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Zuckerberg for Suckers

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I like this blog that deconstructs numbers (to the extreme, but I don’t really have an issue with that).

The blogger is right on in my mind that technology geniuses are nothing more than front men/actors for intelligence-front companies. Before you can even question the story of Zuckerberg a movie came out to solidify your views.

Don’t you remember the Zuckerberg family growing up? Does anyone on this planet? I also don’t think it is a coincidence sucker rhymes with ‘Zucker’. I think Mark Zuckerberg is part of a long line of hoaxes, including people such as movie directors and CEOs of major corporations that we assume are privately owned. It wouldn’t surprise me for a second if Bill Gates was one of these types of people as well. The word Gate in numerology sheds light on where, or who, the word ‘gate’ came from. Think Gate as in Bill “Gates”.

via free to find truth: Mark “E33iot” Z33kerberg | Same birthday as Israel | ZIONISM EXPOSED.

I didn’t see the Zuckerberg movie, nor the Jobs movie. I did see the Bill Gates movie, starring “clippy”:

The Iran nuke deception

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At 1:13:00 Adam explains the Iran deception. The “nuke” deal is a total distraction (as nukes don’t exist) from the reality of including and excluding different countries from doing business with Iran.

A deception using fear for money. The oldest trick in the book!…


* Show Notes:…

While you’re at it, go to 2:24:00 of the podcast, and here the many anomalies of the Sandy Hoax Report. I don’t normally go deep into the rabbit holes of these psyOps, but there are some very important “confessions” in the “evidence” that essentially tell you that the whole event is a hoax, and let the perps off the legal hook.


The day the IP call died

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Why Microsoft Is Buying Skype for  8.5 Billion — Tech News and AnalysisThe day M$FT bought Skype, the service definitely began a slow trip downhill. Should have known they’d pick 5/9/11 to initiate the deal, and finalize it on 10/10/11 for $8.5 (13) billion. These people love their numbers. Makes you wonder if they massage them to make them magic or they are complete fallacy. Who really knows? Who can verify?

Why Microsoft Is Buying Skype for $8.5 Billion — Tech News and Analysis.

h/t Markus on Hoaxbusters

Nudge nudge let’s run Kenya

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The Roman empire is alive and well, with its centers in DC, City of London, Rome and Jerusalem. While we’re told we elect leaders in our “democratic” countries, hear what they want to do in Kenya. They’re more explicit in their language, since they probably figure there won’t be as much “grassroots” resistance.

Who’s Nudging Kenya – YouTube.

h/t Jan Erik

Blackberry numbers

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You can open your eyes now  BlackBerry has a  9 a share takeover deal   The Globe and MailThe corporate world, which clearly runs the governments of the world in cooperation with the intelligence world, has a firm fascination with occult numerology.

Under the deal, a Fairfax-led consortium would buy the embattled smartphone maker for $9 (U.S.) a share, above the price before a halt today but well below where the shares stood before they began to melt down on Friday, when the company unveiled a massive second-quarter loss.

via You can open your eyes now: BlackBerry has a $9-a-share takeover deal – The Globe and Mail.

What happened to Steve Jobs?

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Shocking Steve Jobs Illness Pics Might Be FakeNo doubt the story we are told had problems. But why? Didn’t we see him walking around in the (lack of) flesh?

So maybe those tear-jerking pictures of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs looking withered and skeletal were not real after all? A skeptic over at Reddit posted this annotated image as “proof” that the pics of Jobs, who stepped down as CEO earlier this week, were manipulated to make him look worse off than he might appear in real life

via Shocking Steve Jobs Illness Pics Might Be Fake.

h/t aa

The DCP – Dead Celebrity Program

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What does a musical entity do when his sales sag and his popularity wanes? What if they want to exit the limelight? (less likely) They join the DCP!

You get your privacy, you get your money, and you get record sales! Thanks to the corporate controlled media, you get endless promotion too!

Preview: Michael Jackson – 60 Minutes – CBS News.

Triple win situation! Privacy, wealth, and promotion – and no annoying fans and concerts to deal with. Join the DCP today!

Past participants (call for references):

Elvis, Buddy Holly, Michael Jackson, the real Paul McCartney, Jim Morrison, Tupac, to name a few.

What “war” is all about – $$$

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Who knows what’s happening in Syria. It’s anyone’s guess. I just hope no-one is getting killed as we are being told.

As I argue with regular people on what’s actually occurring there, I try and explain to the hard of thinking what the purpose of the exercise is. I often look to Iraq for clues, and I always think of the world’s largest embassy. Is it really an embassy, or is it the headquarters/capital of an occupying force? You decide. Continue reading

I have to pay for the lies now?

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From $120-$240 a year – all deceptively written in their small print. That’s what the digital newspapers want from you to read their lies.

Personally, it’s a blessing for regular people. It will be enough deterrent for them to avoid reading the fake news. Most local columnists are long gone anyway, replaced with a one world newsfeed (Rude-rs and AP). It’s so much easier to fake news now and get away with it, since there is now openly no competition and no one checking. Our only hope is (real) citizen, non profit independent voices.

If you ever want to get around their article maximum views roadblock, simply switch to private browsing. Press ctrl-shift-n in Chrome, and ctrl-shift-p in Firefox.

pay_star pay_post pay_globe

For your children

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This is where I live. More than half of my day goes to pay for the right to function on the Crown’s land. When I read of a psyOp in a neighboring province, and then hear that I have to help pay to rebuild that small town, I get angry, because I am already paying through my nose. When I hear of the gas plant swindle, where bankers got paid $150 million just for  arranging a public loan (…) regardless of it being built, I get angry. Our children and their children will be saddled with a debt that they can never pay off!

This is why it’s imperative for people to wake up and see what’s happening to them. Politicians are just doing their controller’s bidding — they do not represent or work for you! We see it on a local level, we see it on our pay stubs and tax and licence remittances! We pay for it in our electric bills and in the record fuel prices when we try and power our cars. If you don’t wake up for yourselves, at least do it for your children.

Picture this little Ontario fiscal scenario.

Our province has earned the distinction of being the largest borrower among all provinces and states throughout the world.

Isn’t that special?

What’s more, the interest charges on Ontario’s debt – now at an out-of-control $273 billion – represent the “fastest growing” expense item in the Ontario budget over the next five years.

That dire but telling analysis is contained in a leaked Jan. 25 cabinet document – likely provided to the Premier Kathleen Wynne transition team a few days later.

But the actual interest charges Ontario is paying and will pay over the next five years come right out of the 314-page 2013 budget document.

The interest on the debt will rise from $10.6 billion this year to $14.5 billion in 2017-2018, meaning a projected increase of 37%.

via Sun News : Ontario’s out-of-control debt diverting money from where it is needed.

While you were sleeping

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While the psyOp side shows were running full tilt these past few days, this was in the back pages:

July 7, 2013. Washington. In case readers missed it with all the coverage of the Trayvon Martin murder trial and the Supreme Court’s rulings on gay marriage and the Voting Rights Act, the US Supreme Court also made a ruling on lawsuits against drug companies for fraud, mislabeling, side effects and accidental death. From now on, 80 percent of all drugs are exempt from legal liability.

via Supreme Court rules Drug Companies exempt from Lawsuits.

Corporatism = fascism.

h/t Banazir

Disaster planning, disaster swindle

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Never let a good storm go to waste. While I don’t believe they can create a tornado out of nowhere, I do believe they can enhance and steer storms. I am willing to concede that it’s within the realm of possibility they can seed a storm, but I do believe it’s pissing in the wind without the right conditions.

That said, once they’ve got a storm and some significant damage, I am quite sure the vultures and money printers of the federal government come out and pile on the overbuilding and the over debting. A few then proceed to get filthy rich.

As many of you are aware, I question the validity of the Moore, Oklahoma tornado damage.  I’m not suggesting that there wasn’t a storm, I just have my doubts about the extent of the reported damage for reasons I described in this post.

via Agenda 21 In Post-Disaster Recovery Plans | Sandy Hook Truth.

h/t Markus Allen

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Another Zucker

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Image representing David Karp as depicted in C...

Image by Matthew Buchanan / Flickr via CrunchBase

yahootumblrYahoo buys Tumblr for $1.1billion: Founder David Karp is next tech tycoon | Mail Online.

I am struggling to try and understand why these fake billionaires are being birthed by the media. Is it simply to say that anyone with a half-baked internet related idea can become Powerball rich?

The article is chock a block full of our magic numbers, and sim-like photoshopping.

This is the second story in as many months of a rags to riches story sponsored by Yahoo! Is it the new money laundering internet corporation?

Anyone else see different angles to this swindle hoax?


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News funding vacuum

likes this

I’ve been following news and newspapers for years, ever since my first newspaper business at age 8. It led me to being aware of current events on a daily basis. Television news further entranced me. I was probably one of a very few teenagers that had to watch the nightly news.

In the early 90s, my interests moved to the internet. I went there for all my news, and never left. The appeal of a non-newsprint newspaper being updated instantly was too appealing. Comments (from real people [!] ) also made the experience more communal.

The internet was a good force for the rapidity of news, but it has caused two very dangerous problems. One is that due to the rush to be first online, accuracy and checking of stories has slipped, resulting in information being left at the gossip level. Since it’s digital, the information is easily changed, and that makes it difficult to keep track of who says what when. Digital footprints are easily wiped, cleaned, processed, and reissued, without anyone noticing.

The bigger issue now is funding. With the loss of readership/viewership comes the loss of advertising. The traditional MSM can no longer fund their old delivery systems, let alone their internet systems, so they disappear or consolidate. Since nature abhors a vacuum (in this case of funding), big monopolies come in and devour small entities, super concentrate, and ultimately control, the news. Gone are the investigative reporters, if there ever were any “real” ones. Columnists have all but disappeared. They are all expensive, and therefore not affordable and dispatched off the ledger.

With all those boots on the ground reporters gone, so goes the human connections of reporter to police and pol. Now the leaks are completely unverifiable and lacking human touch. Gone are those  that may have had a conscious and were willing to blow the whistle for the common good. A good cop or pol has noone to whisper their secrets too, and therefore are forced to go along to get along.

With these key human players absent, in comes the single source. One feed, often without a byline of a real person, is disseminated far and wide. Even local papers get their story from central office, reminiscent of Pravda in Moscow. Before there was a semblance of a diverse press, now they don’t even bother to hide it. While the Soviet Union at least advertised their single source, we now have a unaccountable shadowy network of single ownership. One fox is guarding all the chickens.

The chickens, representing truth, are being eaten one at a time, slowly but surely.

It is this situation that has led to the exponential growth in media fakery. Since the industry is broke and unable to fund itself, where does it turn? It turns to who has the money: other corporations and the military/government. With unlimited resources, they step in to prop up these old news outlets and literally buy and make the news. Hell, they’re paying for it, so why is it so surprising they will make a product that serves their bottom line first, and appear tasty to the masses?

This is the same as any other big business left in America, such as pharma, agra, and Hollywood. They serve themselves first while fleecing their customers. That’s capitalism, so it must be ok.

Therefore the onus is on you, the public, to be vigilant. Realize that everything you are being told from a now bankrupt media system being powered by the government/military is suspect and in their interest. Because they have a stranglehold on TV, newspaper, and alternative internet media, getting the real story is virtually impossible. With the help of their other organ, Hollywood, everything is possible.

It is with this power that they can steamroll and wash away any dissent. They can control the message. No matter how compelling truth tellers or whistleblowers are, they will  cloak themselves and infiltrate using deception to discredit and confuse. It literally is (shill) Alex Jones’ information warfare, and it’s those that control information against YOU.

So as long as you are aware of the game, now you can play it. They still have all the marbles, but now you have a few sticks to battle their guns. While it may not ultimately allow you to win, perhaps you’ll have an easier time fighting and coping with your new reality.

George Orwell was right. Not because he was clairvoyant, but because those that control us present these fortune tellers to us as psychics. They are really just actors (shills) presenting our controllers’ long term plans to us. You have to plan for the future long in advance if you want to control it.

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Monsatan under the radar

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Most people couldn’t care less about the issue of gay marriage. So why is it center stage in the media? Why is anything silly center stage? Usually to distract those that are actually paying attention for real laws that are being passed – like this one:

Last week, while the mass media was distracting us with gay marriage in the Supreme Court, the Obama Administration and Congress enacted far more deadly legislation under the radar.

Nicknamed “The Monsanto Protection” Act, HR 833 (including deadly sec 735) gave the Globalist cabal control of our food supply.

1.) The “Monsanto Protection Act” effectively bars federal courts from preventing the planting of genetically engineered (GE) seeds, no matter what health issues may arise concerning GMOs in the future.

2.) The provision’s language was apparently written in collusion with Monsanto. According to an article published Monday in the New York Daily News, US Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Missouri) “worked with Monsanto to craft the language in the bill.”

via Globalists Grab Food Supply –….