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He should have stolen hair spray

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Another very likely fake story used to advertise electronics.

Goods are stolen off docks off the time. The idea that anyone would even call the police is a stretch.

When (temp) workers steal from our docks, we just fire them and ask for the stuff back. Usually we catch them red handed, so there is not much recovery needed.…

While writing this post standing on a loading dock, I showed this to a black dude with big hair. He took one look and laughed and said it was definitely fake hair. I didn’t even have time to explain the story to him!

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#Amberalert s are fake

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So what could the reason be?

  • part of a forever-plan to destabilize and sow fear into the public psyche
  • they want everyone to turn off their phone at night to save power
  • they want to see how many people actually believe them
  • they are testing a new ad delivery system that you cannot block
  • to create a divide between authority worshipers and “deniers”

Either way this one woke me up at 2:02. It turns on the phone screen and lights up the room. Luckily mine only went off once and the sound was muted. Don’t ask me how I managed to ignore it for another hour’s sleep.

As usual, this story is completely unbelievable and without evidence.

Authorities in Ontario say two teens who were the subject of an Amber Alert have been located. Police say the 13-year-old and 15-year-old were found safe after they were last seen in Toronto at about 7 a.m. Wednesday. They say a suspect is in custody and no one else is being sought in connection to the Amber Alert.

Source: Amber Alert in Toronto ended after missing teens found safe | CBC News

Update: I slept through the first alert @11:32p and the other @12:22a. Three alerts to destroy most people’s sleep. I may have to rethink using my smartphone as my backup alarm clock.

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Problem, reaction, ready-to-go solution

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The Hegelian dialectic in plain site for those with eyes to see.

A highly unlikely (I submit dismissible offence for the police officer it it were true) event.

A 38-year-old Mississauga man is facing a slew of charges after a gun was found at the feet of a handcuffed suspect in the back seat of a police vehicle. Police said that on Sunday officers were called to The Esplanade, in downtown Toronto, for reports of an impaired driver. They located a man sitting in the driver’s seat of a vehicle. He was taken into police custody and officers patted him down before handcuffing him and putting him in the back of the police car. According to police, while they…Ali Shobeg, 38, of Mississauga faces nine charges, including eight firearm-related charges.

Source: Man charged after gun found in back of Toronto police car

Story is odd, unless you wait a few days and read something like this.

Toronto police are hoping to start using body scanners, a potential replacement for strip searches, by early 2020 — but critics say the technology still amounts to an invasion of privacy.

The force has launched a request for proposals for a three-year contract to provide at least one full-body scanner, and potentially up to 10 of the devices, according to public tender documents.

The Toronto Police Service “is committed to increasing the level of dignity and respect provided during our search process,” the documents read.

We’re all grown ups here -why can’t the public just be asked to buy them and tell the truth? How much are these things anyway?

When asked for comment by CBC Toronto, Toronto police spokesperson Connie Osborne said the force can’t share details on the project or its budget because the procurement process is in motion, only noting the service will be “moving forward.”

Nevermind. I forgot some public institutions are actually private, including the police.

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There’s no gold in them thar hills

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The final chapter in one of the biggest financial hoaxes in Canadian history.

Bre-X was the darling of the Toronto Stock Exchange after reporting finding a major gold deposit in Indonesia. But the Busang mine find was later revealed to be a fake, resulting in the company’s shares nose-diving and wiping out about $3 billion in investors’ money.…

Even @anounceofsaltperday wouldn’t like the salting of this mine in this hoax.

I believe real people lost real money in this one.

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Laugh that could make the world smile

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Is this a good news or bad news hoax? Sometimes they give a contradicting theme. Either way it’s unlikely there’s any grain of truth to this one. This time they didn’t even name or bother with EMS fakery – what about the hero divers? Do they really have divers that will go to the bottom of the mighty Niagara River?

I was just there and I sincerely doubt it. Its flow rate is rather legendary.

The people who loved Amanda Martin are searching for answers after she, her fiance and their five-year-old son ended up in the Niagara River on Friday.

But the man who pulled the mother and child from the water in Fort Erie, Ont., says he knows one thing — the 29-year-old mother of two died saving the life of her son.

Source: ‘She’s a hero’: Rescuer says mom died saving her son from Niagara River | CBC News

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Shooting and terror in Mississauga

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One of the areas that I frequent has turned into a “shooting gallery” in the media, at least.A friend acquired a fuzzy video with lots of pop pops that I’ll find and post.Add a suspicious gof***me, a “family friend” as the spokesman, a fuzzy vicsim photo, shoes, seven, and we have many elements of a psyop #hrdpar.

Police say they are looking for at least seven shooters, armed mostly with semi-automatic weapons.Five others were injured, and Davis, who police say was an innocent bystander, was killed steps away from his home.”He went inside to change his shoes, and he did not even make it back to his apartment,” Alincy said.…Update 9/18Apparently the local police substation (in the mall) is on the budget chopping block.The message on (a new account) Twitter is that this could have been prevented iffff…… a tear in sight in 7 minutes from “Mom” and “Dad”…

Brand new twitter account

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Your turn for the mixed couple murder trope New Zealand

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Why they are so quick to reduce reuse recycle the fake stories amongst the 5 eye countries? Guess they figure only we are watching.

The Canadian fake story is done, now on to New Zealand. They’ve simply rotated the commonwealth couples around a bit.

They even threw in a 33 for good measure.

Police in New Zealand say a Canadian woman is “shocked and distressed” after her Australian fiancé was murdered in a seemingly random attack early Friday morning.…

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Tying together two pathetic Canadian hoaxes

likes this

You really have to reach, stretch, and flex to figure out how to tie these two crime hoaxes together – yet the psyOp writers somehow manage to do so.

As the RCMP remains tight-lipped about why two young men may have killed three people in northern British Columbia, one of the survivors in Toronto’s Danforth shooting says she’s been following the story closely. Danielle Kane said the Toronto police department’s decision to release a detailed report on its investigation provided her with clarity about what happened the night she was paralyzed from the waist down and insight into the man who shot her.

Source: Survivors of Toronto’s Danforth shooting following B.C. murder case closely |

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Beware the 33 year old and the 6 million meme

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Not quite sure the purpose of phony corporate hack stories.

Could it be to extort more security software service money from clueless big corporations? Seems unlikely, but I don’t have a good working theory as to the motive to produce such silly tropes.

Even IF a hacker got the info, what exactly could he do with social security account numbers and bank accounts? No one has ever written a story about how the info could be used for fraudulent purposes.

Of course, that detail is totally beside the point of scaring you and corporations out of your security money.

A GitHub user alerted Capital One to the potential data theft, who in turn alerted the Federal Bureau of Investigation, according to the DOJ’s statement. The allegations have not been proven in court. Thompson, 33, made her initial appearance in U.S. District Court in Seattle on Monday and was ordered detained pending a hearing on Aug. 1, according to the statement.

Source: Hacker obtained personal information of 6 million people in Canada | CBC News

Update 7/31- Our sim-villain is now revealed to be transgender, illegal, and an ex-Amazon employee. Checking off even more memes and tropes!

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I really prefer my psyops written in America

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I’ve been resisting following this serially really Canadian Bonnie and Clyde story. I was hoping it would end quickly but it appears the scriptwriters are going to draw this one out for a while. I think this one was written by the GCHQ. It has all kinds of phallic humor that reeks of bad British humor.

One of the victims is named Dyck and one of the perps has smegma built into his name.

The father of one of the sim villains (played by a LARPer) is busy writing to all his favorite British rags – I assure you most Canucks couldn’t name one London paper. Hell, they don’t even read our own papers anymore.

Due to some law, all this phony reporting is done out of country, and fed back to Canadian outlets. This must eliminate liability.

The father, who has given multiple media interviews about his fugitive son over the past week, sent copies of the book to 60 Minutes Australia and…

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