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Media married to 9/11, literally 

napoleon wilsonlike this

Interesting find at LRF. One of the vicsims literally was sleeping with dogs. 

Came across an interesting recent article concerning 9/11. Specifically, that ESPN’s Adam Shefter and HBO’s Jon Frankel both married widows of Cantor Fitzgerald employees. What are the odds?

Two 9/11 Widows Marry TV Personalities…

11 types of 9/11 vicsims

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Added to faketube 7/29/18


I watched this vid that John mentioned on our last show, which reminded me of this aging post that still has much good info from the old Fetzer show I enjoyed so much (his reputation non-withstanding).

Larry and Phil went over the 11 types of vicsims that may have been used on 9/11.

Types of fake terror victims on 911

1. Complete fakes– Operation Northwoods style total fictions

2. Fake relatives of operatives– made up aliases, added to the “family” of spooks and insiders, so that the “spook relatives” can play roles conducive to backing up the lie

3. Real people, spooks reassigned– deep cover agents, put on the list to neatly end their service or specific assignment, with no trail or loose ends

4. Real people, connected, reassigned– people connected to the network, wishing to start over, disappear, for various reasons

5. Real people, in trouble, voluntarily reassigned– real people who were at risk of prosecution, who escaped by joining the victims list

6. Real people, in trouble, coerced, reassigned– real people offered a “deal” to avoid prosecution, by aiding in the victims fraud

7. Real people, connected, terminally ill– instead of just dying, why not be a 911 hero, setting up your family to use it to further your favorite cause, political or otherwise.

8. Real people, long dead– like the fake identity creators, borrow the identity of someone long dead, resurrect them to die again as a victim, with or without cooperation of family members

9. Real people, intentionally murdered– beforehand, included on the list to cover it up

10. Real people, intentionally murdered– sacrificed during the demolition

11. Real people, accidental victims– unintended collateral damage


Survival of television itself behind fake news hoaxes 

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Newspapers’ very survival also survives on fake stories. I noticed that the only columnists left in Toronto are the old (real ones) who do all the emotional, heart tugging personal stories and profiles of the vicsims in our own local fake stories. Without fake stories, there really is very little to print.

Expect the intelligence agencies to shift to youtube, netflix, and even some of your favorite podcasts – like Serial. After listening to season one, I am almost sure that it was based on a fake story – portrayed as real (it took me a while to realise it, as my own cursory research brought little reality). Season 2 looks like more of the same.

The very survival of television as a functioning medium depends upon the constant stream of fake scandals, fake crimes, and fake crises which the media itself manufactures.It is very easy to imagine that the networks have used consumer surveys to surmise that ’24 hour News’ and its offshoot talkshows, scandals, and gossip constitute virtually the only reason cited by subscribers for continuing their cable services.Number one on the list of reasons for paying to have ads and irritating smut streamed into your home1. “without television, I will be cut off from important information. Television is my main means of staying informed.”So , lets put together what purpose ‘manufacturing news’ serves to those making a lavish income in television might serve. Ratings? No.The sheer survival of television itself depends upon today’s ‘information hungry’ subscriber being kept in a constant state of fear and anxiety about the latest ‘crisis’, or the latest ‘worrisome trend’ , or ‘disgusting scandal’ etc.Nearly 100% of which are completely fake.It is not just incomes which are at stake should television go extinct.Without fake news, television would be gone. Gone with it would be the most powerful tool for mass social control in history, and the end of an era.

Source: Survival of television itself behind fake news hoaxes – Let’s Roll Forums

Those flashes

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As Simon does what he does best, in this case exposing Phil Jayhan and Let’s Roll Forums, I was surprised that Phil was part of the whole flashing missile imagery at the WTC. I spent quite a bit of time pondering this back when I was fully consumed with the inside-job rabbit hole of the 9/11 deception.

It so happens that I exposed Dylan Avery of doing just that – a long time ago. But, as we can see in these old Let’s Roll articles HERE and HERE it emerges that Phil Jayhan was directly involved with that scam – and was actually an active / vigorous promoter of the same. See, at the time, Dylan and Jayhan were saying that some mysterious “flashes” could be seen in assorted clips featuring “Flight 175” and “FLIGHT11”. These flashes were, supposedly, “damning proof” that missiles were fired by both planes just before impacting. The missile, they claimed, would have been fired from that ‘mysterious appendage” which they – and that other clown Dave Von Kleist – called “the POD”, a supposed ‘miltary ordnance’ attached underneath the plane …

via View topic – PHIL JAYHAN – still roaming about •….

sim Jeremy Glick flight 93

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There are many ways to simulate a victim. Perhaps this is one of them. Perhaps Jeremy was based on a “real life character” – simply an old picture of the father or brother in this family made into a sim-son.

Teaching-English-in-Japan-Education-Jonah"I did some research about him and I found a very similair family member.

Jeremy Glick died in plane 93

Jonah Glick (brother jeremy)

Are they the same person with an age difference of 15 years? Same nose.

I’m just curious what you guys think

Jonah starts speaking through the phone at 14:15

via Jeremy Glick plane 93 alive? – Let’s Roll Forums.


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I agree I am not a researcher specific to any one psyOp or hoax. I am a highlighter, which itself is a pretty big task. Even it was a paid job, which I probably wouldn’t be able to do 8 hours a day, I would still do it the way I’m doing it.

Here’s Culto, a past guest, commenting to PShea about going on the Jim Fetzer broadcast. I think Culto thinks I should have spent more time understanding the M. Meyer case, and because of my lack of interest overall in the case, I am lazy. I prefer to call myself selective. I agree with Culto with the premise that the whole JFK event was a psyOp hoax.

His work leads overall on this theory, and that’s enough for me. I encourage everyone to herd over to Let’s Roll Forums and read for themselves.

Please don’t associate Ab Abirato (Tim) in any kind with the word “researching” like you just did in your post.

Tim is way too lazy and limited to be called a “researcher” at all. He is just another on-line data miner, he is a cyber herder with strict orders to direct his (new) listeners and readers toward Cluesforums.

via Let’s Roll Forums – View Single Post – The “JFK-MURDER” was a STAGED EVENT / JFK wasn’t “KILLED” on 11/22/63!.

Lady DIANA SPENCER, the White House, Isis

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This may be conspiracy candy, but I do like it. I agree this numerology and fascination with numbers goes way back.

So K-9 is a secret code. It means Canine=Dogstar=Sirius=Isis, and it also means 11-9.

This is a timecode, and as we saw in the previous post, a subtle signal can be sent by simply setting the hands of a clock or a watch to the 11 and 9 positions.

Another way to express the K-9 code as a timecode is as a date.

Depending on whether you use the American or European convention, 11-9 can read either as November 9 or September 11.

I’m going so far as to suggest that the very reason for the choice of September 11 as the date for the “9/11|”(!) event, is because of this simple secret Sirius timecode.

Again, with this crazy thought in mind, some insane things suddenly make excellent sense.

The entire story is contained in these photographs. The chequerboard floor represents the ritual alignments in the city layouts. Princess Diana, at her flawless dazzling best, represents Isis. John Travolta represents New York. The two pillars are present in the background. These photos are a perfect symbolic representation of the twin rituals, which are really one single ritual, the Diana event and 9/11.

via Let’s Roll Forums – View Single Post – Lady DIANA SPENCER, A Limo And An Underpass: What Happened?.

h/t Peter Shea…

Hollow towers

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Hollow or empty towers went a long way to helping me understand the depth of the deception. Here are old two audios that are worth listening to with Phil and Larry describing their investigation.…



Leo Szilard and the nuke bomb patent

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Insightful post on the inventor of the bomb and predictive programmer HG Wells.

Leo Szilard who was behind the patent for the nuclear bomb was an avid reader of H.G. Wells who essentially laid the blueprint for this discovery in his fiction novel “The World Set Free”. I am reading that book right now and the clues are extremely prevalent that he is essentially blueprinting a new world order. The average reader would not discern the subtext in this book but if you read it with your eyes open from how a globalist might interpret this he is advising how the world should be deceived. Here is a strange passage that I highlighted. He is talking about a class of men called the ancient seekers and how they are a family in and of itself.…

Truth Castle

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The interpretation of this basic schedule starts at the red A: the Big Lie itself.

“The castle” in this schedule symbolizes the Big Lie event. It needs to be protected at all cost. I hesitated to include “The Elite” in this schedule as well, for that would make it too confusing. However, this Big Lie was created by The Elite (or the PTB, or the perps, whatever you call them) basically to remain The Elite. The main interest for the elite is to continue being the elite, to be ‘standing above’ the people, the sheeple, the public. Like a king and his entourage, living in that castle, protected against all enemies.

The Big Lie itself is such an immense, outrageous lie that people aren’t even able to recognize it as a lie at all. It goes beyond any inmagination to consider it as it is: a lie, a fraud.

Still, it needs protection. Protection against discovering that it indeed was just nothing more than a lie in the first place. In order to keep the public away from it, The Elite figured something out to protect their all-important Big Lies: truth layers.

The truth layers are symbolized in this schedule by means of the protecting walls surrounding the Big Lie “castle” and, very important, the areas in between them. Indicated as the blue B and C.

These walls and areas in between them were created to keep the public, the sheeple as much as possible away from the “Big Lie” castle; the public is fed with with the Offical Story of the event to keep them busy in this “sea” of lies. That’s the unprotected, public area around the first protecting truth layer. As far away as possible from the all-important red area: the castle, containing the Big Lie. (See schedule.)

However, there is always a built-in possibility to access the castle, the Big Lie itself. In those protecting walls there are small, hidden doors which enable the transition from the unprotected area, the Official Story, right into the castle. (The green D in the schedule)

Please note, these entrances are an integral part of the entire design of these protecting walls themselves! In other words: this is definately not damage control. They are there for a reason. Imo this is the most fascinating aspect:

The elite allow the public to know that they are actually being fooled big time. With Big Lies.…

h/t Herge Degrelle, Peter Sheehan

Controlled demolition Monday

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What the WTC destruction may have looked like.

Video #1…

Video #2

Some more implosions on Let’s Roll…

h/t Virginia

Lady Di time

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I fully intended to do a show with Culto on this topic, as I mentioned in an earlier interview with him. Culto has unfortunately decided to abstain from future Fakeologist Radio broadcasts for many reasons. That doesn’t take anything away from this thread on LRF, which I am going to review over the next few days. I believe it follows the JFK and other celeb templates for fakery, and is a similar psyOp.

Four years before the “9/11” terror simulation event, the car accident in Paris which took the lives of Diana Frances Spencer, Dodi Al Fayed and Henri Paul, left the entire world in shock. The impact in the mainstream media of this August 31, 1997 event was enormous. And ever since that day, there has been much focus on the circumstances surrounding their visit to Paris and the accident itself.

After all, Lady Di was and still is one of the most beloved persons in the world. Just like JFK. Many issues involving her car accident turned out to be questionable and provoked lots of controversy and doubts in the mainstream media, including on the internet. Just like the “JFK assassination” event.

via Lady DIANA SPENCER, A Limo And An Underpass: What Happened? – Let’s Roll Forums.

Egypt vicsim collage?

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This looks familiar. A “wall” of sorts of vicsims…where the death count is all over the map, but I’ve seen the number 638 a few times.

If he didn’t take sides, he clearly laid blame. U.S. President Barack Obama “strongly condemned” Egypt’s interim government and its army for a deadly crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood.

via What the world can (and can’t) do after Egypt’s deadly day – The Globe and Mail.

We have all read bits and pieces about the 911 Victims memorial wall which went up in lightning speed, across from the world trade center. And the research has been scattered across many post and is time for its own thread.

The 9/11 Memorial Wall Hoax: Psyche War – Hiding Behind Human Shields – Let’s Roll Forums