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Liars, cheats, and epidemiologists

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Since epidemiologists are at the center of the coronavirushoax, it’s instructive to see what other areas of “science” these liars have wreaked havoc.

How about the beef industry?

It seems the war against red meat has more to do with the phony fight against global warming, and with the eugenicist oligarch plan to rid the world of humans and good natural food.

Check the 6 minute mark to see the level of science used to discredit the red meat industry. It’s pathetic.

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The real covaids

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Pesticides wipe out insects in a single shot.

We eat the food they’re sprayed on.

Over time, they no doubt bio accumulate in our system causing dis-ease.

The same big pharma sells us drugs to counter this dis ease, further toxifying us.

Since it effects large groups of consumers, they can call it a epi/pandemic.

That’s how we get to 2020.

Add toxically made corn sugar, chlorinated water, boxed food that doesn’t spoil, it’s no wonder we struggle to keep healthy.

The bees are just the canary in the coal mine – almost a distraction.

We are all addicted to nicotine via Neonicotinoids

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Mrs. Fakeologist isn’t happy

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Toronto and area libraries are closed for two weeks. Link

My wife, my world’s biggest bookworm, is not happy.

She will be recycle reading her own collection during this severe interruption to her routine.

This, of course, is a main goal of world wide psyOps. Reset people’s routines, perceptions, and write new laws to guide them in the future towards a central, and dangerous, control.

Why does Coronavirus target Italy?

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Surely a virus, if it even existed, doesn’t know what country it’s in.

So why is the nutwork targeting Simon’s Italy?

Most people on this planet are probably unaware of the fact that Italy has been at the very forefront of the so-called anti-vax movement. As Italy’s former health minister Beatrice Lorenzin introduced a policy in 2017 obligating children to receive ten compulsory vaccinations, there was a huge public uproar – an estimated 50% of Italians rejecting this outrageous violation of… well, just about everything we associate with the words “democracy” and “freedom of choice”.….

Glad to see Simon back on the fakery beat.

Coronavirus plushie

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How much more evidence of being orchestrated do you need?
via Cluesforum


In October 2019 (two months before the first reported case of Coronavirus in China) a symposium with 130 exclusive guests named the “201 Event” was held in New York by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. The “201 event” (complete with fictitious TV news reports) simulated a future coronavirus [sic] pandemic that would spread catastrophically around the planet and cripple the world economy. Most “ironically”, the invitation to the event (see below) featured a “giant microbe”[sic] – as a prize to the early registrants to the event – in the form of a stuffed souvenir: a sun-shaped plushie surrounded by a red “corona”.

Two coronavirus videos

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Via Simon.

The bottom line is that this supposed Coronavirus “pandemic” has obviously been planned in advance of the supposed Coronavirus outbreak.

You’ll now probably ask me: “how do I know this?”

Well, just set aside 11 minutes of your life and watch (all the way to the end) this video , uploaded on November 4, 2019 :….…

Coronavirus: Crisis Actors, ID2020, Event 201 | COVID19 Ovid’s Exile – Enchanted LifePath TV Alternative News & Media

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Good style website.…

The Infectious Myth – David tackles the Coronavirus Panic

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The Infectious Myth – David tackles the Coronavirus Panic

2020-03-03 by Progressive Radio Network

Web player:

David provides his analysis of the coronavirus panic. He does not believe that the coronavirus test is accurate, and the coronavirus has never been proven to exist, so the tests may be completely meaningless. He discusses some of the research, shows that it is not scientific, and describes some of the many anomalies regarding coronavirus testing, and the theory that the epidemic is real and infectious. A written version of this show is at:…