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FAC442a-Rollo and Golden Tonsils

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Lovely back and forth with our man Rollo – who does have his own Radio Show – Radio Rollo!



Just for laughs here I am with 1300 564652 John Laws ——->
way back in 2007…… Love ya Lawsie xxx and you “Uncle” Doug and you Andrew Denton……cheers Rollo

FAC441-Faye, Gaia, Ab

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FAC441 Show notes

Faye and Gaia talk about Fakeopedia and 3/11. Ab says the tsunami hoax/footage is a goldmine of fakery.


FAC440-John le Bon meets Rollo

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The two top Australian fakeologists talk about the hoax hierarchy. Kham joins towards the end of the broadcast.

EP3 – The Proper Gander At Propaganda Podcast

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Thanks for the shout out AA.