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Movies seal the myth

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Marky Mark (who just missed 9/11) once more fulfilling his role as actor propagandist, bringing the official Hollywool seal to the already made in Hollywool Boston bombing psyop hoax. 

Who will play the guy with the blown offeg? 

Their weapon is deception

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Glad the dead celebrity program DCP is catching on. On first glance, the Lady Di/David Furnish seems like LALA land unnecessary misdirection to a good idea, but I’ll have to see more on this.

I never heard the Prince sister story before either. That would be once again in your face deception.

I’ve always said there’s no need for storing these DCP’s in Bermuda/St Barts or other Crown island. They’re probably right where you’d least expect them – in front of us, hidden by your own incredulity.

Over 350 Passengers Canceled Their Reservations or Didn’t Show Up for the Hijacked 9/11 Flights

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I thought I linked to this post, but couldn’t find it.

911 blogger is acting up.

I grabbed it from the google cache and will upload it here for posterity.…


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Harrison Ford’s pelvic twist 

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Apparently he made a miraculous recovery from his “plane crash”. 

Amazing that they need to stage events to get Star Wars into the public consciousness. Have they milked that old cow too many times too?  

Whatsapp rags to riches hoax

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I tried to tell my father I don’t believe much coming from the MSM, especially the NYT. 

After their story on 9/11/01 featuring 19 Moslem tewwowists knocking down buildings, there’s really nothing more needed to prove they promote lies. 

I mention 19 because I use this and other occult numerology to validate my claim of obvious storytelling. 

The following story has so much more than 19 (billion) in it. I won’t go through every bit of psyop storytelling, but suffice it to say the founder of this “safe from NSA snooping” app is probably no more real in his character development than Bugs Bunny. 

When Facebook bought WhatsApp for more than $19 billion in 2014, Jan Koum, a founder of the messaging company, arranged to sign a part of the deal outside the suburban social services center where he had once waited in line to collect food stamps.…

More manufactured tech/science leaders:

Oh, and I do use and like whatsapp. I have no illusions of my lack of privacy there, and its ultimate purpose. 

How simulated is Mark Zuckerberg?

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It’s not a question of IF, it’s a question of how much.

As I said, I tend to believe there is an actor/agent impersonating him. Maybe the same goes for Obama. Then obviously their past would be a fabrication, everything would be a fabrication. My advice would be not to focus your attention in trying to “prove” that he is a “100% simulated character” simply because we don’t know enough about the technology in the hands of the military or whoever is behind this shit (although a fair guess is that it’s not such a great technology, given the sloppy quality of the 9/11 scam). Virtually all discussions that start with the need to prove that a certain technology is being used, end up prattling about holograms in a matter of two or three posts. All of them. And we don’t need that here.

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