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We’ve got the biggest and baddest T-Rex

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When it comes to fake bones, we’re #1.

JLB should release his Dinoskeptics film in Drumheller, home of dino fakery.

Amusing they’ve kept this secret since 1991. Note the multiples of 11 for hoax coding.

Paleontologists say that the meat-eating dinosaur, which has a skeleton that is 13-metres long, weighed more than 8,800 kilograms when it roamed Saskatchewan roughly 66 million years ago.…

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Pompeii, like Egypt, has a new fake exhibit 

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Terrible timing for the the Mt False-uvius exhibit. The faked Egypt museum beat them by a month. 

Archaeologists have unearthed the petrified remains of a harnessed horse and saddle in the stable of an ancient villa in a Pompeii suburb.…

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2000 year old bones

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The idea that you could find bones that old defies logic and common sense, but like other archaeological hoaxes, they can’t stop “discovering” more proofs.

The real question is why promote such an obvious silly narrative that we can find Pompeiians in various stages of escape from this awful fateful eruption, the more we dig?

Officials at the Pompeii archaeological site have announced a dramatic new discovery, the skeleton of a man crushed by an enormous stone while trying to flee the explosion of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D. Pompeii officials on Tuesday released a photograph showing the skeleton protruding from beneath a large block of stone that may have been a door jamb that had been “violently thrown by the volcanic cloud.”

Source: New find at Pompeii shows skeleton of man crushed trying to flee eruption | The Star

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Scarcity/fossil oil hoax

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Money and fear and psyops work well for the oil industry.

Oil is the real renewable energy.

Greg agrees the BP oil spill may have been a hoax, but thinks nuke power is real but not dangerous.

Episode 241 is a very important discussion regarding oil and so-called “fossil fuels” and “peak oil”, with Greg Quinones, titled: “Abiogenic Petroleum: Peak Oil and “Fossil Fuels” – Debunked”. This episode is being released for Thursday, December 03, 2015, and was recorded November 22. Greg Quinones is a business consultant, writer, public speaker, trainer and teacher. Greg is Founder and Managing Executive Partner of ZEN Enhanced Oil Recovery (ZENEOR) a Texas based privately held limited liabil

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Faux footprints

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Sami has some great comparative photos showing how the dinosaur hoax is going strong, using every everyday animal fossils as “proof” of dinosaurs.

Alleged Dinosaur Footprint, 150 million years old. :rolleyes:


Emu footprint:


Turkey footprint:


Dinosaur Fossil?


Chicken Skeleton


Dinosaur or Duck?



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Great post from Simon, illustrating the combined dinosaur / NASA / space hoax mythology.

Well, ladies and gents, if you are not into space-paleontology – you may
never have heard of the Space Shuttle’s little-known ancestor…

Introducing NASA’s (long extinct) space creature …

the “DYNA-SOAR” (a Jurassic space joke)


As I reluctantly have had to admit on many occasions, no one can say that the NASA clowns have ever lacked a sense of humor. What may also be said (and more alarmingly so) is that their brand of jokes have been entirely lost on virtually ALL of this planet’s inhabitants. Yet, to catch a joke is never too late (even if we may feel some embarrassment for our tardiness) – and it is now high time for any person with half a brain to ‘get it’: NASA has been – ever since its inception – been pulling our legs (and pushing their luck) shoving their grotesque space-fables up our butts. And we have all been paying for it. It’s pretty funny, actually, to think that the classic objection devout NASA-believers will have to the increasingly obvious NASA scams is: “too many people would have to be in on it! People just can’t keep secrets!” Well, if billions of people can be fooled – practically all of the time – by NASA’s incredibly tall toon-tales, the full irony of the “too many people” argument should become perfectly clear. No wonder that Wernher Von Braun once said that Walt Disney was (along with JFK) one of the two men “he most admired”.

Wake up, America – (and all space-taxed nations)! Stop letting yourselves be duped, ripped off and bamboozled by the silly space hoaxers !….

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