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QAnon is a psyop to…

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Blackwash legitimate exposers (like this site) of conspiracy by creating ridiculous or extreme turds do discredit the entire concept.

Psyops and psywars are the most complex and layered form of war.

They really attack what you can know and not know.

For the average man or woman, this concept is overwhelming and avoided.

It’s why it’s hard to get through to the “dead” around us.

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Would this NLP work on you?

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I’ve seen many of these type of videos and I’m almost positive they wouldn’t work on me. I think NLP is real but its effects are far more subtle and long-term.

I don’t agree that Bill Gates has any of these powers but he may have been trained in its use. I think he’s lousy at it, similar to his buggy software.

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Chris Kendall-The only control is fear due to ignorance

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Chris was such a great thinker.

I clipped a few clips from his Markus Allen audio from Feb 20, 2011.

Nothing has changed with his analysis of “them” and how they control us.

You can access Markus’ archives at


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Who Do You Trust – great comment

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In every false flag event, there are two narratives. The official one and the alternative one. Both are put out by the perpetrators. This creates a binary. It forces people into a this or that choice. While people argue about it, both are wrong. The truth remains hidden.

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Psy-ops propaganda goes mainstream.

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Fascinating article from 2005.

The firm has since “closed”, in wake of their subsidiary Cambridge Analytica “scandal”, likely a cover for them to go underground.

Strategic Communication Laboratories, a small U.K. firm specializing in “influence operations” made a very public debut this week with a glitzy exhibit occupying prime real estate at Defense Systems & Equipment International, or DSEi, the United Kingdom’s largest showcase for military technology. The main attraction was a full-scale mock-up of its ops center, running simulations ranging from natural disasters to political coups.…

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