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Son is a hoax code

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Got this feedback from D today.

Saw your page on John Walsh. He is a fraud. The entire story of his son is not even true. Look at the photo of Adam. He’s wearing an orange hat with a C on it. Orange=33. The C=33. It’s entirely made up. Like all these famous stories. Jonbenet Ramsey. Fake story

Dam is a hoax code. ADAM. AND RAM is too. Ramsey.

Son is a hoax code. Oj simpSON. Scott peterSON. Charles Manson. Man and son are hoax codes too.

John Walsh is a liar and deceiver. Made millions off deception. This is what THEY all do in us secret society. It’s in the numbers. Gematria.

Thanks Ricky!

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Thanks for the positive feedback, @Ricky!

You deserve that and more Ab, my user name is ricky, I comment sometimes on the website, I think it’s a valuable resource. Even though most of the focus is with the chats, that are terrific, I don’t want to see the website posts neglected. A recent example is the “magic” podcast, what a gem! I’ve learned over time that for me “fakeology” is a gradual process of retraining my mind when encountering the media in all it’s forms. When listening to or reading someone like “Unreal,” I understand how deep this study can go, it’ a bit scary actually. You’ve created a unique forum of some fantastic thinkers and some more pedestrian, (like me), through a special level of diplomacy and communication skills. You’re a natural in that regard, Thanks for a once in a lifetime site!

Come join us on the discord! (…)

Love feedback

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I enjoy all feedback.

This one was lovely.

Hi Ab!

You’re very welcome. I’ve been hooked since my first listen (happened to be the Jonathan Isbit episode).

I’d love to be in a position to donate more, but for now I just want you to know I’m here, and that I listen. My username is JamesFrancis, both on discord and at Fakeologist. Lurked around briefly on DIscord last summer when I had a little free time, chatted w Napolean for a brief convo. He’s got your back, kinda checks in on the noobs. I have family all over Ireland, visit often enough, and it’s great to see the response/interaction you receive from people like he and Delcroix. And all the Aussies too, it’s fantastic. You’re actually a star, in a pretty fantastic collection of individuals. I’m a fan. Did you ever think you would create something/be somebody worthy of fanfare? I joke, but really, Fakeologist is great! Congratulations and thank you for doing what you do.

I’m in Scottsdale, Arizona; my home. We have many Canadian visitors here now, fantastic family centered people that love to chat (and always seem to have the time to do so!). I’m 33 years old. Spent much of my early adulthood intrigued or sucked in to the underground/mythology/conspiracy candy-lore stuff. Anything from David Icke, to Graham Hitchcock to Jason Horseley(‘s earlier stuff) it became some kind of conspiracy hobby for me. Actually developed a bit of a cynical personality bc of all that crap. I’m no longer cynical, and moreover, am no longer victim to some of the psychological ops that used to keep my attention.

I really value the audio. If I have something to say, or just feel like checking in, I wont hesitate to open up the discord window and speak my mind. As far as 9/11 is concerned, I’m thinkin nobody died.


We get letters 

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?Comment: Hi An,

Great site. You and Chris at hoaxbusters transformed my worldview.
Just been catching up with the audios- I listen to them all and have done for a couple of years. I had to give up at the 26 June one tho. 
On every show typo just shouts and slurs his inane babble and wrecks some really great conversations.
It’s so frustrating. There’s been some great stuff but he’s ruined and derailed them all.
I’m going to stop listening for a while as it’s just so unpleasant with that idiot shouting and drooling. Napoleon started to try to calm him down but he’s just a destructive wrecker with zero interest in what anyone has to say.
I tried to register with teardropexplodes and this email but it will not let me log in with the emailed details.
Cheers Ab and keep up the great work.
Sorry to be negative but I used to love the show and it’s just been unlistenable.

Note: I use an extra step to verify new members. I will send a manual email welcome and ask for a few more details. If I don’t get a response, I will assume bot.  

I don’t know if you’re listening until… 

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Thanks Connor! Join the discord @…

Ab, thank you for your show. You were my first introduction to the world of fakery when I searched for Sandy hoax on Podcast Republic. It instantly connected when I grabbed the notion that sandy hoax was fake and so was Alex Jones! That stories and dialectics can compete with eachother and still not be based in reality. Keep doing what you do, and maybe I’ll donate a pittance!

More I listen

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Another kind listener writes, 

you asked for listener feedback.

Since you introduced me to Fakeology last year I have listened to pretty much all of your podcasts and literally thousands of other Fakeology related podcasts, and frequently visit your websites. You come across very likeable, there will come a time when you and the subject of Fakeology will be appreciated by a wider audience.

Julian (from Germany) 

Do you listen? Let me know.

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Ask, and ye shall receive. Remember, I only know that you’re listening (and not just downloading) when you send me an email at….

Hello, I’m a new listener from Stratford Ontario!

I’m very excited to listen to fakeologist and learn more about conspiracies and media fakery etc. from a Canadians perspective.
At the moment the Canada Revenue Agency is attempting to extort thousand of dollars from my family, after reassessing my 2015 tax return twice! I’m just a regular 8 to 5 worker and have paid my fair share, but because Ontario is exceptionally greedy, my recent move from Manitoba has excited the tax man and they seen an opertunity to try and scam more money. So for this, I’m not able to donate at this time, but I will try as soon as I can.
Keep up the great work!


FAK166-Meet Conkers

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I thought this audio was worthy of being promoted to a full show episode, despite the mobile audio. Discord is making audio more available to normally non-audio fakeologists. Join now!

We talk 9/11, EGI, Crane Hoax

From Conkers:

Haha well third times a charm I suppose! I was saying that it is rare to find a site where you can browse content without having to wade through the site creators opinions/motives, and… is definitely my go-to site for all things to do with fakery! I’m also comfortable recommending the site to people not in-the-know so to speak as I think it’s about the most accessible out there (As opposed to the usual ‘conspiracy’ sites that tend to put people off before they even begin with their in your face tabloid-esque formats) I can’t actually remember what I wrote in the rest of the message but I’ll add that I enjoy your own perspective on fakery very much, I am a regular listener to your audio and think you’re a great host, the recent interview with MrE was fantastic by the way. Even with the mainstream ‘fake news’ meme (check out the new Wiki-tribune – the CIAs attempt to bring honest, trustworthy news to the public!) I think your site will continue to grow in popularity. I can appreciate that it must take a lot of effort to keep the site updated and continually put out audio so I intend to make regular donations to do my small bit in helping you keep up the good work!


Ask and ye shall receive

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I asked on the past fakeologist audio for those that listen to email me so I know they are listening. I received this feedback from “Dave M.”

Dear ab (aka Tim) I enjoyed your appearance on Humble and Fred. Thanks for making it available to your iTunes listeners. I don’t think that they allowed you to fully explain your interest in EGI and other matters, but at least they acknowledged your observations. I am listening to Fak162 right now and would like you to know that I listen to EVERY Fakeologist Show and the audiochats too. I greatly appreciate the time and effort you have put into these programs. I have learned a lot about the ways of the world and I can relax more knowing that many media events are staged, rather than real. Therefore, I can live my life with far less anxiety. My best to you and yours.

Good feedback 

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Ask and you shall receive. 

Good morning Ab,

Per your request in the middle of RR24…

I’m a relatively new listener to your audio chats, as of about 7 months ago. I came across your site and work through John Adams (+ Chris), as I’d discovered him through one of my regular podcasts (“Gnostic Media”). I’ve since found the work of KHam, Simon, Hoi, etc. all thanks to you. I also listen to everything put out by Clint Richardson. I am not a content creator, just a voracious consumer.

Just a little background on me, I was the founder & moderator of a local political discussion group at a couple of the pubs in my town, from ~2005 to 2010 after the first year or so, our local group joined a national so-called progressive network called “Drinking Liberally.” As I eventually came to terms with the fallacy of the political process, I had to step aside and let the remaining true believers take over. I’m really glad that episode is behind me, although, I do miss the camaraderie.

To answer one of your introductory questions, my more wake up calls were the non-event known as Y2K, closely followed by the farcical Bush v. Gore “election” of late 2000. Of course, with those events in mind, I was immediately skeptical of the reporting around 9/11. I couldn’t imagine at the time that nothing had happened at all, but I did think that the news reports were largely untrue. I stayed home from work that day, and I do think the case was totally closed for me, once I saw Building 7 come down on CNN that afternoon.

At this point, I don’t watch TV and I don’t listen to the radio. I just watch a few YouTube channels, listen to podcasts and a little bit of music on demand.

BTW, I think Rollo’s interrupt-itis is caused by the same sort of delays or echos that ‘Audio Error’ Chris sometimes suffers from. Of course the booze doesn’t help, but he is pretty funny must of time.

Thanks for all of your content, it’s truly appreciated.


Cyril Allen
Oakland CA

Fakeologist – John le Bon

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Pretty good run down of my site. Surprising that Google didn’t let me know about this page. 

 multimedia blog-based website dedicated to discussing media fakery, which has attracted a small community of contributors who take part in the discussion via the comments sections of the posts, an ‘audiochat’ livestream feature, a forum, and a ‘chatango’ sidebar. On average about one or two new posts are published each day, which generally focus on a particular recent media story, or promote a new podcast/YouTube video by a third party.…

H/t QuestionOurReality 

We get 9/11 mail

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Why we don’t get more of this is beyond me. 

Type of feedback: Introduction

Pathway to……: random

Name: Vanessa


Comment: Your disgusting and ignorant. Before you publish information do your homework. Baseline Financial absolutely existed and it was most definitely housed in 78/77 floors of the World Trade Center. It was purchased by Thomson Financial who also purchased IBES international from Primark and moved both companies and made them share space on those floors. It is insane and irresponsible not to mention disrespectful to call into question and claim that these individuals experiences were fake. It is day that I will never forget and you are a lowlife

Ok to publish (user)name (if not an introduction?): Yes

Time: September 11, 2016 at 11:18 am
IP Address:
Contact Form URL:…
Sent by an unverified visitor to your site.


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I don’t get much feedback lately, but I’ll post it all here for you to peruse and possibly answer.

via Anon:

Ab, take a look at the images for the recent Dallas Cowboys Bus crash with a van that killed the 4 Chinese nationals in the van. The depicted demolished van pictures are all different and couldn’t possibly be the same vehicle. This took place in my neck of the woods, between Kingman, AZ and Las Vegas, NV. I’m calling HOAX, but why? Keep up the good work.

via Latif:

Comment: I love conspiracies and trying to find the truth. Wanted to know a bit more about the thoughts on this page about the 1988 Clapham disaster. I was a school boy at Emanuel and trust me this was very real! No crisis actors, health and safety was not the in thing so that is not a reason to think that this was all a hoax.
I was at school that day – feel free to contact me for more info!

via Anon:

Comment: 62 yrs old, researcher for 25 yrs. I’ve been following your channel for sometime. Very good information although sometimes cannot listen due to granddaughter and language of some guests, ha! I have a still from one of the news stations, checking on family in Northern BC many things are strange up hear right now with all of the fires, I had been sensing for sometime things were going to get really bad for us here in Alberta. I live east of Peace River surrounded by fires. I don’t know I can send an email to you with a clip from Canadian press. EWWW! Stinks ! Obviously altered but full of symbolism. You know we are reeking of the stench of the pervasive witchcraft in Canada some places worse than others. Fort McMurray is not the only place superimposed of the map of destruction planned for this area.… Scroll down to photo by Betsy Trumpener and the Canadian Press I tried to get other than my subscribe but don’t know what you mean by Pathway… We need to open these events up please. Anyone with open eyes an hearts in Canada needs to be readied for what is coming. NOW This is not fear induced, it is wisdom and humility. Thanks Ab. Protect you and yours with a shield of love. Anon

via Joan:

Dear OBF and Ab,

What needs to be done to wrap up 9/11, is to make clear that no one was killed. Fetzer and Judy Wood are using nuke and DEW theories in order to justify the allegation that the government killed 3,000 people and they are going along with the huge amounts of money given to the “victims.” Like Sandy Hook, government and charity money were given to the actors in this farce. It’s all about the money or mostly about the money insurance and getting rid of old real estate.

In order to successfully implode the towers, they had to remove all fixtures and people. IMO, Simon Shack has not sufficiently answered this question in a video. The video should be much slower than Sept. Clues and without that distracting music. You need artists who do film work in studios to explain how easily an art department could have mocked up those scenes in the archives.

I’m a graphic artist and can visualize how they did this. Also, I would love to hear from a demolition expert on how these steel buildings could have been imploded.

I hope you saw Fetzer’s latest video where he did a case closed type of show and explained how the planes in the archived footage were holograms captured on film by cameras from every angle. Also, he explains how the holes in the building facades were made. LOL. Do something please and stop this madness. He has monopolized this topic and elbowed us students out of the way. Enough of JFK too. Let that go completely.

Thanks for listening,

Paging Jan Erik

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I’m not the only one look for Jan Erik to come back:

Name: Martin
Comment: Hello!

Thank you for a grat site! I have learnt a lot from it and are now a bit deeper into the rabbit hole.

I´m a member of a group called Cui Bono that invites lecturers on a regular basis to expose the fakery in media on a lot of different topics. We are based in Gothenburg in Sweden and after I have listened to a lot of your shows I think it would be very interesting to invite Jan-Erik to hold a lecture. Do you think that he would be interested in such a thing? Can you help me to contact him or give him my mail address so he can contact me if he is interested?

Our web site is…