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FAC656-Coronathon again

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John le Bon kicks off this long audio, featuring Ab, Willose, Ashelloooo, Geris

JLB provided a YouTube simulcast

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Fear Is the Mind Killer

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Love/support this msm channel (and Melissa’s voice). They don’t address the cause but they do discuss the reaction – which is real – which is now the issue.

This video will go viral.

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Agenda ID2020

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Another end result on the globalist’s wish list that could be implemented/begged for by the desperate Coronanated public.

What is the infamous ID2020? It is an alliance of public-private partners, including UN agencies and civil society. It’s an electronic ID program that uses generalized vaccination as a platform for digital identity.…

ID2020 director, only in her 30s, comes from GAVI, the global vaccinators. She fails to mention that link her speech.

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Weasel word of the day: Presumptive 

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Coronahoax 2020 has brought words to the public that I guarantee they’ve never used or even heard of before.

Weasel words is a fakeologist term given to any words that deliberately and probably legally skirt the truth. They mean whatever comes after them are words or a concept that you can choose to believe, if you’re so gullible.

1: based on probability or presumption the presumptive nominee 2: giving grounds for reasonable opinion or belief

Source: Presumptive | Definition of Presumptive by Merriam-Webster


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We go over the Corona Virus Hoax 2020 – and it takes a while.

With a huge cast of (mostly Australian as usual) characters, not in order:

Ab, Geris, Exoterick, Ashellooo, Yossarian, Velocet, John le Bon, Rollie Quaid, JamieManwoody, Willose,Beevie, Whey Farer

Dismantling the virus theory

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Corona investigators should be asking not if Corona can kill you and everyone around – but does it exist at all? Does the virus theory make any sense at all?


h/t Clues

Cluesforum thread on topic

No Agenda Corona coverage

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They won’t call it an #hrdpar, but still worth a listen.

[No Agenda] 1224: “CAPS” #noAgenda via @PodcastAddict