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CC11 :The Invention of AIDS

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Great conversation with fakeologist favorites. 

Virology fakeology

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Do you think that viri exist at all? The whole science of virology I contend is a hoax, like nuclear “science”. Who has access to these electron “microscopes”? Are these images all phony or fabricated as well? They are as controlled as powerful telescopes. Anything we cannot sense with our 6 senses is subject to fabrication and fakeology – from very small to very large.

Bigger Faster Stronger Bodybuilding Documentary review

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I know I don’t usually do movie reviews here, but I decided to place this here because it centers around WWE – which most people understand is fake, but is portrayed as real. As fake and contrived as it is, however, real people do get hurt, often from the drug use used to curb real pain from injury playing a role.

This movie is great on so many levels. It is shot in the Michael Moore documentary style that I like so much, and has a genuine feel to it. The filmmaker Chris Bell’s agenda starts out portraying anabolic steroids as dangerous at worst and immoral at best, but he finishes questioning who decides what drugs are legal and which are not and why, and whether any of this information is based on the scientific method. Of course, most laws are based on a well agreed upon lie, that’s spread by all the laws of propaganda that we study here.

The film also questions the whole America is #1 psyop as well. It’s an honest look at how his family (all of them) were sold a bill of goods and left hanging at the end (literally). His family seems loving and supportive, yet despite their best efforts their children are left devastated by the great American myth.

If you like this movie, you’ll enjoy this one as well – a scathing look at the legal drug industry.

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The whole vax/anti-vax dialectic is complex and very confusing. This latest controversy doesn’t help? Is Robert DeNiro really on the side for truth, or is he controlled opposition? Is the whole vax/anti-vax a giant red herring, obscuring the real cause of autism-like symptoms? I don’t have any answers so far, but my opinion today is that vaccines at best do nothing, and at worst cause some sort of mild to severe side effect due to the chemical preservatives that harm the body.

Why was Vaxxed shut down? The answer? Jane Rosenthal and her (ex) husband, Craig Hatkoff. That’s my opinion, my story, and I’m sticking to it. Yes, there were other pressures on Robert De Niro. I know all about them. But Jane Rosenthal and her husband Craig are very, very tight with De Niro. How tight?

Source: Why Vaxxed was shot down at Tribeca—up close and personal « Jon Rappoport’s Blog

DeNiro says pull it at 1:26…

Lucky Larry says it too

If you can’t watched Vaxxed (can’t be found so far), check “Bound”, which switches to a food movie half way through.