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It’s a movie now

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Following the idea that if they make it a movie, it must be fake, we have this latest piece involving the Ted Kennedy “scandal”.

Is there any fakery research out there on this one?

The lion of American liberalism Ted Kennedy went to Camelot in the sky in 2009.But he was unable to escape the stench of scandal that emanated from a car crash on Chappaquiddick Island on July 18, 1969.The tumultuous 1960s left the Kennedy family — and the nation — tattered.

Source: CHAPPAQUIDICK: An American tragedy | Toronto Sun

PG11-Watergate psyop

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The purpose of Watergate is to position the media as opposed to the government, showing how they can solve crimes and keep government in check. Of course, the opposite is true.

Podcast Episode 11: The System Fears A World Wide Chorus of Reason. Please visit… for more.

HBC558-9/11 Monologues

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Start @ 1:30:00 for 9/11 and JFK talk.

HBC 549-Hoax Busters-Stop the Bleeding

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Chris’ back.

“We’ll have to vote harder next time”

Next time Lyn calls, can someone please ask if it’s male or female?

Still looking for the second shooter from JFK, Oklahoma, Vegas, Sandy Hoax… OJ.

Chris had only one donor this show(me). If noagenda can raise $30,000 in one show, regular listeners could pony up at least $100 for the closest truth out there.

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JFK bored game

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Could it be any more obvious to fakeologists that November is JFK conspiracy month in the media?

The stories are getting thin and old. There’s nothing new.

The timing of the release of latest fiction the JFK 3000 is too rich.

JFKTV | Piece of Mindful

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Blue Moon, who used to post here, has placed his book at POM in easier to scrape/index html format.

If you think JFK really died that day, then you need to read the book or read the posts as he installs them.

If you believe that the media was used to portray the assassination of the world’s most followed human being in broad daylight, then everything, including 9/11, is, and will be forever, possible.

This is the first installment of my book, JFKTV, to be posted at POM. I’ll break the whole thing up into hopefully easily digestible portions, perhaps 10-ish segments over the next few weeks so as not to hog the road.  Big ups to Mark for transferring the original PDF to this format for posting purposes.

Source: JFKTV | Piece of Mindful

Humble on Kennedy 911 / 11-22-16

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Start at 1:15:00 to here “real” or genuine conspiracy talk. I interviewed Howard a few years ago and he still hasn’t watched….  Email them at… and make them aware. 

On the 53rd anniversary of the Kennedy assassination, the conversation moves towards 911 / Should Humble and Fred soften the show / The Pane/ of Women with Emily, Amanda and comic Jess Bryson / Racism attached to Trump / Phil gets vaccinated.

Catcher the numbers and hidden hands

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We have found here in our research that people we call “spooks,” or Intelligence agents or assets, love to both signal one another and leave clever signatures. Often the signals are numerical, with the numbers 8, 11, 33, 47, 555 and others appearing in many forms. For instance,

Source: Of numbers, books, hidden hands | Piece of Mind

Driving around what do I see?

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As I mourn for the victimization of the American people by the Satanists who have taken total spectrum dominance of all levers of control, what do I drive by?




Not sure if it’s a 1961, but it’s probably close. The made for TV ride that started it all.

Forgot God Bless America, God help America, and by extension, the world.

The few peeps of sanity here and a few other places are all that’s left between reality and a fatal ignorance of the simulation.

Jay goes to Dealey Plaza

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Jay’s the smartest philosopher (remember the other JFK philosopher and his longest failed JFK investigation) talking about the JFK hoax and its stagecraft characteristics. Let’s hope he gets traction with the chattering classes and those that consider themselves intellectuals.

POM thinks Hicks is Jones

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I’m not convinced that one is the other, but I am not dismissing it either. Good to read another blogger talking about the JFK stage show.

We live in a Truman Show world where just about every piece of “news” is in some manner designed to manage our perceptions. The real world is a mundane place … There are no terrorists, disease is controllable, people generally get along and are cooperative … and dumb, easy to manipulate. TV is the enterprise that spins our heads with fantasies of elections, public debates, opinion polls, suicide bombers, mass shootings, rampant outbreaks of diseases … all fake.

Source: Bill Hicks, comedian extraordinaire | Piece of Mind