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Mask Backlash?!?! Send In The Clown Alex Jones

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Alex Jones makes everyone look stupid who opposes the mask lunacy.

That’s the purpose of controlled opposition. Who wants to be aligned with a big mouth clown?

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Software engineer gets spit in the face and gets covaids and other insane conspiracy stories

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These anti-conspiracy theory “experts” never give a fakeologist approved example in their propaganda pieces. This guy is especially pathetic.

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Calcified Lies discusses coronavirushoax

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Steve, who considers this site controlled opposition because of our stand on no one dies no one got hurt, is himself likely controlled opposition. That said, I do enjoy his perspective on many of our favorite topics.

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Brave one calling it a hoax?

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Watched a bit, doesn’t seem controlled to me.


Dragonfly says she’s controlled opposition.

Judge for yourself

Might be worth a fakeologist phone call…

A Minden, Ont., store owner is facing sharp criticism and possible legal action after appearing to encourage people online to ignore government warnings about social distancing during the current coronavirus pandemic.…

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These quitters didn’t want to go down with the torpedoed economy

likes this

CEOs can be canaries in a coal mine. My bet is the resignations over the last year are people who did not want to participate or have their good names trashed in the engineered economic reset known as Corona hoax 2020.

No I don’t think Qanon is anything more than cointel pro.

Since Dec. 26th, 2017 Resignations, Retirements, Firings and Deathcases are tracked!

Total numbers are not that important – but individual cases are! Not everyone on the list is a bad person! RESEARCH!

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Attaching crazy to doubters

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Not sure if this is even her kid, but attaching the story to a well known politico helps propel then propaganda. Helps contain the doubters by the discredit by association psychological technique.

Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath’s son Julian Leonetti, 27, has uploaded photos of himself to social media where he called the ongoing coronavirus pandemic a “hoax.”

Interesting how his instagram post calls it Corona 2020. My main page calls it similarly – Corona Hoax 2020. Not sure how many other sites have labeled it such. Was he or his narrators visiting here?

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Is El Chapo Mexico’s Osama Sim Laden?

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Are there laws against showing dead bodies in Mexican or (our) media?

Mexico has its very own, never-ending internal drug war going on.

It behooves this site to ask: is El Chapo, with all his power to terrorize the state, a real person with real power?

Is it possible he’s a state invention to keep a police state-like control over the people?

Heavy gunfire consumed the streets of Culiacán on Thursday, as Mexican security forces struggled to fend off members of the Sinaloa cartel, once led by notorious drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. Members of the cartel deployed across the city with military-grade weapons, a remarkable, live-streamed glimpse into their ability to overwhelm the state.…

Bloody photos available at the link.

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Miles/Sven dive deep into Greta, CO2 crusader

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Greta is so manufactured her CO2 footprint rivals a small army. Miles group explains.

So far I’ve only relayed the mainstream facts, and I already feel like I’ve sufficiently outed her as
an actress, since no teenager rises to such meteoric fame without beaucoups of connections. But Iwill go the extra mile, just for fun. For starters:

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Shaving the Schaefers

antipodeanlike this

From Gaia, fakeopedia master.

@everyone Later today, depending on who’s joining, I’d like to have a recorded chat under the name Shaving the Schaefers, about an internet phenomenon; Monika and Alfred Schaefer, she German-Canadian, he German.

She is hot and I think needs to be disected. I smell a planted project here and I hope other Fakeology Eyes can shine their light on this phenomenon.

Don’t be afraid, I won’t put anyone in impossible-to-function gas chambers or turn your bright brains into Peruvian Paracas indigenous shrunken heads……

Miles Mathis has talked about Irving being jewish, but on IHR he is exposed for being a sell out (claiming the holocaust story is true). That is 1 example.

This Schaefer lady comes across as VERY sympathetic. So that works. That may be genuine. BUT; if someone is genuine, then the actions don’t fit, the propaganda doesn’t fit, allegedly her brother made the Hitler salute 3x in court (which is forbidden in Germany), I mean, why would we believe a lady putting a video for her mother on YT. At her/your age????? “OOPS” or “Plant!”. I tend to go for the second, this is too big for an oopsie

@Fakeologist More points on the Monika Schaefer meme:
– it is YouTube; clickbait, subscribers, mirrors, excuses for “antisemitism” strikes, things going on
– it is a way to keep the Holocaust Story alive, I mean what else is there?
– she is SO innocent; A) woman, B) elderly, C) green, D) truthful sounding, E) foreign blood/migrant background, that is the perfect cover. Cf. Einstein (“you are not smarter than him, are you?”), Hawking (“how can you question a disabled man in a wheelchair, you brute!”) and other examples of myth creation psyops (see Fakeopedia)
– but most importantly: what is the NEW thing she said? I must admit I haven’t watched all her stuff, but what is so shocking? Real Alternative Academic research is done by Inconvenient History, not by this Schaefer character

  • why would SOMEONE over 15 years old record a YouTube video as message to their mother?
  • and if that why would you do that about the most controversial topic of the present?
  • and if that why would you do that if you are an active member of a political party?
  • and if that why would you let your brother in Germany edit the video to your mom??
  • and even if that, why would SHE be indicted for a “crime” that doesn’t exist in Canada? Legally that makes no sense whatsoever!?
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A Canadian and John on 9/11

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John doesn’t let this (unknown) Canadian speak much, but her case is interesting and she was awakened by 9/11.

Like Ernst Zundel, a German national who lived in Toronto, I’m concerned that this guest and her brother are controlled opposition (plants).

The Realist Report – Monika Schaefer

2019-09-14 by The Realist Report

Web player:

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by Monika Schaefer, the courageous Canadian dissident and activist. Monika and I begin by discussing the recent 18th anniversary of 9/11, an event that has had disastrous consequences for not only America but the entire world. We move on discuss a recent court case Monika was involved in, the state of affairs in Canada, and related matters. Below are relevant links for this program: On 18th Anniversary of 9/11 Attacks, Israel Voices Solidarity With US in Ongoing Fight Against Global Terrorism – The Algemeiner 9/11 Museum run by “Holocaust” industry – John Friend Trudeau Subpoenaed for Crimes Against Humanity (video) Subscribe to The Realist Report today, and support independent media! Do you appreciate the work we do here? Please consider making a donation to help keep us going. Donations may be sent to: John Friend
PO Box 20514
Long Beach, CA 90801

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