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Faking of a murderer

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A made-for-TV murder mystery was likely as fake as the OJ trial.

Mark looks into the case. I briefly posted on it years ago, but many are watching/listening to it for the first time.

This blending of reality entertainment with “reality” over the past decades has made COVID19 so much easier to sell.

As many people are becoming acutely aware, being quarantined is an excellent excuse to watch an obscene number of movies and shows via Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and all the others. I am certainly finding this out. I have watched more movies in the last week than any human being ever should. One thing I specifically watched this week that I had not seen before is the “Making a Murderer” Netflix series. As “awakened” individuals, we can often view these things from a strange perspective. This series is no d

Source: Quarantine Eureka: ‘Making A Murderer’ Victim Halbach is Not Dead – Piece of Mindful

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LARPER Smart isn’t such a smart story

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Oh how I was engrossed in the made-for-TV Larry King live show Elizabeth Smart saga of the 90s.

It was such a perfect crime, with endless, unbelievable twists, that I was totally sucked in.

Never in a million years would I ever suspect it of being fake – but it was!

9/11 has taught me that you can fool the whole world with a movie, with a little cooperation from the MSM and a few LIVE graphics placed on the screen.

A kidnapping LARP event would be a piece of cake.

Here’s Miles to help blow it apart – and another Smart case I’ve not followed.

Today, all of 24 hours later, we find that Elizabeth Smart is also back in the news, again pushing the men-are-pigs project. She is the one allegedly kidnapped and repeatedly raped by fellow Mormons in 2002. She is now claiming some guy groped her on an airplane last summer. So why are we just hearing about it now, some seven months later? We are told she filed a report with the airline at the time, but that is pretty hard to believe. If so, it should have made headlines then. This story, like the older ones, makes no sense.


Insta shooting gets insta results

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Our police force and media are creating, executing, and solving crime in record time now.

Old time police detectives must be in awe of these super sleuths.

There are so many problems with this phony story that I don’t have time to list them.

Toronto police have identified the three men who died after gunfire erupted inside a downtown condo building on Friday night. Police were called to the area of 85 Queens Wharf Rd., located near Lake Shore Boulevard and Bathurst Street, shortly before 10:30 p.m. for a report of gunshots.

Source: Police identify three men killed in shooting at Toronto Airbnb condo | CTV News

Toronto has two issues it says it must deal with: AirBnb taking over all new condo developments, thus inflating housing prices and keeping out first time buyers, and secondly, a “gun” problem, where they want all handguns banned, including legally licensed ones, in the big city.

This psyOp fits both bills.

The city can’t really stop investors from operating AirBnBs (they can pass laws that are fairly hard to enforce), so social pressure by simulated shootings may get condo boards to create their own rules.

Why, not a day later, this board is drawing up plans!

This is Scooby-Doo justice – all done in a quick episode. (h/t IPS)

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Waking up @ 9:11 to nuclear alert hoax

like this

The Pickering nuclear plant – like all its worldwide counterparts – is a giant prop. A Disneyland castle. The magick box with all the fire, brimstone and fury is the fake part. There are no magic rocks giving off radioactive heat. This is the “core” of the lie.

I went for my walk today and visited the prop.

I went for a walk by the plant today – check this periscope and subscribe

I’m sure it’s NOT a coincidence I get this squawking emergency alert telling me the first one was a false (fake) one at precisely 9:11. No phone in my place got the alleged first alert.
Does anyone else think they’ve effectively neutralized any future alerts due to the Johnny cries wolf effect?

Here’s the story that has all the political hacks chattering.

Ontario Power Generation says an emergency alert issued to cellphones Sunday morning with respect to an “incident” at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station was done so in error.

“There is no danger to the public or environment,” the agency said on Twitter.

Nothing will come of this. How can an agency “talk” on “twitter”? There’s a human involved somewhere one would hope.

Thanks to research exemplified by SMJ here, we can safely conclude that nuclear science, including power, is fake. They are no magic rods that can melt down and release radioactivity that will then incinerate you or your family.

The power plant does anywhere from nothing to boiling off excess power that wasn’t able to be used near the time of generation from other sources.

This plant has been slated to close for 25 years – much like all our “old” plants. Due to the expansion of Toronto, it’s sitting on prime waterfront land, and is supposed to be demolished for extraordinary amounts of money, the land “cleaned”, and returned to developers for intensive housing.

Repeat: this plant is a prop. Like the Disneyworld castle. Real people work there, adjusting disneyland knobs on a prop control panel that looks like the Apollo control room of the 1950s – another movie set prop. It’s the majick rods in the magic box with their control rods that is the hoax – the tanks, boiling water, turbines are real – but the power source – the heat from the magic rocks – is FAKE!

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New law on death certificates in Ontario from old psyOp

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Sometimes it takes a while to see some of the legislative fallout from a psyOp (ie. the solution portion of the manufactured problem/reaction/solution). This is an old one that’s been covered here over the years.

I’m not completely sure what the ramifications are going to be for future crime hoaxes, other than perhaps easier insurance payouts for future sims.

Laura Babcock’s family has finally received her death certificate — and it was personally delivered by the premier. Doug Ford visited the family to give them the murdered Toronto woman’s death certificate last month, said Ivana Yelich, spokesperson for the premier’s office. Thus ends a months-long saga in which the Babcock family was attempting to get the province to officially register her as deceased.

Source: Premier Doug Ford delivers death certificate for murder victim Laura Babcock to family | CBC News

Yelich told CBC News in an email that the new regulations stipulate a declaration of death from a judge and a statement of death would be enough proof to register a person as dead, as long as “the courts have determined that the individual disappeared in circumstances of peril, is presumed to have died and there are no physical remains.”

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He should have stolen hair spray

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Another very likely fake story used to advertise electronics.

Goods are stolen off docks off the time. The idea that anyone would even call the police is a stretch.

When (temp) workers steal from our docks, we just fire them and ask for the stuff back. Usually we catch them red handed, so there is not much recovery needed.…

While writing this post standing on a loading dock, I showed this to a black dude with big hair. He took one look and laughed and said it was definitely fake hair. I didn’t even have time to explain the story to him!

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#Amberalert s are fake

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So what could the reason be?

  • part of a forever-plan to destabilize and sow fear into the public psyche
  • they want everyone to turn off their phone at night to save power
  • they want to see how many people actually believe them
  • they are testing a new ad delivery system that you cannot block
  • to create a divide between authority worshipers and “deniers”

Either way this one woke me up at 2:02. It turns on the phone screen and lights up the room. Luckily mine only went off once and the sound was muted. Don’t ask me how I managed to ignore it for another hour’s sleep.

As usual, this story is completely unbelievable and without evidence.

Authorities in Ontario say two teens who were the subject of an Amber Alert have been located. Police say the 13-year-old and 15-year-old were found safe after they were last seen in Toronto at about 7 a.m. Wednesday. They say a suspect is in custody and no one else is being sought in connection to the Amber Alert.

Source: Amber Alert in Toronto ended after missing teens found safe | CBC News

Update: I slept through the first alert @11:32p and the other @12:22a. Three alerts to destroy most people’s sleep. I may have to rethink using my smartphone as my backup alarm clock.

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Problem, reaction, ready-to-go solution

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The Hegelian dialectic in plain site for those with eyes to see.

A highly unlikely (I submit dismissible offence for the police officer it it were true) event.

A 38-year-old Mississauga man is facing a slew of charges after a gun was found at the feet of a handcuffed suspect in the back seat of a police vehicle. Police said that on Sunday officers were called to The Esplanade, in downtown Toronto, for reports of an impaired driver. They located a man sitting in the driver’s seat of a vehicle. He was taken into police custody and officers patted him down before handcuffing him and putting him in the back of the police car. According to police, while they…Ali Shobeg, 38, of Mississauga faces nine charges, including eight firearm-related charges.

Source: Man charged after gun found in back of Toronto police car

Story is odd, unless you wait a few days and read something like this.

Toronto police are hoping to start using body scanners, a potential replacement for strip searches, by early 2020 — but critics say the technology still amounts to an invasion of privacy.

The force has launched a request for proposals for a three-year contract to provide at least one full-body scanner, and potentially up to 10 of the devices, according to public tender documents.

The Toronto Police Service “is committed to increasing the level of dignity and respect provided during our search process,” the documents read.

We’re all grown ups here -why can’t the public just be asked to buy them and tell the truth? How much are these things anyway?

When asked for comment by CBC Toronto, Toronto police spokesperson Connie Osborne said the force can’t share details on the project or its budget because the procurement process is in motion, only noting the service will be “moving forward.”

Nevermind. I forgot some public institutions are actually private, including the police.

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There’s no gold in them thar hills

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The final chapter in one of the biggest financial hoaxes in Canadian history.

Bre-X was the darling of the Toronto Stock Exchange after reporting finding a major gold deposit in Indonesia. But the Busang mine find was later revealed to be a fake, resulting in the company’s shares nose-diving and wiping out about $3 billion in investors’ money.…

Even @anounceofsaltperday wouldn’t like the salting of this mine in this hoax.

I believe real people lost real money in this one.

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