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9/11 riddle is solved, but the hoax management goes on

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Another year, another fake story.

This story is tricky: it uses 9/11 and hoax to soak up any searches, and spin you into another fake story that interlaces the numbers 9 and 11 effortlessly – all in famous video blogger Casey Neistat’s studio (all because it was raining!)

Well we brought you guys in today because we love Underunderstood, and I think our listeners are going to love Underunderstood too. And there’s an episode in particular that we wanted to feature for them. So this episode connects to Reddit, and a suspicious photograph, and 9/11. So Billy, without giving away too much, how did you find this story?

Source: The 9/11 Hoax That Wasn’t | Endless Thread

antipodeanToday at 3:30 AM
I’m flattered.…
“Billy: Yeah, and I also found additional photos of him as a child, actually. Hold on. Wait, let me see if I can…
John: Oh, are we on the same forum? Is it
Billy: Oh, no. I did find that website though and some people were saying that they thought the kid looked like… oh, they link to… who was it? It was some celebrity.
John: Mark Lester.
Billy: Yes, right. Yeah, Mark Lester who played the title role in Oliver!, the musical film that won best picture in 1968. How he got to Tribeca in the year 2001, I do not know.”

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Suspicious case of drunk driving

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This case smells like bad fish.

This of course is the time of year that people drink to excess and many still drive.

It’s therefore a good idea to stage collisions to scare the pants off people who don’t get the message.

This case seems real from the photos, but the biggest tip we have a staged event is the increasingly ubiquitous publication ban. There’s only one reason in an open society to have such a ban: to hide a phony court case and not have to provide a detailed story.

Otherwise we may as well be in a backwards third world tin pot dictatorship where justice is not seen to be meted out.

The man accused of killing two 19-year-old pedestrians in an impaired driving crash in Scarborough wiped away tears and appeared emotional as he was denied bail in court Monday evening, less than 24 hours after the crash. Michael Johnson, 40, of Pickering, mostly kept his head bowed down in his hands throughout his lengthy bail hearing in a Scarborough courtroom. At times, he could be seen breathing heavily, his body shaking, before Justice Thomas Cleary made his ruling. Bail is typically denied in ca

Source: Pickering man accused of killing two 19-year-old pedestrians in impaired driving crash is denied bail |

It’s good to check the players – and since no lawyers are mentioned, let’s check the judge, Justice Thomas Cleary.

This screen shot shows he’s paid plenty. I didn’t know judging paid so well.

Google really doesn’t have much record of the judge. Is this normal for there to be next to no record of any trials over the years?

There’s only one other suspicious trial from a few years ago that comes up.

Having the case involve international students (and there are plenty here propping up our university system) allows the perps to leave the vicsim stories undeveloped and unsupported, since no family members are going to be here.

Johnson was brought into court in handcuffs, wearing a black jacket, dark blue pants and black shoes, his hair clean and short.

About a dozen people were in the audience for the hearing. One woman, seated with Johnson’s family, could be seen sobbing throughout.

As the judge read his decision, one family member put her hands over her mouth. Another fell to her knees in tears.

As is typical, a publication ban was imposed on the information introduced during the proceeding.

I thought if one was detained in our system, you didn’t get to wear your own clothes. An orange jump suit is the usual garb.

9 charges, other small clues indicating hoaxery.

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Controlled grafitti spray

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Real or Photoshop? Did anyone actually see the paint?

I’m not saying there was nothing sprayed on this memorial, and I’m not saying that 33 yos don’t commit crimes.However, the rant on Facebook (anyone have a link or screencap?) about Cherry added to all these components (and the contrived name) makes this look like a controlled spray, as I suspect most grafitti vandalism stories are.

Appears villain could be a LARPer, and not a sim.

The cenotaph at Old City Hall was vandalized with the words “ye broke faith” on Monday.GTA
Police arrest Toronto man over vandalism at Old City Hall cenotaph
By Ilya BañaresStaff Reporter
Fri., Nov. 15, 2019timer2 min. read
Police have arrested a Toronto man for allegedly vandalizing the Old City Hall cenotaph with spray paint hours after it was the site of a downtown Remembrance Day ceremony.The cenotaph, which honours those who died in both World Wars and the Korean War, was vandalized with dark blue spray-painted letters sometime between 10 p.m. Monday and 7 a.m. Tuesday, when police first received reports of the damage.The words “ye broke faith” could be seen written in capital letters across the bottom of the monument on Tuesday morning, behind wreaths that had been placed at the base for the previous day’s service. The words “with us” could be seen on the backside of the monument.ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOWThe vandalism was removed a few hours later after City spokesperson Bob Langmaid said the city arranged for cleaners.The words appeared to reference a line from John McCrae’s 1915 poem “In Flanders Fields,” written during the First World War. The poem’s last lines read:If ye break faith with us who dieWe shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

Thomas Christian Zaugg, 33, of Toronto, was arrested on charges of mischief under $5,000 and mischief interfering with lawful enjoyment of property.He was scheduled to appear in court at Old City Hall on Friday at 10 a.m.A Toronto man named Thomas Zaugg posted a long, rambling statement to Facebook on Wednesday claiming he was “compelled to do this act” following Don Cherry’s firing over a Coach’s Corner segment in which he complained immigrants — whom he referred to as “you people” — weren’t wearing poppies honouring veterans.…

Facebook link to suspect

Facebook post

If Thomas Zaugg was arrested why is the media not using his mugshot…

Here is his manifesto. Nothing much here that I disagree with.

Mayors Tory and Crombie,

You are gutless cowards without conviction who will say anything you believe the public wants to hear. You could have just have easily stood up for Veterans and the forces by standing up for Don Cherry and clarifying what he was trying to say, instead of capitulating to a twitter mob. If you were stronger moral leaders for our cities, I would not have been compelled to do this act in order to make the political statement perfectly clear. I get that Doug Ford is basically illiterate, but what’s your excuse for not catching the refernce to John McCrae’s In Flanders Fields? For your information; the veterans and active duty personnel I have engaged in dialogue with about this act, have given it their blessing. You people are weak leaders and should resign.

Alex Li, the uniform of a cop, on the nations most corrupt police force I might add, is not the same thing as wearing the uniform of the Canadian military. Cops are janitors that mop up the messes when people break the law. Soliders are soliders and they knowingly put themselves in situations that are a risk to their lives. The toronto police services personnel conduct themselves in a manner that is unbecoming and would be reprehensible from a 16 year old cadet. Do not get it twisted janitor. Go back to Beijing, and bring your communist style social credit system with you.

To Whom it May Concern
Prime Minister Stephen Harper was correct when he insisted there was an identity crisis in Canada. While I personally was not fond of Mr. Harper or his government, divergent views and approaches to governing are a foundational element to the rich tapestry that creates our culture mosaic. Good and factual observations can come from people of all political stripes and walks of life. In the greater Toronto area we have a cultural identity problem. This problem has not a single thing to do with ethnicity, and everything to do with mentality. Many Canadians in the GTA are forgetting what Remembrance day is about.
Part of the social contract in this country is the draft. Growing up and learning about the bravery and valiant, honourable service embodied by Canadian soldiers throughout history, I felt a connection with them. Knowing that if I were alive then, I too would have been called to serve the nation, and would have likely died. Serving in the Air Cadets, learning how to march, polishing your boots, how to iron your tunic, standing at attention in a parade square for annual inspection while an officer from the air force takes the time to shake the flights hand. You stand there for an extended period of time, and you contemplate laying down your life for the country, and for the freedoms that sacrifice would be in the service of. In a world with escalating tensions, we ought to be paying a little more respect in our city to the military and its previous and ongoing service.
What Don Cherry said was not racist, hateful or directed at immigrants. “You people come here, OR WHATEVER IT IS” as in whatever your damn excuse is for not buying and wearing a poppy. “You love our milk, you love our honey. You love our way of life” as in you are standing on the soil they fought and died in honour of, enjoying the freedoms and the way of life they died in service to. We have gotten to a strange place in our society when a beloved sports broadcaster, known for making fiery yet thoughtful rants gets fired for encouraging the people in the GTA to celebrate and participate by reverencing a national day of remembrance of our fallen, and continue in the tradition of buying and wearing a poppy. People are free to refuse to buy poppy’s or free to wear them but why isn’t Don Cherry free to scold people for not buying them? The same way he scolds a player for a hit he doesn’t like?
Canada’s immigrants are mostly an agreeable an affable bunch. It falls on the people who are from here to do better at observing our tradition before we encourage others to so. Seeing municipal leadership capitulate out of fear of causing offence instead of clarifying Cherry’s comments is what is disgusting. I think in many peoples cases, it simply is just not something that’s on peoples radar of priorities. A greater collective somber reflection would help breed a stronger Canadian identity, one that is more in line with the country to which this region is the cultural leader of. An identity founded on the history of the sacrifices our forces made and the understanding that we too may be called to make that sacrifice. This will build a stronger unity between the divergent peoples who live here that transcends race and even language. Understanding that one day we could be standing shoulder to shoulder; both old and new Canadians in the service of our country if a major war were to break out, is how we foster the type of society the embodies and is aligned with our values as Canadians.
There is a small minority of people on the internet and in the media, who carry far too much power and sway in the minds of our politicians. People that are cheering on the implementation of the antithesis to the Canadian identity, draconian speech policing and a mass silencing of anything they deem objectionable. Why are we allowing this to happen? Are there even freedoms left to fight for in this country? This cancel culture has gotten out of hand and I fear it is the beachhead for a cultural shift into an authoritarian communist state. This is not the future the men who fought and died in the battles inscribed on that monument died for. We have broken faith with their noble sacrifices, and we need to acknowledge that in order to start correcting that as the people of the Greater Toronto Area.
National monuments are the public commons, and places that are fair targets in the cultural war. They are already tearing down statues of the father of confederation, how much longer before they decide the Cenotaph is a monument to the patriarchy and white supremacy? Nowadays graffiti is fairly easily removed. It does not disrespect a war memorial to momentarily affix a line from a poem written by a man whose grave is honoured, along with many others as a part of that stone. In the first world war, soldiers would write lines of poetry before going over the top. It honours their memory to make the comment. It brings the monument to life, with the words of the fallen, as if written on the walls of a trench. They did not die for us to become this type of mentally straight jacketed society, unable to speak freely or share ones view. You people, the perpetually offended hyper-sensitive adult children, are ruining our society. And that’s why I spray painted the Cenotaph.

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Fetzer files

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Fetzer is a gatekeeper, time has proven that. He gatekeeps 9/11 vicsims with nuke hoax fakery and JFK as a real shooting.

It’s surprising then that he fully exposes Sandy Hook as an ICE Capstone event, complete with vicsims. Was this simply to set the LARPing stage for this (fake) trial?

I don’t listen to a Fetzer anymore as he’s hard to find in audio format. Perhaps he’s explained himself fully but this mini Alex Jones/Pozner show trial is hard to fathom.

A Wisconsin jury on Tuesday awarded Lenny Pozner, the father of a 6-year-old Sandy Hook shooting victim, $450,000 in his defamation lawsuit against the co-author of the book “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.”…

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Laugh that could make the world smile

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Is this a good news or bad news hoax? Sometimes they give a contradicting theme. Either way it’s unlikely there’s any grain of truth to this one. This time they didn’t even name or bother with EMS fakery – what about the hero divers? Do they really have divers that will go to the bottom of the mighty Niagara River?

I was just there and I sincerely doubt it. Its flow rate is rather legendary.

The people who loved Amanda Martin are searching for answers after she, her fiance and their five-year-old son ended up in the Niagara River on Friday.

But the man who pulled the mother and child from the water in Fort Erie, Ont., says he knows one thing — the 29-year-old mother of two died saving the life of her son.

Source: ‘She’s a hero’: Rescuer says mom died saving her son from Niagara River | CBC News

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Another 3:30 crash

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Rural road, trucks, celebrities, sports, 33, 9 – all ingredients of psyop stew.

Skate Canada – Saskatchewan confirmed the skater’s injuries in a Facebook post. Liu’s parents died as a result of the crash, which happened about 3:30 p.m. last Tuesday on Highway 9 and Range Road 72 between the hamlet of Chinook and the village of Cereal, about 300 kilometres east of Calgary.…

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Your turn for the mixed couple murder trope New Zealand

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Why they are so quick to reduce reuse recycle the fake stories amongst the 5 eye countries? Guess they figure only we are watching.

The Canadian fake story is done, now on to New Zealand. They’ve simply rotated the commonwealth couples around a bit.

They even threw in a 33 for good measure.

Police in New Zealand say a Canadian woman is “shocked and distressed” after her Australian fiancé was murdered in a seemingly random attack early Friday morning.…

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Beware the 33 year old and the 6 million meme

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Not quite sure the purpose of phony corporate hack stories.

Could it be to extort more security software service money from clueless big corporations? Seems unlikely, but I don’t have a good working theory as to the motive to produce such silly tropes.

Even IF a hacker got the info, what exactly could he do with social security account numbers and bank accounts? No one has ever written a story about how the info could be used for fraudulent purposes.

Of course, that detail is totally beside the point of scaring you and corporations out of your security money.

A GitHub user alerted Capital One to the potential data theft, who in turn alerted the Federal Bureau of Investigation, according to the DOJ’s statement. The allegations have not been proven in court. Thompson, 33, made her initial appearance in U.S. District Court in Seattle on Monday and was ordered detained pending a hearing on Aug. 1, according to the statement.

Source: Hacker obtained personal information of 6 million people in Canada | CBC News

Update 7/31- Our sim-villain is now revealed to be transgender, illegal, and an ex-Amazon employee. Checking off even more memes and tropes!

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Did they stage a crash at rush hour?

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The road closed literally as I approached the intersection.

There are many anomalies that make this suspicious, including the 88 code.

I can verify there were tire tracks, as I passed by the next day again.

The dashcam comes from a heavy tow operator (who may be on a tv show with the head OPP media twitter officer.) How convenient he was right there!…

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Fake story, real issue

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No need to find a real story to make propaganda,best to create one with a bit of drama.

I have personal experience and am aware of this issue.

I point to this story to merely show how hoax codes like 22, unnamed spokespeople, and other small flags point to a phony story.

Why not name or interview the trucking company? Easier to fake the story then bother any real company.

International students are big business here. They pay full freight, unlike natives who pay less in exchange for their parents’ decades of taxpaying.

Once more, our intelligence agencies hard at work shaping society to get laws passed. True culture creators!

Jobandeep Sandhu, an international student from Punjab, India who worked as a truck driver while going to school, was arrested and could soon be deported for “working too hard,” his lawyers claim.

“I was totally broken,” Sandhu said, describing the moment of his arrest.

On Dec. 13, 2017, while driving a commercial vehicle between Montreal and Toronto, Sandhu, 22, was pulled over by an Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officer at the side of Highway 401 for a “routine traffic stop,” a report said.…

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