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Rigged NBA; Magnetic Rims part 4 (the Kawhi Leonard buzzer beater)

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All major sports is rigged – this wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Even if you knew it was fixed, most would still watch.

We love our WWE wrestling.

h/t Davie

Another magnetic ball for a magnetic personality.

Apparently someone else though the very same thing and made a post / audio/video mashup of the two events.…


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We all know what happened the next day 

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The first American news report of the BEATles was Nov 21, 1963. 

News is scripted reality. 

For the record, here’s the 2018 equivalent. Yet another “foreign” invasion of the US music scene.

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Men are pigs-Cosby psyop

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If TV’s most lovable 80s black dad can molest women, then all of us can.

This is the message in the incremental war to destabilize the relationship between men and women, thus breaking the foundation of a growing, trustful society.

The larger project is called (I do not know who originated the term) “Men are Pigs.” Couple this with the usual portrayal of men in TV sitcoms as borderline morons, or manic sexual freaks like Charlie Harper, and a man who is nice, respectful, smart and capable of emotional depth (most of us) has to overcome a whole lot of presumption.

Source: Piece of Mindful

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2D flim-flam integrated Capstone events

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Listen to the first bit where John doesn’t say the word Jewish even once. Sophia really breaks down the corporate transactions that create the shooting hoaxes in America and around the world. I think she is spot-on with the motivation and the execution and the industry Behind these events.

She also talks about paperless children, who may literally be harvested and used for illicit purposes in Hollywood and in the underground child trafficking world.

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Female Celebrity Nude Photo Hacking Scandal PsyOps

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I propose that there are never any hacks of any celebrity accounts. Most if not all are managed by PR firms who know about how to keep a photo in or out of the media.

I doubt there are many if any actual nude photos of any of these celebs, especially when it comes to the naught bits.

Therefore all these stories are fake, for publicity sake.

Now, if you are part of the growing numbers that believe that most, if not all, of the promoted celebs are EGI (see my dedicated subblog here), then these stories go one step further: to reinforce the perception that these “women” are natural and not EGI – because the millions that may or may not see these leaked photos would surely be able to tell the difference.

Many times you will never even be able to find these photos – because they don’t even need to leak them out, photoshopped or not!

Perception management is what this art is called, and the cheaper you can run the scam, the better. After all, it’s a business.


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Anorexia NOTvosa 

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Karen Carpenter is 66 this year. Yes, she was removed the stage at 33, and was a member of the DCP (dead celebrity program). 

A.N. is another destructive behaviour I don’t hear much in the media these days. Is it still a problem among young females? 

Great insights by POM.

The music business is too influential to be left to chance talent taking it places where our leaders do not want us to go.  Music is a gateway to the brain and soul. Churches us it to keep the congregations in line, and nation-states have songs that bring people instantly to their feet, hats off. A subversive song might incite people to doubt the necessity of a war or reality of a fake event. So music is under control of Intelligence. This explains in part the Laurel Canyon scene of the 60s and 70s, where so many meriocre musicians, children of military and intelligence families, invaded, formed groups that achieved instant unearned fame. They then died off, many reappearing in news and opinion culture.…

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Athletic actors

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If you think it’s just the Harlem Globetrotters going through the motions, then you’d better wake up to the fact that all major (bettable) sports are fixed, by the numbers, including the Toronto Raptors.

Watch “NBA Eastern & Western Conference Finals Observations +NBA Finals Preview” on YouTube

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An ugly mind

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Miles Mathis brings up some interesting points, including more talk that the Industrialists run the CIA to make pseudo science and quakademics, all to extort money from the bewildered public. Lots of spooky talk.

The photo above is Russell Crowe as mathematician John Nash in A Beautiful Mind, from 2001. With hindsight even that date now looks like a red flag, seeing that 2001 is when the Matrix went into overdrive.


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Matrix decoded

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I couldn’t get into the Matrix movie, so I didn’t watch the next two in the trilogy.

Luckily, Miles Mathis did watch them, and his conclusion is that they are all written by the CIA’s top level spook writers.

In this paper I will tell you what The Matrix films are really all about. I know that a lot of people have already tried to do this, but I have a different reading. As you know, I don’t write on a subject unless I have something new to tell you.

View his essay

But before I do, I want to conclude by telling you who I think actually wrote The Matrix. It clearly wasn’t the Wachowski brothers, since they don’t seem capable of writing a coherent grocery list. They didn’t write The Matrix any more than they wrote V for Vendetta. ? They look to me like fronts for Intelligence. This script was an important production of Langley, but not the Langley I have been exposing in recent papers. The people who wrote Jack London’s bio, or Fidel Castro’s, aren’t the ones who wrote this script. It was written by a top team, possibly the top writing committee they have. It is the same committee that writes the propaganda for Scientific American and the other top science journals, since it has all the same markers. They have been instructed to promote this breakdown of reality, and they are very good at it. They hit you from every angle and reference all the top misdirection of history. They cross-pollinate all fields with a fairly consistent lie, from science to art to film to psychology to current affairs. They have a longterm plan and a huge budget to see it through.

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