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NASA thought gatekeepers

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NASA’s biggest role is to gatekeep the wrong belief about the earth, space, and the stars, and to imprint this wrong theory in every child ever born.

I don’t know if Simon’s Tychos model is correct, but at least he has an alternative to the visual evidence we can all observe.

An interesting post on Hubble and Rhodes. I like the part about “recovering the United States.” Was it ever really lost?

“In the 21st century it is high time that independent thinkers break all ties to academia and begin forming our own parallel system of scientific development and achievement.”

The TYCHOS model • Re: Testing TYCHOS: PVP Parallax Experiments…

CC25: Simon Shack’s

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Lovely conversation with Simon, Patrix, Hoi, Kham.

As previously stated I’m not really interested in any Solar System model, but Simon’s model explaining what we see in the sky every night is most fascinating and potentially revolutionary.

Could the flat earth propaganda be a cover for this potentially super disruptive astronomical model?

A must listen.

The TYCHOS – The true model of our solar system

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Simon’s long awaited solar system model is here – and the earth is not flat!

I hereby present the TYCHOS model, the only existing configuration of our “solar system” fully consistent with astronomical observation, physical reality and sheer logic. Earth orbits in the middle of the Sun-Mars binary system, moving at the tranquil pace of 1 mph. It completes one orbit in 25344 years – a period commonly known as “the precession of the equinoxes”.

Source: The TYCHOS – The true model of our solar system

Tycho Brahe was (almost) right. Copernicus was (completely) wrong – all along.

Tycho’s proposed ‘geo-heliocentric’ model had the orbits of the Sun and Mars intersecting – much like the vast majority of our visible star systems. In other words, he had correctly (yet unwittingly) interpreted the binary nature of our solar system. Since no binary star system had yet been observed in his time, Tycho had no way of making sense of his own observations. He then made a most horrendous mistake – i.e. when he entrusted the young Kepler to solve the baffling yet crucial & all-important behavior of Mars. The rest of this tragic ‘mishap’ (which has set back humankind’s cosmo-logical knowledge by 400+ years) is recounted in due detail in my book, “the TYCHOS model” .…

Space science fakery

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Fake items in this story:

  1. No one travels to space, including these two
  2. There is probably only one “twin”
  3. There is no evidence that DNA or RNA exists, and no evidence in this story that there was a study or any scientists
  4. Hoax code 93% of his “DNA” didn’t “change”

NASA-guardians of space and psience fakery.

Astronaut Scott Kelly had an identical twin brother when he ventured into space and set the record for most consecutive days spent in orbit, but not anymore.

Source: Astronaut’s DNA no longer matches his identical twin | New York Post

Does this video convince you that these are two different human beans?

semi-simStern on Kimmel

MM on FE/DBA/Elon Musk

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But the reason I am attaching this addendum is that the media is reporting some people are crying foul on SpaceX, but it pretends everyone who thinks this is fake is a Flat Earther. I told you a couple of years ago when this Flat Earth stuff began to be promoted heavily at Youtube and online that this was why. The mainstream creates its own lunatic-fringe opposition, so that when you disagree with them they can lump you in with this lunatic fringe. “Oh, everyone who thinks SpaceX is fake is a Flat Earther.” No. I think Space-X is fake and I am not a Flat Earther.
So try again. But they can’t try again because they have nothing else. They have no rebuttal. The only thing they have is a knee-jerk dismissal based on a Flat-Earth theory their own people created, so once you get past that it is silence.
You will tell me there are some people on Youtube saying this is fake, and then promoting Flat Earth.
Yes, of course they are, because that is part of the project. They want you to think there is some connection between Flat Earth and criticizing NASA or SpaceX. There isn’t. That connection has been manufactured. Just as there are no serial killers and no real Communists
, there are no real Flat Earthers. Every single one of them is an agent in disguise, pretending to be a Flat Earther.

FAK161m-Humble mention #13

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Mention #13 – this time Humble dismisses flat earth talk with nonsensical arguments from this site.

Source: Humble and Fred Condoms / July 20 – RECENT SHOWS

HB521-Mosquito larvae, KHam, SMJ, and Lynn flat off, space talk

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Lively call with SMJ on Sputnick. Nothing gets people going like the flat earth. 

Is the Kennedy clan America’s first royal LARPING family? 

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Super extra-box thinking 

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Not exactly fakeology but I didn’t want this type of thinking hidden on…

I commented:

This is batshit crazy, out if the box thinking. Why do I like it? Imagine if everyone in the world broke through what they are told to believe and started thinking like this – how far could we go? 

HB509:Chris says flat earth is a psyop

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Chris is convinced flat earth is a psyop, and gets passionate about it. Brian Stavely appears for a brief bad audio moment, fresh out of jail (acorroding to his skype).   Chris then ends the call depressed and defeated.  Hopefully he will return recharged. 

Frank (come to discord Frank), for all his hubris, brings up a rock solid point that you cannot prove a theory; you can only disprove one. My P900 disproves curve to me. I also don’t see a sphere when I point it at the moon. I see a 2d surface with amazing artifacts. 

I think my video disproves the geometric curve of 8inches/mile squared.  Where’s the other Toronto video that disproves there’s no flat? 

I plan on getting right on the beach soon to take another soon. 

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Update: this new link has an extra hour or so. In it, Chris questions my intentions and role in this psyop. Hopefully Chris will realise I am not part of any psyop to deceive him or other “ballers”. 

* Show Notes:…

Can Jeran flatten Chris? 

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Chris Kendall(myself )did a Skype call with Jeran (jeranism) and we spoke a bit about flat earth theory. As far as I’m concerned, the reality of air travel and the time that it takes to get between two points confirms that the earth is a globe.I have since checked out what Jeran said was what the diameter of the earth would need be if it were indeed flat. From what I gather and I suggest people check it against whatever source they deem reliable, that the diameter would need to be at least 22,00

Zach on 9/11 and Flat earth 

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Zach apparently started out his truth journey with 9/11. He’s convinced flat earth is a dba psyop. He says Russianvids is a gatekeeper. I still enjoy both their work. Just the sheer volume of it is impressive, or deceptive? 

Johnny hates Math

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I like Johnny. Here he roasts Math Powerland, who he says is a CSIS agent. 


Black Frosting 

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M2 fans may be happy to note that Miles Mathis says that the earth is flat meme is a psyop to discredit NASA debunkers.

He also calls out Russianvids as the most popular disinfo baker on the topic. 


 Here is the project: they want to make you think that the only people questioning or exposing NASA or

SpaceX are Flat Earthers or other obvious kooks. So they surround any real analysis with tons of fake

analysis that resembles the real analysis in most ways. They then add a layer of black frosting to the

fake analysis. This frosting is now most often Flat Earth stuff, but it could be a frosting of Hitler

promotion or Satanism or anything else that most people find a complete turn-off. Most people will

then refuse the cake because of the frosting. They will refuse the Flat Earth, and in doing so will refuse

the exposing of SpaceX or NASA.