ

FAC492-Radio Rollo

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With New voices Noizlevel, Truth 34

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Also Rachel, Silverbeam, Anounceofsalt

FAC491-JLB, Velocet, Uninstall Media

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Uninstall’s back!

If you remember, he called in as I sat down for the Dumble and Dread show. Epic call!


FAC490-Rollo, Tom Dalpra, Arabbitwithpancakeonhead, Velocet

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New voice alert!

FAC489-Ab, OBF, Rollo, Rachel, Velocet

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The return of OBF to the Fakeologist airwaves!


FAC488-Rollo, Rick, and Rachel

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Quite a few others joined in, including Ab, Originalsimulent, Phil B,

After working with Craigbot recording, I must say that Streamerbot is much easier to work with and far faster. Please only use Craig as a backup.