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FAC644-2020 Supercall

Featuring JLB, Geris, Ab, Ded Kelly, Fliegenfuerst, ID, anounceofsaltperday

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Beevie goes solo and talks about the Australian bush fires.

He also talks about two of my older pages here and here.

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Christmas open house

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I’d like to have an open house on the audiochat Dec 25-26.

Make an effort to drop in and wish your fellow fakeologists a Merry Xmas.

You don’t have to stay long, just either stop into the lobby or directly into the livestream to leave your message.

Ping @everyone when you go in if you wish to speak to others.

Merry Xmas!

Also note I have opened another forum at It’s phpbb which may be the best forum software out. You’ll need another login for it. Apply today with your same username if interested.

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FAC637-Faye deconstructs 9/11 Part 3

Faye on 911 PART III
Commentary on a post by yankee451 on letsrollforums
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