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AC-Mega Audiochat

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Monster audiochat. Got a day to spare?

Remembering Chris Cornell, newest inductee into the DCP (Dead celebrity program).

Featuring Rollo, Tom Dalpra, John Le Bon, Bing, Silverbeam, Typo, Phil, Uninstall Media

New voice Silverbeam from Victoria, Australia.

AC-Aussie Aurathon

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What happens when two Aussies get in a room with a verbose Canuck? Endless hours of talk.

Who? John Le Bon and Frank / Anounceofsalt

Great hangs mates!

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AC-Ab, Bing, Rollo, Jericanman

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Just another lively day in the audiochat.

AC-Ab, Abyz, Tom Dalpra, Typo, Rollo

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We jump into discord and yap. Don’t miss this one.


AC-Ohalahan, Mitch, Unreal, Ab

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Another good audiochat day.

We talk Korea with Ohalahan and Mitch, and Chris’ famous flat earth debate with Jeranism and his followup show.

Join in yourself:…

For Ohalahan: