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The real enemy then is humanity itself

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The Club of Rome is another think tank that is clearly responsible, in part, for this Coronavirushoax revolution.

Feel free to read their penultimate piece called The First Global Revolution.

Is there any doubt we’re in it now? Could the end game be clearer to you now?

pdf of The First Global Revolution

NWO website

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Markus’ list of failed predictions

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I’m back in Markus’ vault in 2008, and he mentioned this list.

I’ll post some of these audios shortly.

Most of them are better than anything now in 2020.

Markus will be on this Sunday.

Failed predictions
Here’s my list of things we’ve been told since birth that has not come true……

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Fear Is the Mind Killer

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Love/support this msm channel (and Melissa’s voice). They don’t address the cause but they do discuss the reaction – which is real – which is now the issue.

This video will go viral.

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We only plan in detail one year ahead

like this

Good movie called News Benders 1967 showing how hoaxes and psyOps are written and planned years in advance.


Imagine this scary thing in you

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Viri are a hoax.
As such, you can’t get them.
As such, don’t be afraid of the latest figment of the controllers’ imagination, the corona version.

Virology, like nuclear science, is completely fake.

It’s a cover for all the bacteria that is resistant to anti-biotics, which are simply stimulants for our OWN immune system.

Bacteria are REAL, and their waste is toxic. That’s what triggers illness in death in humans.

The below graphic is SCARY looking. It’s also artwork. No one has seen a virus cell EVER.

It’s still ok to be preventative and keep all bacteria that doesn’t belong in your system away from you. Clean your hands and cover your inputs if possible.

Otherwise stop worrying. No corona/zika/ebola is going to get you.

You can find a lot of interesting things if you start digging around in ice that’s been frozen for thousands and thousands of years. For scientists working in China, 15,000-year-old glaciers on the Tibetan Plateau provided a glimpse into the not-so-distant history of viruses, including some entirely new viruses that were previously unknown to science.

Source: Scientists found ancient never-before-seen viruses locked in a glacier – BGR

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